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Does Satan Edit Your Website?"

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on April 5, 2009

Does Satan Edit Your Website?"

1 day ago by justice4mothers. — 1 comments

So last night I receive this email…my first reaction was shock…open mouth, drop jaw.  Then came laughter, how sane could I really think this person really is.  Slowly then came a deep sadness…how could this person claim our website is killing children.  Now I am outraged.  Here is the email:

from Antosh Eskay <>


date Fri, Apr 3, 2009 at 6:07 PM
subject/question: does Satan edit your website, or can you take credit for the lost lives of innoncent children?

details 6:07 PM (19 hours ago)

question: does Satan edit your website, or can you take credit for the lost lives of innoncent children?
shame on you,….
I guess your afterlife is going to be an eternity of “unbearable heat and misery”
unless you find some compassion for the suffering children and other victims of
divorce court.
I pray for your soul…..

Well, “husky guy” here are just a few of the guys that can take credit for the lost lives of innocent children:

Micheal Connolly: Another Family Wiped Out by Dad in Illinois

Josef Fritzl: Josef Fritzl Trial Starts This Week, Court Cleared for Imprisoned Daughter’s Evidence

Craig Wilson: Father Gets 15 to Life for Fatal Shaking of New Years Baby

Davon Crawford: Here We Go Again! Only No Suicide This Time for Father, Rest of Family Shot, Five Dead

Ralph Utley: And the Murder-Suicide Spree Continues…

Pablo Amador: And the Murder-Suicide Spree Continues…

Mark Meeks: Family Dead in Ohio, Another Likely Murder-Suicide by Father

Authur Freeman: Australian Dad Throws Daughter Off of Bridge While Sons Wait in Car

Ervin Lupoe: Another Day, Another Family Killed by Father

Joshua Durcho: Murdered Oklahoma Mom and Children Mourned in Community

Danny Platt:  Dad Kills Son to Avoid Paying Child Support

Bruce Pardo: Guys that Murder: “Gee, He Was Such a Nice Guy”

Rich Saunders: Yet Another Case of Father’s Rights? Custody Battle Blamed For Murder

These are just a few that we have on the site, just very few of the innocent children killed.  You need psychological help, “husky guy.”  Is it possible you have killed a child already, or planning to kill a child to get back at the mother and you are trying to project your behavior/guilt onto someone else?

Sad, how very sad, that there are real people out there like this…and these are the type that are killing the children

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