Crisis In The Family Courts

Fathers have rights too…we never thought this could happen," Father kills son out of ‘spite’ to wife.

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on February 21, 2010


The name of the killer was Mark Resch. This article said he killed the son out of "spite" and that "fathers have rights too" – like, to kill your offpring?! – and that the protection order did not include visitation rights.

Murder-Suicide: Family Members Never Saw it Coming

Reported by: Patrice Walsh


Last Update: 2/16 10:04 am

Counselors for Greece Parents. Family of accused shooter shocked.

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    Counselors on Hand After Death of 1st Grader; Foundation Forming

      Greece, N.Y. — Mark Resch had seen a counselor last week for problems related to the loss of his job, break-up of his marriage, and struggles with alcoholism.  But Resch’s sister Carla Vick says, "It was too late."

      The family knew Mark was struggling, but Vick said they didn’t know how deeply he was hurting or that he had planned violence against his only son, Hunter.

      Greece Police say Resch left a note detailing his plan to kill his son. They found it in his house on Island Cottage Road after discovering the bodies of father and son.  Both had been shot to death.

      Police say in the note Resch blamed his wife Susan and marital problems and indicated he was killing Hunter out of "spite."

      This leaves Resch’s family members stunned.  They say there were no indications Mark would or could hurt Hunter.  They say he was the "light" of his father’s life.

      Carla Vick said, "The message is: this isn’t the answer, there is always help. There is always help."

      Grief counselors are helping families of Hunter’s classmates at Paddy Hill School in Greece with ways to explain this violent death to their children.  Hunter’s aunt, Carla Vick said he had an angelic face and smile.

      The family and friends are grieving for Hunter and Mark.  Police, meanwhile, are trying to determine where Resch got the gun used in the killings.

      He was forced to surrender what he said was his only shotgun last month, after a court issued an Order of Protection preventing Resch from contacting his wife Susan.

      The order did not affect Resch’s visitation rights with his son.

      "It’s a fine line. Fathers have rights too…we never thought this could happen," said Vick.

      Services for Hunter and Mark Resch will be held separately this week.  Hunter’s Cub Scout Pack 14 in Greece is also starting a foundation to remember the young scout.


      Hunter’s family will be forming a foundation in his name. Hunter’s family requests donations be sent to:

      Susan S. Resch

      149 Everwild Lane

      Rochester, NY 14606


      Cub Scout Pack 14

      Pack Committee Co-Chairman

      Josh Hernendez

      101 Red Oak Drive

      Rochester, N.Y. 14616

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