Crisis In The Family Courts

KS: Another Mother looses custody of her two abused young daughters to the Abuser who Abused them.

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on February 11, 2010


 Never will it be forgotten that

WE Were Mothers 

“Your Silence will not protect you.”- Audra Lourdes



Hang in there Tammy- We Were Soldiers  we will carry each other! 

Tammy Youngquist:

Feb. 10th, 2010, Tammy Youngquist appeared before the Sedgwick County, KS Commissioners to request that no funding be given to the CAC, Child Advocacy Center, until there i
s a complete investigation as children are being taken from families when there has not been abuse, the EMCU/SRS/CPS advocates for the abusers, children are placed in foster care to change custody, children are wrongfully removed from good homes and never to be returned, and only 15% are reintegrated back into their homes.

This is sadly- the norm- Especially if abuse is alleged and or is substantiated- via spousal or child abuse- all the same- no matter as it hurts the intended victim- the mother. The children are the tools- the Government ‘Judges” – your tax payer dollars pay for.


Click here for all the testimony to the Sedgwick County Commission. Wichita, Kansas


The very first thing the Court Whores do- is to cripple the mother and the children– in a way she can not resist- complete destruction.

Taking her children and ordering her silent.

Yes Tammy, next they will order you silent and punish you more for speaking out-but we bloggers will blog it out.


How does it get this way…??

Court Whores who block ‘access to justice’ and the rape of American Justice.

Mental Health, Guardian Ad Litems, Mediation, Case Managers, all to shove down the throats of the victims on behalf of the abusers MANDATORY time share on children.


Therapeutic Jurisprudence: Custody EvaluatorsIn Their Own Words custody evaluator, child custody report, custody evaluation guidelines, forensic custody evaluation, therapeutic jurisprudence.

Children Against Court Appointed Child Abuse – CA3 Jennifer Collins, a young advocate who has survived her father’s severe life threatening abuse as well as the court’s appointed (child) abuse, –

The entire Family Law system needs ACCOUNTABILITY-

can ya say that  again…?? real slow….


(see it don’t hurt that bad to say does it?)


Look, we know that isn’t going to happen over night- but until then.. we the WORLD– we are the PEOPLE, we Were Mothers will make sure the light shines brightly upon the dark and evil halls of “American Justice” and the rape of humanity.

one last example of a Court appointed child abuser.


Never will it be forgotten that

 WE Were Mothers 

“Your Silence will not protect you.”- Audra Lourdes


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