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Peterson Case: "Dancing With Possums"

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from Susan Murphy-Milano’s Journal

“Two Possum families finally have closure” quoted by none other than my favorite "legal marshmallow roaster" leading the 5 person defense team in the upcoming Drew Petersontrial, in an article about the recent search in Peoria, Illinois, written by Fatal Vows Author and journalist Joe Hosey.

If you recall, both Peterson and his legal marshmallow roaster did a public relationsdance in the media when the so called letter was received claiming Stacy Peterson was “sited.” And I mentioned it in a post back in February of 2008 excerpt below:

Stacy Peterson, wife #4 is still missing. I am wondering why the Illinois State police are not seeing through on the letter Peterson says he received from an unknown person from Peoria, Illinois back in November 12, 2007 who says they spotted "Stacy Peterson at a Kroger grocery store with a pudge." I will bet you anything Drew Peterson is behind this mysterious letter. An abuser always wants to leave a crumb behind ( its a catch me if you can ego trip)and in my opinion this mystery letter, is no mystery at all , if it’s postmarked, this should lead police to where Stacy was buried. Isn’t Drew’s favorite show C.S.I. anyway? Or was this done by someone else in an old case he once worked on in the early days of his career? You can read that post HERE

It was discussed on my Monday Evening radio show that aired on the Kathleen Saviocase with the Cold Case Institute Director, Sheryl McCullom ,who strongly suggested that the “prosecutors need to tear down the case and start over.” We both agreedPeterson was likely behind that letter he supposedly received shortly after Stacy vanished. I meant the one Peterson turned over, of course, to his counsel who then made it public for several weeks of play in the media.

While the legal marshmallow roaster and his team decides what color fonts they want on that impending Google Internet site, sending a team to Peoria was a brilliant move on the part of Investigators.

If you consider that during the 18 months (prior to his arrest) Peterson was a free man, not once did this piece of repulsive hot air bag go out and look for his missing wife, Stacy. A person, in my opinion of course, is not able to look for something, or in this case, someone, if they are not able to be found because it is not possible. If you remember, this grieving husband and father, (get out the box of Kleenex everyone), dated other women, trolled Internet sites and got engaged. Wow, now there is a reality television show in the making. Perhaps we can ask Bruce Beresford-Redman (former producer of the show Survivor) to be the producer. You remember him, he is the guy who took his wife on a second honeymoon to Mexico and she was founddead in a sewage drain.

Back to the insensitive remarks of the legal marshmallow roaster who has been known to spit out coffee on a computer screen from time to time. "For those two possum families, they at least received closure." Sadly, it is more than the 4 children of thesetwo women Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson received, wouldn’t you agree?

[Head over to Women and Crime Ink to read my latest post on the Christopher Vaughn case "Claiming Bloody Innocence" another tragic case awaiting trial also in Will County, IL]

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