Crisis In The Family Courts


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Disbarred Massachusetts attorney Barbara Johnson (of, was on a BlogTalk Radio show with several battered mothers, including myself, this past Sunday evening.  The hosts of the show were very gracious to us, but had I known she was going to be on the show, I don’t think I would have participated as she is a staunch defender of fathers accused of abuse.  Okay…I know it happens sometimes, both ways, but it has been found through studies that fathers actually lie 16 times more than mothers with regard to abuse allegations.   However, Barbara claimed that 75 to 85% of all abuse allegations against fathers were false.  I about threw up when she said that.

Well, days later, in good ole’ Massachusetts, another father did his family in, and I thought of Barbara.   Yep, this is probably all a setup to make another father look bad….more false allegations.


From Fox News:

Prosecutors Say Blunt Force, Sharp Objects Killed Family

June 17, 2010 – 7:51 PM | by: Molly Line

Prosecutors say the man accused of killing his family in a quiet Boston suburb used blunt force trauma and sharp objects to commit the murders. He then left two notes in the home confessing to the crime before fleeing.

Thomas Mortimer, IV, 43, was apprehended by members of the Bernardston Police Department in western Massachusetts, more than 100 miles from the house he shared with his wife, children, and mother-in-law in Winchester.

The bodies of the victims, two-year-old Charlotte Mortimer, her brother 4-year-old Thomas ‘Finn’ Mortimer V, their mother Laura Stone Mortimer, 41, and her mother, the children’s grandmother, Ragna Ellen Stone, 64, were found late Wednesday morning following a forced entry well-being check conducted at the family residence at 2 Windsong Lane.

Prosecutors say the murder was preceded by a fight between the suspect and his wife and that “ongoing marital discord” may help explain motive.

Releasing grisly new details in a press conference, Middlesex District Attorney Gerard Leone described the disturbing sight that first responders came upon as they entered the home.

“The medics found blood inside of the right entrance to the home which is next to the garage,” said Leone. “As they went further into the home what was revealed was the first extremely disturbing observation which was 4-year-old ‘Finn’ and his mother both lying in a pool of blood inside of the hallway of that home.”

They continued into the hallway and there they found the body of Ragna Ellen Stone just off to the side in the living room “bloodied, obviously dead at that time and covered by the oriental rug which had been usually placed in the front hall inside of the front door.”

Police continued to follow the evidence, tracing blood up to the second floor.

“That blood splatter and that blood trail led them to two-year-old Charlotte’s room where she was found dead in her crib in a pool of blood,” said Leone.

Upon a further search of the home investigators discovered two letters. One letter was hand written, left on a coffee table. Another identical letter, in typed form, was found in the kitchen.

Paraphrasing the letters, Leone says the defendant wrote “I did these horrible things. What I’ve done is extremely selfish and cowardly. I murdered my family.”

Apparent weapons have been seized from the home and prosecutors say there are signs Thomas Mortimer, IV, may have attempted to commit suicide.

The defendant will be arraigned tomorrow morning in Woburn Superior Court.

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