Crisis In The Family Courts

Heather Thompson a DV victim in North Carolina has pounded the desks & doors of Domestic Violence organizations who do nothing but provide false hope

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on May 14, 2009

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Press Release from Bryan Gregory, A retired North Carolina Trooper

"Heather Thompson may be celebrating her last Mother’s Day- if she doesn’t receive the help and support that she needs from law enforcement, South and North Carolina Department of Corrections, Public Officials & Domestic Violence Organizations who are paid to serve and protect her"
Of all except her, I probably know her story better than anyone else. I’m a part of it. I’ve written it. But this woman has had to live it.
Although May 29 is not that far away and she has mountains to climb before then, she’s taking time this weekend just as we are, to be with her family & Mother. This may be her last one, so as we celebrate this day, let us remember Heather.
In just a matter of days, her ex-husband and self-described killer will be out of prison. He may be under supervision for awhile, but without GPS monitoring, he’ll be able to go and do as he pleases. There’s no reason we’ve found to believe otherwise … If he carries out the continuous threats that he’s made to her, he’ll kill her.
She’s pounded on all the desks and doors. She’s been run around in circles by all domestic violence organizations and more. When confronted, they’ll tell you they’re doing all that they can and her needs are being met. But the reality is … They’re filling their pockets with our money and doing nothing.
We’ve waited until this late hour assuming they’d act … They have not. All her bills are overdue and basic services are threatened to be cut off. If needed, she has places to flee but no back-up money to even get her and her family there. And what if their cell phones are cut off? It infuriates me that I must beg you now to take up their slack.
Her pretty smile is fading. Heather feels like she’s drowning now with not a life jacket in sight. Although she’s not asked me to do this, I must.

Here’s her mailing address…
Heather Thompson
PO Box 697
Indian Trail, NC 28079

I don’t care if you can only scrape up five dollars. Send it to her and she’ll joyfully take it. Because she’s had so much practice, she’s an expert now … She can turn little’s into a whole lot. Your prayers are always welcomed … But if we’re gonna expect God’s help, I’m sure he’d be much more willing once we’ve stepped up to the plate.
If you’ve not yet read her story, check it out at

And if you can think of anyone else who might care … Feel free to copy & paste and spread this message everywhere.
Bryan Gregory
"Justice will only be achieved when those who are not injured by crime are as angry as those who are."
– King Solomon (635-577 BC)

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