Crisis In The Family Courts

Battered Women Court Abuse, Abused Children (Video alerts)

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on March 15, 2009

Court Abuse: Legal Psychiatric Ploys of Child Custody (04:27)

If you’re in family court with divorce and domestic violence before the court, learn the legal psychiatric ploys commonly used by divorce lawyers to help their clients maintain control over the family. And learn to block these ploys.


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  • 6 月前

Violence Against Women Stories (02:29) NO! The Rape Documentary is a resource in the global violence against women movement. Transcending ethnicity and nationality, NO! focuses on the universality of rape through Black women’s sexual assault testimonies .

TMZ Posts Battered Rihanna Photo (04:33)

Photo of battered Rihanna surfaces on TMZ


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Extreme Life Makeover for Abused Women and Their Children (06:58)

See Trish Steele and the Women of Safe Passage Home give several abused women an Extreme Life Makeover. Safe Passage is a charity that helps battered and abused women and their children.


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  • 7 月前

6-30-2008 Protestors at Courthouse Judge Dowd (02:23)

6-30-2008 Protestors at Courthouse Judge Dowd-CJon~.wmv


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