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"Mothering Beyond Image" 9:30 pm Eastern Wed

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Empowering Women to Unite & Mobilize !

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

9:30 pm – 11:00pm EST


Dr. Patti Ashle
" Mothering Beyond Image "

Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother.  The book is a journey into the heart and soul of mothering, and it takes women to places that have remained hidden due to out-dated beliefs about what it means to be a good mother. The book reveals the truth about being a good-enough mother and dispels the myths of being a perfect parent.

After 29 years of raising four children (now ages 22-29,) and working in pediatric, mental health and public education settings, Dr. Ashley has written a book that transforms how women feel about themselves as mothers.

In 1963, Betty Friedan’s book: The Feminine Mystique revealed that many mothers were feeling empty, incomplete and invisible, which  Friedan labeled  the problem that has no name. Even though times  have changed quite a bit since 1963, a 2008 study by Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress found  many women still express similar feelings of isolation and emptiness I learned women are hungry for something that’s missing in their lives, a place to connect. They say they feel increasingly isolated, invisible, stressed, and misunderstood. They say the news media, where I’d worked for 30 years, don’t accurately reflect their lives anymore.  They say women on TV shows and in the movies certainly don’t either.  They can’t believe how out-of-touch government is with who women are today and what they need to survive. Maria Shriver, The Shriver Report

Mothering beyond Image is a book that helps women connect more deeply to themselves and others, therefore feeling more authentic, mindful and whole. It is based on hundreds of stories Patti has heard from women over the past 29 years, her own personal story, and the results of her doctoral dissertation on the subject. Mothering beyond Image weaves real stories and common themes into archetypal mythology and the rapidly changing roles of women, creating the fabric of a new parenting paradigm.

Dr. Patti Ashley is promoting her new book, Mothering Beyond Image: 

Patti entered the Next Top Author Contest as a way to introduce the book to many people and ultimately win a book publishing contract with  Hampton Roads Publishing.   Please help her get this important book out to all of the women and mothers you know, and all of their  friends!  She needs at least 10,000 votes!!  It’s quick and easy.

No radio needed Our show is online– If your computer is down no problem call on the phone and hear the entire show right on the phone- Please come ! Wednesday, 9:30 PM eastern/ Bring your comments.
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No Self Respecting Woman Should Wish or Work for the Success Of any Party or any Group That
Ignores the Needs of All Womankind" adapted from the quote of Susan B. Anthony 1872

IMAGINE– The Majority United

We have a unique opportunity to unseat up to 470 representatives, wouldn’t it be fair to replace up to one half of them with women? RIDs? If you have had enough of politics as usual – roll up your sleeves- let’s get to work. The time is now! Only you can change your future- no one will change it for you – not the way you want them to- they have proven that. Let’s take our rightful place as the rightful owners of this country, we can do it as The Majority United! Call in join the discussion!

Be there 9:30 PM eastern

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