Crisis In The Family Courts


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April 8, 2009 by mamaliberty


I’m not happy, and when Mama is not happy, NOBODY’S happy.

After hearing that a friend of mine has had problems with Word-Sup-Press “censoring” a mother and child reunion I am appalled, disgusted and we’re moving this blog over to BLOGGER because they don’t give a fuck about men on a mission to destroy any mother bond. (Details to come regarding new move…in the mean time check out,

I urge any mother who has been abused by the father of your children and you are tired of the corruption of Family Court to use your voice and your words to show that our movement will go forward and we will win.

READ: Gloria Allred’s book, “Fight Back and Win”

WATCH: The Changeling, 2008

BLOG: write about the corruption!

Excerpt from “The Changeling”


Fuck them…and the horse…they

rode in on.


That’s hardly appropriate language

for a lady, now is it?


Hell, yeah…there are times…that’s

exactly the right thing to say.


And when’s that?


When you’ve got…nothing left to


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    […] last post before going down was “Does Satan Edit Your Website?”  Yes…who knew….we had to edit/delete to get our site back up.  If anyone choses to comment on this post,  […]

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