Crisis In The Family Courts

Don Hoffman M. Jill Dykes GAL File multiple last minute Motions to continue- So that their ‘hand picked Judge Judge Joe Johnson will dismiss Contempt’s against PERP- Judge Joe Johnson Takes over the Shawnee County Case from Hell on September 1, 2010—the current Judge David Debenham will likely follow the Law – and Justice may be served—THE MUST STOP THE HEARING set for August 20th 2010

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Hal Richardson directly has violated the courts Orders for mother daughter contact. The list has grown to 67 Direct Violations since the filing of the July 6 Motion 3x each week for Custodial Parental interference.

The New Judge (Joe Johnson) that will be hearing the case after this Judge (David Debenham) moves to criminal will dismiss the contempt’s and allow daddy and GAL and other whores of the court to continue the abuse.

‘They’ are afraid that the current judge (David Debenham)  will actually follow the law as he has done in the previous orders since January this year.

01-29-2010 Court Hearing Transcript here

01-29-2010 Court Order for parenting Time

07-06-2010 Affidavit of Accusation In Contempt

Hearing set for August 20 2010

THEN; these following motions at the midnight hour after Hearing has been set for over 3 months decide hearing MUST BE CONTINUED.

08-18-20210 GAL M. Jill Dykes Motion to Continue

Respondent atty Called objecting- Judge dismissed  But:

08-18-2010 Don Hoffman Atty for Abuser Hal Richardson Files Motion to continue.

These court whores and ‘perp’ protectors DO NOT WANT THIS JUDGE TO HEAR THE CONTEMPTS OR the Parental Interference.

They know that Judge Joe Johnson who will have this case September 1 2010 will dismiss it all—as he is ‘owned’ and his rulings on this case in the past (for three years Judge Johnson did everything that the court appointed child abusers wanted)

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