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Family Values?

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on April 12, 2010

 Family Values?

Churches were behind forcing shared parenting whilst undermining the concerns over safety of women and children. Preachers all over Australia raised, "fatherless" and divorce as a great concern without addressing some of the reasons why family courts order no contact for fathers.

First, most judgments resulting in no contact for fathers is usually because there is undeniable evidence that the father was in fact abusive. These cases are rare and extreme. More no contact cases usually involve mothers who have raised abuse with some evidence, countered by junk science claims that the mother had coached the child into making up the abuse. Whilst most research supports false allegations to be a very small factor in Family Courts, accusing mothers of coaching and reversing custody has become a very popular trend on addressing unsubstantiated abuse. Over the years, Family court statements have confirmed that they do not have the facilities to adequately address child abuse and this is sadly how they deal with it. A majority of cases that involve reversal of custody to the alleged abuser include women who have experienced some form of violence against them.

The movement behind the laws that attract these trends are these churches. In a method to compete with the rise of radical islam, they have explicit instructions on how to abuse wives. Its called, "Christian Domestic Discipline". Here are some quotes:

A sound lashing is five to ten strokes with your hand, or three to five strokes with a strap; some wives need more. To avoid brusing do not strike the same area in repetition. Gauge your decision to proceed based on your wife’s readiness to repent.

If one’s children find out, it is not end of the world. Most children understand more than adults give them credit. In particular, children understand spanking far more than they understand bitterness and divorce.

There is an information highway created which runs from a woman’s bottom to her mind as the evil spews from her mouth. It is the husband’s responsibility to fill with love and assurance. Otherwise, he has simply engaged in an act of torture.

There are three basic ways to control a wife, as follows:

  1. Ignore her – This method ruins the marriage.
  2. Burden her with chores, responsibilities, and work – This method makes her prematurely old.
  3. In a no nonsense fashion, discipline her personally, privately, and memorably – In responsible hands, this method can work miracles.

Whilst the site claims not to be encouraging domestic violence and is consensual, the consent is limited to the beginning and void during and after. It even encourages silencing women about abuse. In one news article, it is a growing trend in Christian marriages.

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