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KanSUCKS! Passes into Law “Covenant Marriages” – Try to get a divorce now– Unreal

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on February 19, 2010

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Why is the GOVERNMENT into PERSONAL FAMILIES …?? WHY are THEY making LAWS- I don’t get it…

I am so very disheartened-again by Kansas Lawmakers…


Good Gawd. Tax payers money in the BEDROOMs –again.


Covenant marriages approved



February 18, 2010 – 12:15pm

A split Kansas House on Thursday approved a bill that supporters said would strengthen marriage but opponents argued would make divorce more difficult.

An amendment offered on the House floor Thursday morning would set into state law provisions for a "covenant marriage." The bills says that couples entering into a covenant marriage would receive counseling before being married.

Couples would have to declare, "If we experience marital difficulties, we commit ourselves to take all reasonable efforts to preserve our marriage, including marital counseling."

Under the amendment brought by Rep. Anthony Brown, divorce could only be granted under certain grounds. Those reasons would include one spouse had committed adultery; been convicted of certain crimes, including murder or rape; or had abandoned the other spouse. Divorce also could be granted if couples had lived apart between one and two years depending on circumstances. No-fault divorces wouldn’t apply as they currently do to marriages in Kansas.

Rep. Joe Patton, R-Topeka, said it is important for lawmakers to try to strengthen marriages in the state, saying that divorce damages families and causes social ills. He emphasize that covenant marriages would be voluntary.<<<THEN WHY HAVE A LAW!!!!!!! IF IT IS VOLUNTARY!!!>>>

"If this would save just a few families I think this would be important to do," he said. <<<WRONG!!!>>>>

House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, said he’s represented clients in hundreds of divorces in his work as an attorney and argued that couples don’t enter divorce lightly. <<<EXACTLY!!!!!!>>>>

"I wish the divorce rate were lower than what it is, but there is not a whole lot that we can do in this body to try to legislate people to stay married longer," he said. "I can tell you first hand that there will be a great deal of collateral damage that will be caused by forcing people to stay in marriages they shouldn’t be in."

The House gave first-round approval to the bill on a 70-49 vote. The amendment passed on a more narrow margin of 65-54.

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Note: Cross posted from [blogger AngelzFury] Kansans For Judicial Accountability.


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