Crisis In The Family Courts

Quadruple Murder Suspect Facing Lawsuits, Divorce

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on February 21, 2009

Reported by: Stephanie Stone
Last Update: 6:50 pm

Quadruple Murder Suspect Facing Lawsuits, Divorce


MCALLEN – A man accused of killing four relatives is now also facing a lawsuit and a divorce.

Roberto Aguirre Rojas reportedly confessed to killing his mother-in-law, his two stepsons, and his own son in a December shooting. He’s been charged with four counts of capital murder.

He also faces an attempted capital murder charge for allegedly assaulting and shooting of his 25-year-old wife.

She’s now filing for divorce and claims to have emotional distress.

The lawsuits are reportedly taking a toll on Rojas’ defense.

During today’s court hearing, the judge asked Rojas why he has a court-appointed attorney, when Rojas has three highly-valued pieces of property that could be leveraged.

The defense lawyer said it’s because the new lawsuits are costing a lot of money.

Also during today’s hearing, prosecutors announced they’ll be seeking the death penalty.

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