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UPDATE – Dr. Phil Show to Air on April 8th

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on March 30, 2010


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We received notice on Friday that the Dr. Phil Show on the Family Court Crisis is scheduled to air on Thursday, April 8th. Please note that this date is subject to change, so please stay tuned to your email for any last minute changes.

Click here to find the local station and time that the Dr. Phil Show will air in your community.

As many of you have heard, the taping of this show represents an amazing turn of events in the media’s coverage of this crisis. It was an emotionally powerful morning that none of us who witnessed it will ever forget!

One of our Protective Moms who flew to LA for the taping has approached CJE with an amazing offer!

Amanda Hodge from Alabama has agreed to use her marketing background to help us generate additional press around the family court crisis! Amanda has offered to send a press release to local news affiliates on the networks that air the Dr. Phil Show, offering local interviews with Protective Moms who have survived the Family Court Crisis. This is a great strategy that will enable us to piggyback local stories off of the national exposure we’ll be getting from the Dr. Phil Show!

If you are a Protective Mom and are willing to share your story with local media, please email Amanda Hodge at, BEFORE FRIDAY, and let her know the following information:

1) Your Name and the City/State you live in.

2) The call letters (i.e. WKLW), station affiliation (NBC, CBS etc.) and contact info for the local news director on the station that airs the Dr. Phil Show  (Don’t worry if you can’t find the news director’s info, we can help with that).

3) Contact information (Phone & Email).

4) Please List All that you are Willing to Do:

– Willing to use your name in the press release?

– To be interviewed on camera by the press?

– How about an anonymous interview (Jane Doe)?

– Willing to name the courthouse that your case is in?

**Amanda needs to hear from everybody willing to participate by THIS FRIDAY (April 2nd) to adapt a release for your local area. Please be aware that there is no guarantee that the local press will interview you.

Questions about this action? Please call Amanda at 334-750-2280 (EDT). CJE will be supporting her but not fielding calls about this action.

Thanks so much to the 100+ Protective Moms who attended last week’s taping of the show. Your commitment to reforming this broken system has allowed us to achieve the unthinkable (fingers crossed)!

Check the CJE website for more information – we’ll keep you updated as we firm up the details.

Together, we can rebuild public trust in our courts, reinforcing the judiciary as a well-managed model of integrity, justice and equality.


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