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Petition to show support for Dr. Marcia Kleinman

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on January 27, 2009

This petition will be sent to her attorney for him to see how it can be used best for Marsha. Marsha’s sister, Attorney Toby Kleinman has presented at many Battered Mothers Custody Conferences and has been a tireless advocate for the custody problem.

http://www.thepetit 1/marsha- kleinman- –a-psychologist -in-new-jersey

The link here is on and it is easy to use. Just fill in your name and address and press enter. Then click the SIGN button again. MARSHA NEEDS TO SHOW THAT PEOPLE ARE SUPPORTING HER. It is optional to fill in a comment. The petition is below

http://www.thepetit 1/marsha- kleinman- –a-psychologist -in-new-jersey

Petition to show support for Dr. Marcia Kleinman

To: Steven I. Kern, Esquire

Kern, Augustine, Conroy & Schoppman, PC

1120 Route 22 East

Bridgewater , NJ 08807

We, the undersigned have heard about the situation of your client Marcia Kleinman. We feel it is an outrage. We are appalled that the resources of the state are going to protect a pedophile and destroy the career of a known and professional psychologist.

To allow this outrage to continue stops all reasonable efforts by psychologists and other professionals to help children who are victims of child abuse. Dr. Kleinman is a victim of a targeted campaign that is going on across the country. This reflects a national backlash against victims of child abuse and those that stand with them and seek to protect them.

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