Crisis In The Family Courts


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Why do they always say “Tragedies” v the real fact that they “OUTRAGES” like they want to all sugar coat the epidemic of men murdering their families as if-What could have MADE ‘him’ do it (poor baby)? v he was a freeking sociopath and needs to NOT be Glorified..?

ahhh I recall the whole “family Preservation thing” right up till “Death do US Part” 

….and death indeed.

In every single murder suicide- I read- :

”he was such a nice guy”- “the family was quiet”-or, there were “health issue”—or “he” just lost his job- or he was going through a “custody battle”- or.. or.. or.. and the media bites this shit hook line and sink… Blame Every one and Every thing but the source- why must WE keep protecting those who murder?

Stop it- it is an Outrage- Crimes committed against others are NOT tragedies- they OUTRAGES!!

Murder-Suicide Reported At Winter Haven Hospital

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:02:05 AM

WINTER HAVEN — A murder-suicide was reported in a patient’s room at Winter Haven Hospital Monday afternoon.

Witnesses heard gunshots on the 5th floor of the hospital in the medical surgery unit, just after 1:20 p.m.

Police say a 77-year-old man shot his sick wife to death.

The patient was identified as 76-year-old Patrricia Duckworth. Her husband, Raymond Duckworth, 77, was visiting her. 

"It’s a tragedy," said hospital vice president Joel Thomas. "Everybody here on our whole staff are obviously shaken. Our hearts go out to the family members who are affected here."

The hospital was not evacuated, but the floor where the shooting happened was locked down for most of Monday night.

This story is from our Bright House Networks partner, Bay News 9.

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