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Basic Instinct (Part 6 of 12): Man’s Ownership of HIS Family

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From: The UnderGround Bible

In an ancient society, men beat their wives physically or just killed them.  This rude behavior sometimes led to the murder of the woman, whereas, in modern societies, men at best tolerate their misbehaving wives, or female partners, or daughters, until they decide to no longer tolerate them.  The result of deciding not to tolerate them is either abuse, divorce or abandonment.

Once a modern man reaches his threshold of tolerance, several results are possible.  The most extreme result is he murders the woman and possibly her children.  The least extreme is he leaves the woman and most times abandons the entire family including his own children.  In either case, ancient or modern, this behavior does not depend on actual facts.  It is imposed on the female mostly based on perception.

It doesn’t matter to a male whether or not evidence exists.  He only has to perceive it exists.  This brings us to the next level of trying to understand human behavior.

Why would a man kill the mother of his own children?  Why would a mother kill her own children?

Well, one basic reason is:  The male can never be sure the children are his; while the woman must get rid of the children to move onto the next male!  When we were animals, instinctively males and females procreated and didn’t care whether or not the child belonged to them, because we lacked the power of thinking and analyzing.  This idea of owning the child is a precursor to the idea of owning the woman.

If a man owns the woman, then he owns his children.  If ownership didn’t exist women would be free, but ownership does exist.

Governments produce the laws that protect the ownership of assets.  No one tolerates the stealing of an auto or goods. Yet, nothing protects a man’s ownership of his wife and children.  The proof of ownership is the production of children.  The ownership of a man’s family was once highly regarded as sacred and protected by law.  Today so called tolerant societies look the other way when a wife steals her husband’s children, or another male steals a man’s wife.

This is a very real problem, because instinct forces men to react.  Once a woman freely chooses a male for sex, he is overwhelmed by the instinct of ownership; and once the instinct of ownership kicks-in, the brain’s thoughts take over and convince the man of his ownership.  In the same way you own your car, he owns his woman and her children.  It doesn’t matter whether she is legally his wife, mistress or daughter.  Therefore, only he can release her from this bond.  In the same way he alone can sell his car.

Now the modern woman hates this fact, and in doing so, she hates the natural order of things, and is therefore rebelling against nature.  Rebelling against nature only brings natural laws into play that are costly.  A man’s method of releasing her can take on any number of ways.  This is the reason fathers give away the bride.

Father’s are men relinquishing their ownership of their daughters to another male for the purpose of sexual reproduction.  There are cases of men temporarily relinquishing their ownership of daughters, girlfriends, and wives, such as: men renting their women to other men for the purpose of earning money for sex.

Yes, some men will let their wives or women go with other men or women even for the purpose of self-gratification.  We call these men pimps and the women prostitutes.  Yet, their behavior is the result of rules imposed upon them, which rules have altered natural life by imposing money as a necessity to buy food and the things that once belonged to the human race and were free for the taking.

As we discuss the male’s behavior, which at times can be extremely dangerous, keep in mind that throughout the ages the male has had to impose rules on the female because of knowledge being acquired and added to the brain.  Knowledge of new things occurring in the human exchange of a society has changed the behavior of men and women, while the knowledge of instinct is mostly lost and unknown to us today.

To be continued…The UnderGround Bible

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