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Woman's Murder is Rochester's 4th Domestic Violence Death This Year

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on April 16, 2010


Woman’s Murder is Rochester’s Fourth Domestic Violence Homicide

Domestic Violence Shooting on Massey Drive


Rochester, N.Y. – Police say a man shot his girlfriend in the head in their home on Massey Drive while their two kids were in the house.
Stuphonia Thomas, 30, was pronounced dead at the scene around 2 a.m. Thursday.
Police said the suspect, Cedric St. Louis, 31, was waiting for them at the front door when they arrived.
The children were not harmed and apparently did not even hear the shots. They are now with family members.
Police say St. Louis and Thomas were not legally married but lived as common-law husband and wife for more than ten years.
Police Chief David Moore said domestic violence happens far too often when he commented on the fourth domestic-violence related homicide of the year.
"Unfortunately, 50 percent of homicides are domestic related. We are doing a number of things to deal with this issue in this community," said Moore.
“There appeared to be some kind of altercation within the residence. It does appear that the individual we are speaking with at this point made a call to additional family members indicating that there had been a shooting. We did respond at that point,” Moore said. “We are interviewing several individuals at this time, family members, to sort it all out.”
St. Louis has been charged with second-degree murder and is expected to be arraigned Friday.

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