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Rights for Mothers Blog Has a New Address

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Rights for Mothers Blog Has a New Address

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Rights for Mothers was a Top 100 blog.  I cannot fathom why WordPress decided to “toss” it.

The force behind the blog is extraordinarily well-informed on the issue of litigation abuse in child custody cases.  She posts a wealth of information from around the world.  She speaks truth to power.  She holds abusive men accountable for manipulating the legal system as an instrument of abuse under the guise of parental alienation syndrome.

What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

Junk science.  Psychiatry, psychology, and judicial professionals all consider it to be bogus.  Yet, too many abusive fathers get away with it because too many family court judges are ill-informed, easily manipulated, and perhaps abusive behind their own closed doors.

When a savvy judge hears “parental alienation syndrome,” the judge knows there is an abusive father getting even with a mother trying to protect her children from brutality and/or incest.  Most of these guys have learned the hard way that physical and sexual abuse entail serious jail or prison time.  While incarcerated, they share war stories about how they turned the tables on the mothers of their children.  Web sites continue their education.

They quickly figure out how to legally deliver a deadly blow to the loving mothers of their children:  take her kids in a protracted custody battle and compel her to pay child support.  The mothers are further traumatized because they know their kids are not safe.

Sadly, most of these mothers ~ many of whom gave up careers to stay home to rear their children ~ don’t have the financial resources required to prevail in court and protect their kids.

Rights for Mothers Was a Safe Harbor for Non-Custodial Mothers

In too many cases, the only safe harbor ~ the only resource ~ available to these loving mothers was Rights for Mothers.

The blog held powerful abusive men accountable.  The blog routinely re-published stories from major media outlets about powerful, abusive men who were able to win custody of their kids.  These desperate “men” didn’t like having a bright light shined on their brutality.

The editors of the newspapers publishing the original stories protected their journalists and upheld their duties under the First Amendment.

But, it appears WordPress yielded to the pressure of these desperate, powerful guys.

I’m fairly certain if Rights for Mothers had been expressing strong political views that WordPress would not have tried to supress her right to free speech.  They would have instantly recognized the power plays intent on silencing her and quashing the truth.

Breaking Down the Walls of Silence

Rights for Mothers has a new home free from censure.  She is working valiantly to restore her posts without much help from WordPress.

The number of sites breaking down the walls of silence is growing.  We will continue to speak out on the issues of domestic violence, child abuse, incest, dating abuse, violence against women, the need for family court reform, police misconduct, and litigation abuse.

We will be packing court rooms to make sure mothers get justice.

We will continue holding the Battered Mothers Custody Conference until our playbook is better than theirs and our childrens’ rights are protected.

We will demand family court reform.  We will not quit until corruption in the courtroom is over.  We will speak out, work hard, lobby, educate, and advocate until the best interests of the child standard is upheld.

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