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(FL) Domestic Violence: Death now a 1st-degree murder case: ‘he said he would kill me’- (he did)

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They didn’t do anything wrong? How about not reviewing evidence, and simply not taking domestic violence seriously. There is a lot more likelihood of a person getting killed by someone they know, than a stranger – especially when they have been threatened with death.

Death now a 1st-degree murder case


Published: February 18, 2010

CLEARWATER – Laura Taft said her boyfriend threatened to kill her if she ever left him.

On Wednesday, with Taft still mourning the suspicious death of her 5-week-old son, Craig Wall made good on those threats, police say.

Wall, a 34-year-old ex-convict and father of the dead boy, was charged with first-degree murder in Taft’s stabbing death. The slaying and arrest, authorities say, came just days after Wall was released from jail for violating a temporary domestic violence injunction filed by Taft.

The arrest affidavit requested that he be held without bail because he was suspected in the death of Craig Wall Jr.

A judge set bail at $1,000, and Wall was released.

Two days later, Taft, 29, was dead.

Courts spokesman Ron Stuart said it is unlikely Pinellas Circuit Judge George Jirotka had a copy of the arrest affidavit before setting bail.

Stuart said the charge against Wall, that he violated a temporary restraining order, was a misdemeanor. At a hearing after Wall’s arrest, an assistant state attorney asked for bail of $2,500 and Wall’s public defender asked for $500. Jirotka went with $1,000, Stuart said.

"This is a very tragic thing, but I don’t think anybody did anything wrong," Stuart said.

Wall first came to the attention of authorities Feb. 5 when he emerged as a suspect in the death of his son within hours of the infant being flown by helicopter to All Children’s Hospital.

He was the only adult with the child on that day, and a CT scan showed the baby had swelling on the left side of his brain, leading a doctor at the hospital to suspect the child had been shaken or thrown, court documents state.

Wall was videotaped saying he "was sorry that he did something to the baby," the documents state.

He was not arrested.

Taft showed the videotape to a Clearwater police officer. On Feb. 8, two days after the infant was taken off life support, Taft was granted the injunction against Wall.

Wall filed a petition of his own because he wanted to attend his son’s funeral Sunday at St. Dunstan’s Anglican Church in Largo. His petition was denied. Wall drove to the church parking lot and was arrested.

Clearwater police said Wednesday that they don’t have enough evidence to decide whether to charge Wall in his son’s death.

Elizabeth Watts, the city’s public safety spokeswoman, said it would have been premature to arrest him because the Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner’s Office has not determined how the boy died.

"That’s why it’s not a homicide," Watts said. "That’s why it’s called a death investigation."

A preliminary examination showed trauma to the brain and fractured ribs, but the results of forensics tests on the child’s brain and eyes are not in, court documents state. Watts said investigators don’t expect them for a couple of weeks.

In her petition for a temporary restraining order, Taft mentioned that something happened to her infant son while he was in Wall’s care.

In 1994, Wall was sentenced to 17 years in prison after he burst into a St. Petersburg home with a long-barreled handgun and told an elderly couple he wanted the keys to a Ford Taurus parked outside, court documents state.

He was released two years ago after serving 14 years. On Wednesday, he was arrested in Sumter County after being found on State Road 44 in his vehicle.

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