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[WordSupress –again]Grandparent Alienation’ New Syndrome? Janelle Burrill is back in the House

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np have 20 other non suppressed blogs so out they go- some of those blogs are ILLEGAL child porn et el- yet here- they want to silent the truth ahh gee- wonder why?<scratching head>

….cant chain the wind…..

Private: DO NOT REPUBLISH. CONTACT SUPPORT. PUBLISHING WILL CAUSE PERMANENT SUSPENSION. Grandparent Alienation’ New Syndrome? Janelle Burrill is back in the House

April 20, 2009 — Claudine Dombrowski | Edit

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Remember that California Whore of the Court (who happens to have a JD also…gag, gag, gag).  She was featured in a story from California about a large group of mothers losing their children to their abusers because of her recommendations (Mothers Interrupted).  Why this Whore of the Court hasn’t had every license pulled, I don’t know…those people just love to protect each other.  From The Sacramento Press:

My granddaughter was stolen from our family. And I’ve been named an accomplice.

Local therapist Dr. Janelle Burrill, who wrote a book on ‘parental alienation syndrome,’ known as PAS, has struck again, only this time she has labeled me, a grandmother and social worker of 25 years in Sacramento County, of being an accomplice ‘alienator.’

You may remember her from the News & Review article, ‘Mothers Interrupted‘ back in ’02 about mothers whose children had been taken based on Janelle Burrill’s PAS diagnosis.  I wish I had read it, but instead my daughter agreed to use her at the father’s request for ‘reconnection therapy,’ not knowing the diagnosis was in the bag before it was ever opened. My 8-year-old granddaughter didn’t play the game – she said she didn’t want to see her father, so after a 15-minute visit, I was an alienator, and there was no more need for therapy. The child didn’t know what she was saying.  Her mother and I told her what to say.

PAS, which is not recognized by the American Psychiatric Association and is considered ‘junk science’ by many is the only syndrome which gives the mediator in Family Court Services and the judge the power to flip custody 180 degrees if they believe it is occurring. It’s the same bashing divorced parents have done for 100 years, but it became a ’syndrome’ in the ’80s. The child’s best interest is put at the back of the line to give the custodial parent (usually the mother) a lesson, and without warning, the child is thrown into a new living environment, leaving his or her previous life behind.

I said goodbye to my 8-year-old Blaire as she cried, fearful her father would ’spank her,’ and watched her mother’s heart pulled out of her chest. Mine went with it, but Ms. Burrill, as I prefer to refer to her, despite her many impressive degrees, is on many abused mother’s ‘Hall of Shame’ website lists for her numerous findings of… you guessed it… Parental alienation and ripping their kids away.  Now, without any evidence, I, too, have become a grandparent alienator, defamed in public records without the slightest shred of evidence. The mother is a poster child for soccer mom… another reason to see alienation, as Burrill sees it anytime a father wants to stop paying child support.

Well, I’m a real-life part of that story now, and I’m getting the word out.  My granddaughter has had no contact with our family and will not, according to the judge, who is a new judge and new to Family Court, who, against the child’s pediatrician’s recommendation, took Burrill’s report as gospel and gave her to the father as my daughter pleaded without counsel, who was on another trial, and the judge refused to wait six days.  She acknowledged how traumatic it would be, but said, “It’s been long enough.” End of story.

I watched Blaire say goodbye to her dog, Tesla (yes, the band) and all our family, finally hitting denial, simply stating, “I’m not going.”   Her mother packed her up, and she said goodbye to her ’mama,’ who had devoted her life to her only child.  End of story?  Oh no.  Not until this sham is exposed and children’s rights are regained.  Not until Blaire comes home.

Editor’s Note: The Sacramento Press editorial staff edited this article after it was published primarily for grammar and formatting, the edited version was approved by the author.

I am a BADASS: Bloggers Against Deprivation, Alienation Syndromes, & junk Science

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