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Ex-judge wants to practice law again

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Ex-judge wants to practice law again

By Denise G. Callahan
Staff Writer Updated 9:59 AM Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Former Mason Municipal Court Judge George Parker has been cleared by his doctor to practice law again.

Parker, who was suspended from practicing law in October 2007, filed a request with the Ohio Supreme Court, Tuesday, April 28, to have his law license reinstated.

The Ohio Supreme Court suspended Parker from practicing law for 18 months in October 2007. The court said six months could be erased if Parker adhered to all the directives. He did not apply for reinstatement after the one year mark.

Parker said he had no comment, but his doctor M. Douglas Reed gave him a clean bill of psychological health.

“He has addressed and corrected the underlying causes for his previous harsh, arrogant and condescending behavior,” Reed wrote to the Supreme Court. “In my professional opinion, to a reasonable degree of psychological certainty, Mr. Parker is currently able to practice law in a competent, ethical and professional manner.”

The high court yanked Parker’s law license and threw him off the Mason court for bizarre behavior his attorney attributed to his diagnosed narcissistic personality disorder. As part of the reinstatement process, Parker had to get cleared by a mental health professional, before he could get his law license back.

Parker was charged with 31 counts he acted inappropriately on the bench, including requiring a victim of domestic violence be photographed and riding along on an arrest on a case he would later hear.

According to Jonathan Coughlan, the Supreme Court’s disciplinary counsel, the court clerk’s office will be verifying all the information Parker has filed with his reinstatement request and then the high court will rule. It could take a couple weeks or as many as six, he said.


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