Crisis In The Family Courts

Judge Lemkau Must Go after Murder of 9 Month Old Wyatt Garcia

Lemkau Must Go after Murder of 9 Month Old Wyatt Garcia

Mar 07, 2010

San Bernardino, California courts and Judge Robert Lemkau have destroyed mother, Katie Tagle’s world by failing to allow her to protect her son. Like many other women, Katie, was being harassed by her ex-boyfriend, Stephen Garcia. But because he was the father of her child, Katie’s complaints not only were not taken seriously, but she was also repeatedly accused of lying and fabricating evidence. Read the transcript here: Tagle Transcript

Judge Robert Lemkau and two other judges, all refused to give protection to both Katie Tagle, and her son, Wyatt Garcia, claiming that Stephen Garcia was not a danger to either of them. Even though Katie had been knocked to the ground previously and Stephen had admitted in various documents to hitting her, it would appear that Katie was not given due process by the judges in San Bernardino County. She was threatened with “adverse consequences” just for trying to protect herself and her child.

Katie is not alone is this treatment. This goes on every day where women and children who have been victimized are falsely accused of making false allegations. In Katie Tagle’s case, she has actually been vindicated of being a liar, but only at the cost of her son’s life. If Stephen Garcia had not gone through with his threats, he may have managed to lie his way into getting sole custody as many other alleged abusers have done, such as convicted child sexual abuser, Henry Parson.

Katie Tagle was ordered to turn over her son to a man who was threatening to kill her child. She complied with Judge Lemkau’s orders, because she feared having her son taken away all together. Tagle said, “I didn’t want to get in trouble. I didn’t want to get Wyatt fully taken away from me.” Although the police did their best to try to stop the tragedy, Stephen Garcia shot Wyatt and himself on January 31, 2010 as he had threatened to do.

The community is outraged over the death of Wyatt and the treatment of his mother. Deputy District Attorney James Hoskins said he plans to challenge Lemkau for his seat on the bench, because of this tragedy. Sites have sprung up on the internet demanding that “Lemkau Must Go!”  There are also “Lemkau Must Go” groups on Facebook and on Twitter. JOHN & KEN OF KFI-AM also had Katie Tagle on their show. Judge Lemkau declined to appear on the radio show, although he was asked. You can listen to the broadcast here: Katie Tagle on the JOHN & KEN SHOW. They discuss the fact that Judge Lemkau seem to disbelieve or find fault with every women that complained of a problem.

Judge Lemkau read a statement of apology at a hearing after Wyatt was killed. According to an article in The Sun, Katie Tagle felt Lemkau’s words lacked feeling.  There is a protest organized for Monday, March, 8, 2010 at 7:45 AM at the Victorville, CA courthouse on 14455 Civic Drive.

Follow “Lemkau Must Go” on Facebook and Twitter and please do not let your outrage subside over this tragedy!

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