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Covering Up Murder Attempts In Williamsburg, VA -Times UP! Evidentiary Abuse Affidavit

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Who Is Covering Up Murder Attempts In Williamsburg, VA

This story was passed to me with a note asking me to post it in its entirety. I am also adding the tools below:

1. Do a Evidentiary Abuse affidavit

2. and get Times Up!! How you can escape a violent relationship and get out with your life. By Domestic Violence Expert Susan Murphy- Milnao

Who Is Covering Up Murder Attempts In Williamsburg, VA

By:  Gail Lakritz

I have been told that Joseph Lakritz is being protected by someone higher up. Three policemen have confirmed that this is what is happening, and that is why a convinced felon can get away with so much. The Virginia Gazette published an article stating that an officer of the law informed them that the local family court judge, Judge George (Jeff) C. Fairbanks dictates who can and cannot be arrested in October, 2007. He is the former Commonwealth’s Attorney, and as such, had control over prosecutions. I have spoken to one woman who was raped while he was the CA. He never brought the case to trial and waited until he was appointed judge (1 and 1/2 years) to inform her that there would be no prosecution.

Judge Fairbanks set up the Victims and Advocates Office within the CA’s office. When a battered woman goes there with evidence of the battering, it is never seen again. Judge Fairbanks works with the parole department[i] and with Ann Tramer, the "counselor" who didfamily therapy which my ex and son went to but I was never informed of and who, at the time my son was seeing her, only had a masters, not her doctorate, yet she was allowed to practice. In addition, she was seeing him at the same time as Loren Council, who saw Joseph for Anger Management at Colonial Services (ordered by Judge Fairbanks) after he threatened to kill me. Mt. Council saw Joe in September, 2005 for 6 weeks in a group. He began seeing Max in March, 2006 or there about as supposedly ordered by Fairbanks, but I never heard the judge order this in the court. I tried to get the transcript of the hearing where it was supposedly ordered, but DuBois who supposedly did them, told me that they did not. Of course, I have the proof they did.

I bought a home in the summer of 2006. Just prior to moving, while living in an apartment on Merrimac Trail in Williamsburg, I began having break ins. There were 4 in total while I lived there. The Williamsburg police refuse to give me the reports that I filed. They say that they are still open investigations and will not release them to me. I reported 3 of the 4. My attorney, Tracy Spencer of Batzali Woods in Richmond told me to stop calling them, and I, thinking that she knew something I didn’t, I took her advice. Each time my home was broken into, there was something left behind to let me know someone was there. The first time, I found a stick of incense which I have never used due to the fact that I cannot stand the odor. That time, my file cabinet where I kept the evidence against Joe was broken into and papers were taken, but nothing else of value was missing.

On May 12, 2006, we had an appointment for Barbara Levine of Prudential to view the house and sign the listing agreements. She was leaving town for a holiday, and this was the only time she could do this. Joe had allowed the sale listing of the house expire and made no attempt to relist it. I arrived at the house a few minutes before Barbara. There was a severe thunderstorm. The garage door was open, and I knocked on it. Joe answered and at first let me into the laundry room. From that room, you can only see a small portion of the kitchen, not the rest of the house. His mother, Dorothy L. Lakritz of Boynton Beach, Fl. came from around the corner that is the family room yelling "This is our house. Get out you whore." I had no idea that she was there. Joe ordered Max to "grab her, I can’t or I will go back to jail." Max took me by the arms and slammed me up against the door. Dorothy grabbed my throat and began to choke me. When the gurgling began from my air being cut off, for some reason, she let go. I tried to get to the phone on the kitchen counter, but Joe ripped it out of the wall. I fled to my car for my phone. I first called my lawyer, Tracy. I remember that I called her office twice. I was confused and in pain after the attack and did not know what to do. It took me a few minutes to think and call the police. As it turns out, Dorothy, after the lapse of a few minutes, also called the police, but not before placing a call to someone else. ( See photo #1 & #2)

