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Sympathy For The Abuser

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on May 15, 2009
Sympathy For The Abuser

With the recent report from "The Code of Silence", pride and denial raises its head as the football team bombards the Australian Community with their macho rhetoric on the right to rape and shame their victims. They couldn’t get out of the fact that they had participated in some type of sex, so "She Consented" has become the starting point of a major attack on women that dared to speak out against their actions. In some headlines, this has been labeled as "group sex" and a sympathy parade has gone out to support a man who participated in it.
The women known as "Clare" had suffered from post natal depression after being treated like a doll by six men. "group sex" usually defines a group of equal numbers in sex, but in this experience it was 6 males against one 19 year old girl. With or without consent, this was a slaughter on one young women.
She consented to two of them whilst the others intruded upon her body.
Charmyne Palavi bravely spoke out about her experience of date rape by one of the football players and how difficult it is to report considering their fame and support. Whilst she has been a willing participant of the scene and the men that she had dated, this act was one of many outrages experienced by female supporters of football that were not consented to. She spoke out against the exploitation of girls as young as 16 who were taken by these footballers. Since the episode went to air on four corners, hate groups and degrading attacks have been launched against them within the media and online.
It does not matter whether a women is beautiful, ugly, elegent, plain, black, white, rich or poor – It is the message that is important. As human beings we all have floors and they are often raised when a greater injustice has occurred. Audre Lorde stated, "To degrade someone, even with that person’s expressed consent is to endorse the degradation of persons. It is to affirm that the abuse of persons is acceptable.
It is certainly true in this circumstance and evidential in the media that condones violence against women whether it be apart of a religion, sub culture or way of life – there is no reason why it is acceptable. Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis said in nine news report, "The group sex session involving rugby league personality Matther Johns was predatory, degrading and offensive". A poll currently shows more support for the man who took part in the group. Add your vote here.

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