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Dad charged with torture, abuse of 13-week-old son during unsupervised visitation

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Dad charged with torture, abuse of 13-week-old son during unsupervised visitation (Farmington Hills, Michigan)

Unmarried teenage dads like JOHN KELLY do not need visitation time with babies. Cut these guys loose, and let them go out and carouse with their friends, play football, etc. Because that’s what 17-year-old boys are designed to do. Let’s get real: teenage guys are mostly about physically active stuff, not nurturing stuff (and many guys never grow into the nurturing stuff either, but that’s another story). Teenage guys are not about cooing at babies and changing diapers. And because this idiotic boyfriend or ex-boyfriend wasn’t cut loose, and apparently spent unsupervised time with this baby, we know have a 13-week-old baby boy with a broken leg and a fractured skull. Are all the joint custody people happy now?< wbr>farmington.html

Reports: 17-year-old Farmington Hills father charged with torture, abuse of 13-week-old son

By Aaron Foley

February 10, 2010, 11:11AM

WDIV and the Detroit Free Press report that a teen father is facing child abuse and torture charges after his 13-week-old son was hospitalized with fractured bones.

Farmington Hills resident John Kelly, a 17-year-old student at Farmington High School, could face life in prison if convicted. He was arraigned on Tuesday and being held on a $250,000 bond.

The baby, who was treated for a broken leg and fractured skull, was released. The baby’s mother, also a high school student but who does not live with Kelly, will not face any charges.

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