Crisis In The Family Courts

Their Silent Cries…

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on April 5, 2009

The Shared Parenting Disaster


This is a picture of a child ghost in the movie The Grudge.  The Movie was made by a director that wanted to portray the rage from women over the years from crimes against women especially domestic violence.  In the movie, the mother had a crush on her teacher and records it in her journal.  Her husband discovers her secret crush and breaks her neck in a fit of rage.  As she is dying, her voice box is damaged as she lays on the floor watching her husband drown her son.  She cannot scream or cry in pain.  The only sound that leaves her mouth is a chilling croak.   

In real life, these victims don’t come back to make others feel the pain that they endured and it is often why they become our forgotten voices in a landscape of systematic failure.  Perhaps we will look back to this point of history and wonder why indeed these children were forgotten and why something was not done sooner.  We are against groups that encourage violence and child abuse and use excuses such as contact to justify their means to incite terror and silence those who speak out against it.  Unfortunately fathers are represented by undesirables who wish to destroy  all barriers to maintaining abusive control over children and mothers.  Research on homicides has already revealed that some of these fathers and mothers will harm or even kill children to punish their exes.  Homicide stats state that most of these are fathers and whilst fathers Rights groups would prefer to distort these facts and portray that mothers are the major offenders, it simply is not true especially in the dynamics of family violence. 

What we cannot deny is the consequences of history where we have thousands of years and establishment of a world dominated by men.  In the last hundred years, women have begun to have rights in nearly every area and become recognized as equals to men in both home and public life.  Along with women’s rights came children’s rights that were established by women who knew all to well the dehumanizing status as "property" and seeked to change that area as well.  In the late 70s domestic violence began to peak and later became recognized as a deadly backlash against women and children’s rights.   Men’s movements began to form as the ones we know today persuading the public that we have too much equality that men are now victims of the woman’s movements.  Statistics prove that this is simply not true and their advocacy is disastrous when a majority of their members claim to have been falsely accused of child abuse and domestic violence.  Few horrors that have hit the public have not been untainted by the mens movements attempts to conquer public conversation on violence prevention with the old "fatherless" "false allegations" "It was her fault" "Parent Alienation".  Their arguments have often halted and diverted most public enquiries into victims of child abuse and domestic violence.  Last year, a father abandoned his three year old at a city railway station after murdering her mother.  Her name was dubbed, "Pumpkin" as the story became a world wide issue and a grave reason why more needs to be done on protecting victims throughout the Family Court processes.  Around the same time, Karen Bell lost her three children because she had to go to family court before she could even protect them.  Ingrid Poulson lost her children for the same reasons.   Dionne Dalton warned the family court that the children were in grave danger, but the Family Court handed the children over to the father.  In the next court case, he applied for shared parenting but accused her of being a negligent mother.  The court awarded the father unsupervised weekend access and the next day he killed the children and then himself.  The men blamed the death on not having shared parenting laws and ignored the risks involved.  The freeman’s had also raised concerns for two years and just recently lost their only daughter after the father was awarded shared care.  The incident was on Melbourne’s west Gate Bridge in front of many motorists and became a worldwide tragedy.  The Family Courts response was less than humane as they attempted to divert responsibility by stating that they were not aware and that the courts documents were "stolen" from the chief justices car. 

Whilst this was going on, a mother named Melinda Thompson is one of 126 mothers on the run from the family courts being hunted down like an animal because she fears for the safety of her children.  How many children does it take before we have some serious changes?

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