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Asshole –of the Week—Journalist and Fathers Rights Promoter Russ Baldwin of TheLocalBuzzLamar Colorado

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I’m an Asshole –of the Week— Fathers Rights Promoter Russ Baldwin of TheLocalBuzzLamar Colorado

Oh yippy kia yay!! We got more money to kill moms!!! her in po dunk Lamar, Co. I’m An ASSHOLE

Fathers Rights Naked – Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

This one is from Colorado—their lil po dunk ‘rag’ is on line but not
roflmfa!!! the local BUZZZZ?? is that from the high from the ‘Mari-Jane’—or just man gossip in bee fashion?
ohhhhh— and here is the editors email oh come on already a yahoo email??? sounds like the good ole boys are keeping the patriarchal oppression in full chains.
What do ya bet this jerk is divorced and pays child support? …..and NOW he has found (or likely already knew) that he can keep fucking with mom through the Fatherhood Initiatives –learn to be a good dad (cuz ur a sack of shit now) ANDGET REWARDED FOR BEING A ‘BAD DAD’. WTF?????

Well, as of now- we can’t stop the funding be we sure as hell can expose the assholes who support the funding.
The images below were sent to American Mothers Political Party and from that address the reporter RUSS BALDWIN of the below story will get this link. Or I meaneditor@yahoo will thinking perhaps they are one in the same—seems RUSS BALDWIN covers Marijuana stories to (from the below scanned article-

does he do Obituaries—does he report dead mommies and their children? hmmm
If he did he would NOT have published the below- I am anxious to hear if he publishes a AMPP members very well written response which we are publishing here above his trash mag images.

Dear Editor:
I am writing in response to the article that was published on (July 12, 2010 of the Local Buzz,) and (July 16, 2010 of the Lamar Ledger). “Article on Promoting Responsible Fatherhood.” As a responsible and loving parent and a member of this community, I was deeply concerned and somewhat offended by this article.  I felt that there were many misrepresentations of facts and this editorial came across as very biased. 

I feel that such an article serves only to further divide not only our community but our Nation that prides itself on families.  I feel that since media hold an enormous amount of power when it comes to influencing people on so many levels, I feel it becomes all the more important that when there is such blatant divisions between genders, the responsible thing to occur would be investigative reporting. This would serve two purposes to society;

  1. It balances rather than compound the problems that are dividing our nation and communities like that of gender wars putting fathers against mothers and,
  2. It challenges outdated myths and societal perceptions. Such as:

Myth – Research on single mother households proves that "fatherlessness" harms children.
Fact: "[F]ather absence does not significantly influence the level of well-being of either daughters or sons. Rather… children’s perceptions of their relationships with both parents have a more direct influence on their psychological well-being than does the physical presence or absence of their father."
Myth — Boys need fathers in order to learn how to be good husbands and fathers.
Fact: "Most boys who grew up with single mothers have positive opinions of them.  They are likely to have ‘experienced’ the process of disassociation from women much less strongly than boys from father-mother households.  An overwhelming number of boys and men under thirty who like and admire their mother are those who grew up, for most of their childhood years, with their mother as the sole head of the household… growing up to have better relationships with women.  They are usually freer in conversational style, listen with more interest to what women say, and see women as individuals first rather than ‘women’ first.  In short, they are more comfortable with women, and identify much more, not afraid of solidarity with a woman, or of trusting her. 

Rodgers, Bryan and Jan Pryor. Divorce and separation: the outcomes for children, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (ISBN 1 85935 043 7 (June 1998). Wenk, D., Hardesty, C. L., Morgan, C. S., & Blair, S. L. (1994). The influence of parental involvement on the well-being of sons and daughters. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 56 (1), 229-234. King, V. (1994). Variation in the consequences of nonresident father involvement for children’s well-being. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 56(4), 963-972. Hite, Shere, The Hite Report on the Family: Growing Up Under Patriarchy, Grove Press (1994), citing to her research findings. Silverstein, Louise B. and Carl F. Auerbach, "Deconstructing the Essential Father," AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST, Vol. 54, No. 6 397-407 (June 1999)

These are only a few myths that were relayed in your article.  I am attaching additional ones with this correspondence for your review.
As a Nation, we should not be trying to focus on just fathers or just mothers but us as parents.  Both genders should have equal access to "responsible PARENTING" programs and both male and females should be able to attend together so that balance is present.  This article gives mothers such little credit and almost appears to have a hidden agenda.  Who is to say that a single mother cannot raise a successful and responsible citizen absent a father?  FATHERLESS CHILDREN STORIES
The lead article in the February issue of Journal of Marriage and Family challenges the idea that “fatherless” children are necessarily at a disadvantage or that men provide a different, indispensable set of parenting skills than women. 

"The presumption that children need both a mother and a father is widespread. It has been used by proponents of Proposition 8 to argue against same-sex marriage and to uphold a ban on same-sex adoption." Furthermore “Significant policy decisions have been swayed by the misconception across party lines that children need both a mother and a father.

