Crisis In The Family Courts

Neanderthals: Did they really die off?

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Whilst scientists are debating over the time of their death and what they died of, a mens rights crusader has nearly won a lawsuit against the Oakland A over not giving him a mothers day hat. The judge has approved a settlement of $510,000. Rava has already won more than 40 discrimination law suits in America including Club Med for having a ladies only promotion, the angels for not giving him a tote bag and many other venues for similar occurrences. Even the reporterRick Reilly described him as,

"He’s a greasy manipulator who has found a small leak in American law and stuck an open wallet under it. When they wrote California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act in 1959 — the act Rava cites in his suits — they never thought soulless creatures like him would someday slink about the earth." Read morehere.

Reports of harassment circulate from domestic violence shelter owners, mothers group owners, politicians and researchers of similar types of abuse. It was as if an engorged adult claimed discrimination against world vision for providing food to starving children. Rava is not the only mens rights crusader that is opening up a loophole in the law and catching it with his wallet. Dads in distress have managed to cypher a million dollars in funding over a statistic that they don’t even cater for. The highest suicide rate in the population is young aboriginal men. The largest aboriginal population is in the Northern Territory and dads in distress only provide a service in New South Wales and Victoria. There have been so many mens programs that they now out number the women and if you take out the programs for young women; there is nothing.

The aim of dads in distress is to provide support through family law issues, yet there are no specific services for women going through the family court. Shelters and domestic violence counseling services are overloaded and are restricted in being able to support them through the family court. Some workers are restrained by funding or capacity and others are afraid of stepping on legal toes post shared parenting campaigns. Not only have these men attacked women accessing the family court, they have trampled on domestic violence victims and access to a much needed service. Richard Hillman, another mens rights campaigner tried to sue a child counsellor for taking protective action towards a child. The judge pointed out that he was asking him to put his duty of care above a child.

They have gnawed away at our systems and protections that give women and children the opportunity to be free from violence. When some of them died as a result of their influence, they justified their deaths and some even tried to use it as a reason to push more of their laws. The logic was, "Dad was angry and suicidal, I can understand that, just give him the child and control and it wont happen again".

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, young women die for speaking to another man or going out on their own – some die because they were raped. There might be a huge difference between the silent bloodshed that goes on within the home to the brutal public honor kills, but the rhetoric is no different and each egg the other on. It is the hate towards women, their autonomy and envy towards their ability to create life that drives these neanderthals towards acts of brutality and clearing all obstacles to commit those acts is their true agenda. There are many men like Rick, who refuse to be apart of such hypocrisy and very much a reason why survivors of domestic violence can and have loved again.

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) Stuart Showalter Neo Nazi-Fathers Rights Advocate-Abusers Rights Advocate Glenn Sacks-Abusers Advocate,Right Wing Terrorist- Fathers Rights. Warren Farrell, Mike J Murphy, Jeremy Swanson, Mark K Godbey, Donald Tenn, Stan Rains, Richard A. Gardner coined the term Parental Alienation Syndrome

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