Crisis In The Family Courts

Amy Leichtenberg; DR. PHIL SHOW "Crisis in the Family Courts"

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on April 14, 2010


Amy Leichtenberg

Please tune into the DR. PHIL SHOW tomorrow, April 14th, check your local listings for the time. I was invited to be a VIP in the audience that day for the taping. The topic is "Crisis in the Family Courts" and the guest that day had a story very similar to my own.

They are planning on showing pictures of Duncan and Jack and I was given a few minutes to briefly tell my story

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Amy Leichtenberg Complete Interview – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.


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Bloomington, Illinois — UPDATE: Amy Leichtenberg files $10 million lawsuit against city; last spring
her ex-husband Michael Connolly murdered their two sons

"In the wrongful death action filed in McLean County Court Tuesday, Amy Leichtenberg claims that delays by LeRoy police in issuing an Amber Alert allowed her ex-husband Michael Connolly to leave the area March 8, 2009, with Jack, 7, and Duncan, 9. The children were found about three weeks later in the back seat of their father’s car in rural Putnam County. Connolly’s body was found nearby."

McLean County Circuit Judge James Souk granted this mentally unstable man unsupervised visitation. Police inaction appears to have contributed to the systemic snafus that unnecessarily resulted in two children’s deaths at the hands of their father.

Justice’s prior posts on this issue:

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