image image

Photo 1                            Photo 2

On the tape of her call, the dispatcher can be heard prompting her to say I broke in through the front door. Max’s written statement of the incident clearly said that I was let in through the laundry room. In the tape, Dorothy states that I was there for an appointment. If I had an appointment, why would I have to break in? When the police came, one of the responding officers was the same one who always showed up to the domestic violence calls except one. His name never appeared on any report that involved Joe. He refused to take pictures of me saying he did not have a camera. I let him talk me out of taking the ambulance to the ER. He wasn’t even going to call for one until I insisted that I should at least be checked. He said they were needed for car accidents on the highway. I had to drive myself to a doctor’s office several miles down Richmond Road. I was later to find out that Dorothy Lakritz testified that she brushed against my neck while defending herself from attack. How do you get a perfect thumb print on one side of the neck and the imprint of 4 fingers on the other side if she only brushed up against me? The police report contained a copy of the doctors report that stated I had injuries consistent with choking. (See photos 4 & 5)

image image

Photo 4                                    Photo 5

There is a full account of everything that I had to go through that night in "A Case Of Attempted Murder", I, II and III.[ii] The rest of what I know was gotten from the police reports and 911 tapes that my lawyer never got. I had to subpoena them 2 years later. While I was forced by Judge pro tempore Ford to give a useless deposition On March 24, 2009, my neighbor saw a car in my driveway that matched the description of an unmarked car belonging to the James City County Police Department. When I arrived home that night, the police reports and 911 recordings were missing. Who do you call when it is most likely a police officer who broke in and stole evidence?

After I moved into my home in August, 2006, there were several break ins here. I called the police on several of them as there were eye witnesses placing Joe on my property at the time of the break ins. After much foot dragging for a year, I finally got the police to come out and do an "investigation". Inspector Bauman was the lead. It turns out that Insp. Bauman is Officer Bauman, not an inspector. They took my computer, along with the hard drive of the marital computer and blitzed evidence that was contained on both of them. They could not find any of my fingerprints in my own home. All fingerprints found were dismissed as having been on the furniture, doors, etc for the last few years. Some of the furniture in my home was never jointly owned with Joe, and he was never in my home with my permission. He refused to take a lie detector test. Insp. Bauman sent me a report, but that report was not included in the reports that were officially given me through the subpoena.

I can produce evidence that shows police reports were falsified. I have witnesses that I was forbidden to have a court reporter in front of Judge Samuel T. Powell. I have witnesses that were present for the lies of Nate Greene, the Commonwealth’s Attorney. He said he never said something in court, yet it was reported that he did in the newspaper. This occurred at a meeting with Mr. Greene in reference to the falsified police reports. It was only a few days later that the police reports and 911 tapes were taken.

Yesterday, I found that the back glass door to my home had been blown out with a gun. (See photo #6) Officer Morris said there would be no investigation. I am a sitting duck in my own home, and the police will not even bother going to Walmart to speak to the clerk that said he helped Joe with the purchase of the gun that matches the type used. The police department will not even bother to ask for the records of the sales. Walmart enters the driver’s license number for every gun purchaser. I also found, when I tried to call the police, that the phone line had been tampered with. Was someone giving themselves enough time to get away before police could be called?


Photo 6

When a person calls for investigation of James City County and Williamsburg VA., they are ignored. If you read the early accounts of what happened to me alone on, and speak to ordinary citizens of what has happened to other women here, you would know this is not a safe place for women. I, though they have tried, still retain evidence against them. And a search of the court records of my case and others would show tampering. A search of the sealed juvenile court records would show that the court pays for lawyers for wealthy men and one of Colonial Services Board will disclose that the taxpayers are paying for services that can well be afforded by these men.

Since when is it legal for a "high placed person" to instruct law enforcement to ignore death threats and attempts at killing? I think that constitutes being an accessory. How many murders is this person an accessory to?


imagePhoto 1 Full size taken on May 12, 2006 in the front yard of 3908 Bournemouth Bend, Williamsburg, VA

imagePhoto 2 Crop of photo 1 showing close up of neck of Gail Lakritz showing reddening of neck beginning.

imagePhoto 3 Crop and brightened showing the officer (name unknown) in the background of photo 1

imagePhoto 4 Taken on May 14, 2006 Showing thumb print

imagePhoto 5 Taken on May 14, 2006 Showing imprint of 4 fingers

imagePhoto 6 Taken on June 12, 2010 at the residence of Gail Lakritz.

[i] Strategy 2.A: Maintain continuous communication with other key service

providers involved in the juvenile justice system, Criminal Justice Plan

Prepared by Shakira D. Munden, Criminal Justice Planner,

[ii]A Case Of Attempted Murder I.

A Case Of Attempted Murder, II

A Case Of Attempted Murder, III

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