Yet, there is almost no social science research to support this claim. One problem is that proponents of this view routinely ignore research on same-gender parents,” said sociologist Timothy Biblarz of the USC College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.
Stacey concluded: “The family type that is best for children is one that has responsible, committed, stable parenting. Two parents are, on average, better than one, but one really good parent is better than two not-so-good ones. The gender of parents only matters in ways that don’t matter.”http://www.nyu. edu/about/ news-publication s/news/2010/ 01/21/do_ children_ need_both_ a_mother. html Alternate Contacts: Bethany H. Carland-Adams | scholarlynews@ | 781.388.8509 Suzanne Wu | suzanne.wu@usc. edu | 213.740.0252

Barry Goldstein, Co-chair of the child custody task force of NOMAS the National Organization for Men against Sexism. Domestic violence expert, speaker, writer, consultant  co-editor of newly released book DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY says it best when he states (via-email):

“To me responsible fatherhood would be men supporting protective mothers and seeking to hold abusers accountable.”

What needs to be brought to light is the real initiative to this and what statistics say regarding Fatherhood. Remembering when I was a child and the role of a father, or DAD.. There were no paid programs to make fathers be good dads. Why? Because it (Fatherhood) like motherhood, is a natural action of a GOOD Father, and does not need classes to learn how to be responsible. The concern that all should have with this program is;

  1. The money that is being used to pay for it.
  2. Making someone do something they may not have to desire to do, can be harmful to the child.
  3. The main focus is on Fathers, not on helping parents as a whole.
  4. The failure to include all studies.

Perhaps, having all the information at hand would better serve not just the Father’s but the community as a whole. For that is a lot of money being given to just a selective few.
A few that has already shown, no desire of being a good parent otherwise this bias program would not be initiated.  
As the old saying goes, "you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink" applies also to the attendance of such programs.  I think that this community and our Nation have to bring the focus back to responsible parenting and not dividing the genders to make war.  There are no benefits for our children in this as our family courts are being flooded by such "responsible fathers" and the children are being destroyed because our government is pushing such programs.
American Mother Political Party -Colorado Chapter

The articles follow this note:

In Response to your article that follows below RUSS BALDWIN : (note- I suggest you publish on line—its real easy and free-)

and Anthony Latour is smiling big with HIS 40K check below—what an asshole—but journalism is where we are hitting Latour is just RUSS BALDWIN’s ASSHOLE OF THE MONTH Bad very Bad Journalism article.- who has responsibility to repoert facts not fiction- especially with the tax payers money—look at Latour that’s YOUR tax dollars he is holding—feel better now?

TheBuzz page1

But wait— there is more..

Well just add this ledger reporter to RUSS BALDWIN—as deer ole RUSS keeps doing radio and any PR to other rag reporter. (must not have much to report on in Lamar huh?)

Grant helps fathers stay in kids` lives
By Lola Shrimplin The Lamar Ledger

Posted: 07/15/2010 09:47:55 AM MDT

Fatherhood goes quite a way back for Anthony LaTour with the Prowers County Department of Social Services. "It goes all the way back to 1994 when I found out I was going to be a father at the age of 16," LaTour said.
LaTour, who works with Special Programs for Social Services, said organizations in El Paso County helped him with learning how to be a good father.
Professionally speaking, LaTour said fatherhood has always been a passion of his and he wants to help other fathers become the best parents they can be.
"I lost both my parents. I lost my mom when I was 15 and I lost my dad when I was 12," LaTour said.
At a crucial time in his life, he really needed support and needed a father figure to help him make positive choices, he said.
He found that support in his high school basketball coach and English teacher, Bruce Bradshaw.
Bradshaw helped him academically, telling LaTour that although he was a decent basketball player, he still needed to keep his grades up, same as the other students.
"Those small lessons, it was contageous throughout my life," LaTour said. "To be able to start a program like this, in Prowers County, it means the world to me."
Other people were vital in his life, he said, and when he arrived in Prowers County 15 years ago, he was unsure where he was going to go in life.
It was important to stay in college, he said and the community has supported him and his family since they arrived.
His wife`s family is from Prowers County, he said and working at Social Services and with Crossroads and helping fathers become better and more active in the lives of their children has been an honor.
"I feel privileged to be able to give back in this way," LaTour said.
Several people at Lamar Community College made impressions on him and helped him, he said, furthering the desire to give back.

Now, with a grant from the Colorado Department of Human Services, Colorado Works Division for $40,000, there are going to be two programs, one of which is the nurturing fathers program and the other is responsible fatherhood development.

"What both programs are going to accomplish is bringing in the average dad, starting him on a 12 week program and at the end of those 12 weeks, the dad will have the tools that he needs to be a successful father in his child`s life," LaTour said.
The classes will meet one day a week for two hours, hopefully off site from Social Services, he said.
Mentoring will also be offered for fathers, he said, beginning after the classes start.
Fathers who have become engaged in their child`s life will be coming back to help other fathers to learn.
The classes will change the social norm of being a father, moving from fathers who say they can throw something on the grill and talk about sports or other issues to fathers who are more engaged.
"We`re moving towards let`s talk about being a dad. How can we be a good dad," LaTour said.
Every child needs a different type of father, LaTour said."But only that father can be that connection to that child," he said.
The program will be part of the child support enforcement unit, but will not be a court ordered program, LaTour said.
Programs such as Watch D.O.G.S. have been started in Granada and LaTour hopes to expand the program to other schools.
Fathers are able to take part in the lives of their children and attend school functions through the Watch D.O.G.S. program and LaTour said the participation in Granada schools has been great so far.
The program started last winter and LaTour hopes to have more fathers take part this coming school year.
Fathers who wish to take part in the nurturing fathers or responsible fatherhood development programs can contact LaTour at 336-7486, extension 182 or at the Prowers County Department of Social Services.
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