Crisis In The Family Courts

Canadian Judge Recognizes PAS Treatment as Quackery

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on February 8, 2009

Canadian Judge Recognizes PAS Treatment as Quackery

February 8, 2009 — batteredmomslosecustody

In another Ontario Canada decision involving the fictitious psychological diagnosis of Parental Alienation Syndrome, Madam Justice Thea Herman of the Superior Court became the first judge to rule against the controversial treatment orders for coerced therapy of children. Thank goodness that someone has the intelligence and wisdom to NOT listen to these quack doctors. These children, who are treated as less than human, as the personal property of the owner parents, need to start being listened to, and to the fact that they have rights to decide where they live and who they want to live with.

Interestingly, it takes a father, and the father’s attorney to make a stand against these unethical psychologists. When a mother has her children taken away, the stories were written as though it were a victory – the only victory was for the profiteering purveyors of PAS. It certainly is no victory for the children who are legally kidnapped from a parent. It should make no difference whether that parent is a mother or father. The fact of the matter is, that Parental Alienation Syndrome is the concoction of a sick man named Richard Gardner. He made a living off testifying, mainly against women, claiming this phony PAS, and was responsible for numerous unethical custody changes. As the guys who so hailed this theory as fair treatment for father’s are finding out, that they had better be careful what they wish for. This theory always favors the non-custodial parent and is so subjective that any psychologist using this unethical theory can make up whatever criteria they want to fit into this scenario to get the desired results…money$$$$ for them and their phony evaluations and coerced therapies.

One child named Nathan Grieco committed suicide as a result of the “treatment” that Gardner recommended. Numerous other children has resorted to self-harm and other destructive behavior as a result of this unethical “treatment”. Psychology and psychiatry both have a long history of harmful experiments and treatments that have resulted in trauma and death to many – think lobotomies, electric shock, “rebirthing therapy“, etc. Think of this PAS treatment center as intentionally inducing “Stockholme Syndrome“  in children – at least it could be called this when they are forced to live with and love someone who has abused them as in numerous cases where abused children are awarded to the abuser using PAS accusations against a battered mom.

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