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Obama steps up fatherhood exaltation Funding GENOCIDE against Battered Mothers and Children

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Obama steps up fatherhood advocacy with new mentoring initiative

In what is becoming a Father’s Day ritual for the Obama administration, the president on Monday will bring together children, famous dads and nonprofit groups that promote fatherhood to highlight the importance of fathers. By Krissah Thompson

AngelFury wrote:

Too many mothers are being punished tortured and killed by the ‘fix’ bad dad federally funded misogynistic propaganda of Fathers Rights groups. The fatherhood Initiative—where is the Motherhood Initiative? What about moms? Moms who are living in the streets because of these federally funded Fatherhood programs??? Moms who lost their children to dead beat abuser dads because the Gov. forced these dads (better off dead) into the lives of their children and their mother making life a living hell for them and eventually through theses fatherhood Initiatives actually taking full custody of the kids so they don’t have to pay child support= and more so make the mother pay overwhelming fees in support while not allowing mom to see her children at all.

What is wrong with this country? There is genocide in full force against mothers and children and it is being funded by the government.

The Government needs to keep policy out of family—because what each and every single dollar of out taxes that go into this program do is ‘get rid of mom” and give abusers and users more control-

Why beat your wife when you can much better kill her with our government. Thx Obama for change—change into the darkest of ages…. and a black future meaning no future for our children.

A soldiers last cry on the battlefield as he dies- is for his mother.-

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