Crisis In The Family Courts

Dr. Phil & Action Alert! Kathleen Russel with Katie Tagle The Crisis in Family Courts

Lets hope dr fool dont f^&*  this one up-

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CJE’s own Kathleen Russell has been invited to appear on the Dr. Phil Show!
She will be speaking about the growing crisis in our family courts, and will appear alongside Katie Tagle and others. Tagle’s 9-month-old child was killed by his father after three judges denied the boy protection, even after the dad threatened in writing to kill their son.
This is a great opportunity to make sure Dr. Phil takes the crisis in our family courts seriously!
We encourage anyone who can make it to LA this Wednesday to COME TO THE DR. PHIL SHOW TAPING & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!
To RSVP and claim your FREE admission, call either: Elaine at 323-956-3334 or Jason at 323-956-8497 this Monday between 10AM – 4PM. Be sure to tell them that you heard about the taping from CJE!
DATE OF TAPING: Wednesday, March 24
LOCATION: Provided Upon RSVP (Hollywood)
TIME: Arrive at the studio no later than 8:00AM — taping will begin at 9:30AM and you will be free to leave by around 11:00AM.
Check the

CJE website for more information – we’ll keep you updated as we firm up the details.


Nearly 100 people gather to protest Judge Lemkau
– Victorville Daily Press 3/8/10
Rebellion in the California Court System
– ABC7 News 2/25/10
For more information, contact CJE at 415-256-9606, or at


Please plan to join us in Sacramento to support Whistleblower Protection in the California Courts.
Hearing Date TBD – likely early April
Assembly Judiciary Committee Hearing – AB 1749 (Whistleblower Protection)
Since 2001, court employees in the state of California have been exempt from Whistleblower Protection — meaning they could lose their jobs if they report wrongdoing. AB 1749 — authored by Assemblymembers Bonnie Lowenthal and Audra Strickland — proposes to expand Whistleblower Protection to judicial employees.

Remember to check CJE’s website often for updates about this hearing and other great opportunities to get involved!


California Protective Parents Association
and Incest Survivors Speakers’ Bureau invite you to the

16th Annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference

What Happens When Children Report Sex Abuse 

April 9-10, 2010

Friday, April 9th (Film Festival

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