Crisis In The Family Courts

Judge John Bivona Corrupt Judge keeps Getting Away With It!!!!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on May 8, 2009
How Do These Corrupt Judges Get Away With It? New York Judge John Bivona Keeps Rolling Along…

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NEW UPDATE:  Thanks to our commenter…

Submitted on 2009/04/28 at 9:15pm

I am interviewed on this video picketing. The girls were given to the father “temporarily” on 2/20. Hearing yesterday continues to give father t/c and the mother NO VISITATION/CONTACT. You cannot make this stuff up. Mother is an angel. Husband stated “will not leave her alone until she is living on the streets”. As soon as it is obvious that the kids are being used as pawns – case should be declared a mistrial. This is disgusting and we cannot stand for it. BRING THE GIRLS HOME!

Already punished by the State of New York for not being impartial in a case, Hon. John C. Bivona (Suffolk County, New York) keeps rolling along like justice means nothing.  See his punishment from 2003 here. Now he takes two girls from their mother in a “closed” court session and gag orders issued in a March, 2009 hearing!

The father only wanted the two girls, not the boys in the family (that really sounds scary)!   Oh, and by the way, the father is a wealthy attorney.   Two detectives came and picked up the two girls, aged 9 and 10, without the girls’ knowledge after the hearing.   Please keep them in your thoughts that they can keep themselves safe.

In the information from Bivona’s punishment, this is noted:

In the Matter of the Proceeding Pursuant to Section 44, subdivision 4, of the Judiciary Law in Relation to JOHN C. BIVONA, a Justice of the Supreme Court, 10th Judicial District, Suffolk County.


Henry T. Berger, Esq., Chair
Honorable Frances A. Ciardullo
Stephen R. Coffey, Esq.
Raoul Lionel Felder, Esq.
Lawrence S. Goldman, Esq.
Christina Hernandez, M.S.W.
Honorable Daniel F. Luciano
Honorable Karen K. Peters
Alan J. Pope, Esq.
Honorable Terry Jane Ruderman

It is time to get more than just lawyers and judges on these commissions.  There needs to be REAL PEOPLE, who know the difference between right and wrong.  While it was good that they punished Bivona, why did they turn Bivona loose to continue the reign of terror in his courtroom?  Why?  It is the fox guarding the henhouse…

From commenter: Sign the “tear down the wall” petition and join with popular4people to end the injustice here.

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