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MARK K. GODBEY (Cell Terrorist) Rant’s About Battered Women

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on March 26, 2010


Is he in full makeup while he rants, or just acting like he is?

This father’s rights blogger rants on that this is a hate site.  All fathers are not bad…not all mothers are good.  But all abusers are bad.

Gender Polarization Impedes Family Law Reform | angiEmedia

I found this article published about 3 months ago, and agree with it completely.  Gender-based politics have lead to trauma and child abuse, while hate sites such as rightsformothers continues to espo… more →

Mark doesn’t think he is an abuser…his rants are abusive in itself and shows his true nature.  He was suggesting children be taught to attack people on Facebook.  That is disgusting.

Mark Godbey

Go get her a cheap Metro PCS phone… its about $29 and you give her monthly cards and money. Then you tell your daughter to tell her step-monster to kiss her ass because my real mom says you’re a whore….. mix things up a little..!!

Mark Godbey

I avoided that shit by buying my kids their own cell phone 3 times over the past 8 years. It is still Parental Alienation since she took it away from them every time. I can’t wait till my son is 1 inch taller than my ex-wife is…. I think he will take it back.

Mark Godbey

Hi CP, wait till your kid is big enough to tell your ex to shove his attitude up his ass. His time is coming.

Mark Godbey

Also, I am studying to be a Paralegal or a Legal Investigator working within Family Law. Concentrated coursework for next 7 weeks. I have been told more than once, the way to combat evil is one child at a time. I intend to ferret out those who make False Allegations, and alienate children. Since the police wont’ enforce laws that protect Parental Abductions, I will make that my mission. Fuck law enforcement.

I wonder if he has already tried to f*** law enforcement.  He is on probation, and has had three restraining orders to protect his ex-wife Margaret. Just who really is the hateful one?

Dossier: Mark K Godbey


Mark K Godbey has a long history of frivolous litigation against his ex wife.  Despite numerous restraining orders made against him, he continued to persue her through the courts.   He was sentenced for contempt on two occasions.

Alike most advocates for shared parenting, he publicly claims to promote that children are better off with both parents and privately cheers on cases where the child has been deprived of the mother:


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