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Ben Atherton-Zeman: Voices of Men Against Violence

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Ben Atherton-Zeman: Voices of Men

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I am a big fan of Ben’s work.  Consider his presentation for your event or get-together.

A One-Man Play by Ben Atherton-Zeman

This 36-minute, multi-media play deals with several important issues:

Sexual assault and date rape

Dating violence and domestic violence

Sexual harassment and objectification

The play uses humor and celebrity male voice impressions to bring these topics to a male audience in a way that minimizes defensiveness. Each male character in the play is forced to deal with one of the issues listed above – in doing so; they come to the realization that they are, in fact, part of the problem. The process each man goes through has led boys and men in several states to become involved in both self-reflection and in violence prevention efforts.

“Voices of Men” is ideal for an all-school assembly at a high school, special program at a college, or community presentation. It can be presented as part of a larger educational forum, as the entertainment for a conference, or in a community theatre. The play is supplemented by educational messages projected on a screen behind the actor – in between characters; video clips depicting violence prevention efforts are shown. Because some of the videos contain representations of violence (including 911 tapes, PSAs, still photos and fictional representations of violence), care should be shown and warnings given to audience members before viewing “Voices of Men.”

“How on earth did you do that?…I will highly recommend ‘Voices of Men’…whatever I can do to mainstream this presentation and its messages…” – University of Rhode Island

“Not only highly informative, but also quite entertaining…Your use of humor and portrayal of familiar characters from films was very effective in capturing the attention of students…without sounding ‘preachy.’” – Domestic Violence Services

Please consider inviting “Voices of Men.” Contact Ben Atherton-Zeman at (978) 263-3254 for booking information. References are available upon request.

More reviews of “Voices of Men”:

“Innovative and highly effective…an engaging and dynamic presentation. By utilizing all sources of media, Mr. Atherton-Zeman demonstrates that he understands his audience’s needs and brings a 21st century twist that many participants should find engaging…The combination of appropriate humor and seriousness, fun and hard facts, provides a unique and creative approach to educating audiences about violence against women.” – Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault

“Educational, humorous and dynamic performance…many students and faculty found it impressive as well as informative…helpful and engaging. It was evident that you care deeply about the issues you presented, and were very knowledgeable about the subject.” – Skidmore College

“Too often, males who wish to advocate against intimate partner violence have struggled with wondering how they could help.Your presentation did a wonderful job of inviting men into the movement, asking them to look critically at their own values

and behaviors, and giving them a voice for facilitating social change.” – Domestic Violence Services, Saratoga Springs, NY

“The messages conveyed in your skit are seriously important, yet tactfully delivered in a comedic format…Where subject matter becomes difficult to digest, you boom back into the room wearing purple velvet, ruffles and a wig…You were a hard act to follow in my class the following day. ‘Voices of Men’, along with your involvement as spokesperson for the National Organization for Men Against Sexism, are the very first attempts of which I am aware that reach men in a non-threatening, non-blaming, and effective manner. I personally would like to see this skit presented on a reoccurring schedule…The message that (Voices of Men) conveys is so very simple…let’s hear men speak out against violence against women!” – University of Rhode Island

To find out more information about “Voices of Men”, including booking schedules, call Ben Atherton-Zeman at (978) 263-3254, or email “Voices of Men”, whenever possible, is presented in cooperation with local domestic violence programs and rape crisis centers.


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