Crisis In The Family Courts

‘Survivor’ Producer Being Arrested for Murder of Wife

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Former ‘Survivor’ producer, Bruce Beresford-Redman, to be charged with murder Monday?

Murdered mom’s children barred from memorial: Ex-Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman to blame!

Former ‘Survivor’ producer, Bruce Beresford-Redman, to be charged with murder Monday?

Bruce Beresford-Redman, ‘Survivor’ producer suspected of murdering his wife Monica in Mexico, isn’t getting away with murder if Mexican authorities have their way about it, according to ABC. An arrest warrant has been issued for the former ‘Survivor’ producer as of Monday, May 31.

‘Survivor’ producer arrest warrant issued one day after murdered wife’s memorial service

Bruce Beresford-Redman had just told his children yesterday, Sunday May 30, that they could not attend their dead mother’s memorial service. Bruce’s deceased wife, Monica, had been murdered while they were in Mexico in early April of this year.

‘Survivor’ producer’s mother lies to children about their mother’s death

Bruce’s mother had told the children their mother died in an automobile accident and due to a bump on the head. But it is highly likely that the two small children were present in the room when their father and mother argued so loudly at the Moon Palace Resort in Mexico that they heard it. Guests at Moon Palace Resort heard the arguing as well as what sounded like furniture being thrown.

Bruce Beresford-Redman cruel to not allow Monica’s family to mourn with her children

Monica’s family were denied the ability to mourn alongside Monica’s children during Sunday’s memorial service, but today they are able to feel that the wheels of justice are indeed turning, even if it is rather slowly.

‘Survivor’ producer Bruce Beresford-Redman took out two life insurance policies on his wife one week before her body was found. One paid $50,000 in the event Monica died during a travel experience; the other was to pay $500,000.

This information, coupled with witnesses seeing Bruce become violent and angry towards his wife in Mexico is just a couple of pieces of information Mexican authorities gathered in determining if Bruce had means, motive, and opportunity to murder Monica in Mexico.


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