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Another Outrageous judgment by the Family Court where they ignored the warning signs, the consequence:Murder-suicide was act of revenge, court hears

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Another Outrageous judgment by the Family Court where they ignored the warning signs, the consequence:Murder-suicide was act of revenge, court hears

Another Outrageous judgement by the Family Court where they ignored the warning signs, the consequences are fatal.

60% males killed in retalitory killings which were more likely to result in multiple homicides where a parent was also murdered mostly by a non-custodial parent. (2)
Most child-killers in NSW were men, with 100 responsible or jointly responsible for 106 deaths, of the 37 infants killed, 21 were killed by men.(1)
Murder-suicide was act of revenge, court hears

By Larissa CummingsJanuary 13, 2009 12:00am
Article from the Daily Telegraph
A SYDNEY father murdered his teenage daughter before killing himself as an act of revenge to punish his wife for divorcing him, a court has heard.
In an inquest into the tragic murder/suicide, Deputy State Coroner Malcolm MacPherson yesterday found the 53-year-old man, who cannot be identified, strangled or suffocated his 13-year-old daughter in the family’s Pennant Hills home before hanging himself.
The court heard divorce proceedings instigated by the man’s wife were due to be finalised in the Family Court just five days after his "vindictive" act of revenge in January last year.Although the couple, from Iran, lived under the same roof with their two sons, aged 26 and 24, and daughter, they had not spoken to each other for several years.
The court heard the daughter was the only member of the household to communicate with her father and she served as a go-between for her parents.Officer-in-charge of the investigation Detective Senior Constable Martin Wilson told the inquest the man’s wife considered her husband "an abusive and selfish man" who gambled and drank away his wages.The court heard the girl’s body was discovered by her mother and eldest brother when they arrived home on January 3, 2008. She was lying on the loungeroom floor and appeared to have suffered facial injuries.Police found blood in the kitchen sink and a blood-soaked piece of paper towel, plastic wrap and a plastic clip-lock bag in the bin.In the father’s bedroom, bloodstains were found at the foot of his bed and a letter to his wife was on a computer.
It read: "If you look, you may not believe, but that doesn’t change anything . . . I asked you to be my wife after seven years of not being, or choose divorce. You choose (sic) divorce, which means Death Is Very Often Reflecting Catastrophic Events."The man also left a letter for his younger son, detailing sums of money in his bank accounts and leaving him his car. The man’s body was found hanging from a rope tied to a roof beam in the laundry.Sen-Constable Wilson said he believed the father assaulted the girl before strangling her or suffocating her with the plastic bag."(The man), for reasons known only to himself, has decided to punish his wife and sons," he said."In order to achieve this, he has killed his daughter . . . leaving her body at the foot of his bed (which may be symbolic to him) where she would be found by her mother and brother."
In what appears to be one final vindictive act, he has written letters . . . to make the recipients believe they were either responsible or could have done something to prevent the deaths."

Stop the Killings and Write to:

Suggested letter:

Dear Sir/Madem,

I am writing with concern about the continued negligence practiced toward women and children in the family court that prioritises fathers rights above safety and well being. Recent statistics on child homicide and the death of this thirteen year old girl who is among many victims of a court system that clearly ignores and undermines the value of childrens lives with very little accountability.

In many cases there are warning signs that your courts fail to ignore and trivialise at the detriment of children. I am aware that the 121 secrecy law also prevents child victims from speaking out against these atrocities and may endure continued and relentless exposure to abuse due to the over concern for false allegations that have been published in many articles in very low percentages as 2%. Many international studies reflect this, yet every parent and child who raises it are often ignored and systematically abused. It is an outrage that such barbaric practices continue under the lie of, "best interest of the child".


(Your Name)

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