Crisis In The Family Courts

Father who killed his baby then killed the mother next day. -Woman Stabbed To Death Had Injunction Against Suspect-

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:01:06 AM

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PINELLAS COUNTY (Bay News 9) — A victim in a fatal stabbing early Wednesday morning had gotten a ruling ordering her ex-boyfriend to stay away from her.

Laura Taft, 29, reportedly moved to the Park Place Apartments in Clearwater, where she was killed, to get away from Craig Wall.

Taft filed an injunction for protection against domestic violence. In it,  she talked about Wall’s temper and said, "Craig has always said if I leave him he would kill me."

She went on to say, "I fear for my life and my son’s."

Also in the court documents, when Taft was asked if Wall had a weapon, she said he had a knife.

Taft also said Wall was alone with their 5-week-old baby before the baby died last week.

Wall, 34, also allegedly tried to commit suicide the next day and wound up hospitalized.

According to a search warrant, a Clearwater officer said Wall made a video apology for doing something to the baby.

A detective found the video on a camera left by the baby’s bassinet.

Wall got out of the hospital after a few days, but tried getting permission from a judge to go to the baby’s funeral.

He wrote, "This is my son’s funeral your honor. I will never get to do this again" and went on to say "It’s my son. I didn’t do anything to deserve this treatment, so may the court find some way to allow me to attend."

The motion was denied.

Wall was arrested Sunday when he allegedly violated the order by driving through the church parking lot as the funeral was taking place.

He was out on bail for a little more than a day when police say he murdered Taft. He was later arrested in Sumter County, but is currently hospitalized. He was reportedly unresponsive when he was found.

Taft leaves behind a boy, who will turn 6 years old this weekend.

Her family was too upset to go on camera, but Taft’s mother wanted everyone to know that she was an excellent mother.

Information from Central Florida News 13’s Bright House Networks affiliate Bay News 9 was used in this report.

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