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The Murder of Sheila Deviney "Oklahoma Style"

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 Susan Murphy-Milano’s Journal

By Sheryl McCollum, Holly Hughes and Susan Murphy Milano

The murder of Sheila Deviney on January 6, 2004, was no accident. Sheila Deviney was in fact murdered! On Monday evening’s show on "Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation" we were flooded with calls from friends, relatives, college professsors, co-workers, and former classmates providing vital information regarding the murder of this young woman.

Dozens of statements, now recorded in podcast, from callers on the show as to Sheila’s fear, her statement of mind and the threats made against her life, including the day before the fire, were never investigated by authorities. So how the heck does a case go cold for so many years without an investigation, a named suspect or an arrest? The answer is clear. The state never investigated the murder. The state even allowed a former ex-husband and buddy within days of the fire to enter private property and literally cut up the crime scene (the home) and dump it into a river. Only a person who has motive and something to hide goes to those extremes. Think about the fact the couple were no longer married. The only ties to the couple were the children. The ex-husband had no legal interest in the home or its contents.
The position of the body and the lack of smoke in her lungs after the fire shows Sheila Deviney was murdered.
Sheila’s family, since her murder, has been trying to get the District Attorney’s office in Oklahoma to open the case. The former elected officer refused to do his job and ignored the case. Now, with a different District Attorney elected into office, the case is still being ignored.

As we wait for the cobwebs to be dusted off the desk of Oklahoma DistrictAttorney, Greg Mashburn, this particular cold case and facts into Sheila Deviney’s murder will not be ignored by the Intimate Partner Homicide Investigation team ofSheryl McCollum, Holly Hughes and Susan Murphy Milano.
If you have any information on this case please contact us by email All information received will be kept confidential.
In the weeks ahead we will provide others facts on this case and keep you updated on any new developments.

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