Crisis In The Family Courts

What The Kansas Court Whores do to Battered Mothers and Their Children DOMBROWSKI: POSTER CHILD FOR ALL THAT IS WRONG WITH FAMILY COURT PROCEEDINGS

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  • Teresa says: aka Rene M Netherton

    NOVEMBER 9, 2010 AT 6:18 PM

    Thank god Rikki will be 18 soon and can speak her peace! Then and only then will the truth come out-what will Ms. Dombrowsky do with all her time then?

  • Nancy Carroll says:

    NOVEMBER 9, 2010 AT 6:52 PM

    @ Teresa: Yes it will be good when Rikki turns 18, but it is no guarantee she will be free. A child needs to find her own voice before breaking away from an abusive control freak, and age isn’t a factor in this. When Rikki does break free, it will be great for her and her mother, for I know they love each other. Fear is a mighty powerful factor. Once that is past, then time can be spent together, time that was cruely stolen from them.

  • AMPP says:

    NOVEMBER 10, 2010 AT 6:56 AM

    @ Teresa– You wouldnt be Rene M. Netherton The Psycho GAL who is harrasing Claudine now? tsk tsk

  • LetsGetHonest says:

    NOVEMBER 11, 2010 AT 8:20 PM

    Whoever Teresa is, she can’t spell “Dombrowski” right – which takes some doing, considered how many places this is on the internet. If she’s a GAL in the case, perhaps this might be par for the course — not reading the paperwork enough to pick up on the spelling of the client’s name.

    Anne Caroline Drake, are the lights on yet? How many groups want people to believe it’s that the legal representation “just don’t understand” or are “inadequate” and not that someone has paid off someone in this case, perhaps, much? Or that Kansas, like many other states, is prime Fatherhood country, at least as to funding, organizations promoting it, etc. I’m sure that hasn’t affected anyone’s judgment in the courts yet, though. it’s all about personal vendettas, right, and not about money to be made off the case.

    Summarized in August 2010 on RightsForMothers & Comments:

    Claudine has been a strong voice for battered and abused mothers, having testified before State Rep Mike Kiegerl‘s (R-Olathe) Joint Committee on Children’s Issues in December 2009.

    Claudine has been gagged, denied documents to her case, denied parenting time (AGAIN), and even had her phone confiscated from her. She came to court with 67 violations of the last court order of daddy Hal Richardson keeping Daughter from seeing her mother.

    And Anne Caroline seemed to think that if only the Legislature would make sure that judges understand about PAS:

    Bravo, Nancy! Bravo!

    I’d like to know why the judges in KS haven’t had judicial training in PAS. This is something the legislature can fix immediately.

    I think someone else explained that they ARE being trained in PAS (that it’s a terrible thing fathers must be protected against…..those nasty, alienating mothers, false allegations of domestic violence, etc….)

    August 23, 2010 (& ff.) Comments included:

    suggest we stop letting the legislators play “I see NUTTin’.” And the only way to keep on doing that is find out if they know what’s going on in their own districts, at least. Like I mentioned in comments to AnneCarolineDrake’s post (if you can wade through them), is based in Leawood Kansas, where the Governors live.

    Also, the main access/visitation funding are coming straight to the Office of the Governor in Kansas. ALSO, wasn’t it in about 1998 that the concept of Fathering Courts re: child support, sprang forth? There’s some in Kansas City, MO, right across the border from Claudine in KCK area. Do these people really not understand that these things are affecting family law cases?

    I know legislators have to delegate a whole lot, but they have aides. Who are their chief aides?

    It’s not enough to know the individual cases/personnel, but also to know the context in which they set.

    Speaking of which, here’s another article from last March, referring to policies kicked off by our President the previous year (2009);

    Last year, Obama addressed a group of community leaders, fathers, and children from schools near D.C. in a speech meant to kick off a national conversation on fatherhood. He noted that his accomplishments were due to the efforts of his mother and grandparents but added, “Despite all their extraordinary love and attention that doesn’t mean I didn’t feel my father’s absence. That’s something that leaves a hole in a child’s heart that a government can’t fill.”

    Indeed, Obama has never suggested it should, but he has acknowledged the government can encourage fathers to get more involved. This marks a slight departure from his predecessor. For George W. Bush and his fellow conservatives, involved fathers were important because nuclear families were important.Advocates for anti-poverty programs grew frustrated with Bush because both his rhetoric and his policies emphasized personal and familial responsibility, as if all poor families lacked were moral values. He allocated federal money to programs that promoted marriage, but the bill authorizing the funds did not use language that restricted their use for low-income families exclusively; they were open to anyone.

    {{this includes the Hal Richardsons of the world, and the professionals associated with them…}}

    Now, under Obama, fatherhood programs and marriage initiatives are poised to get more funding. His 2011 budget allocates money under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, also known as welfare-to-work, for a new initiative intended to help parents with barriers to self-sufficiency.

    A parallel Obama effort, the “conversation on fatherhood,” run by the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Partnerships, targets Americans of all income levels but doesn’t administer grant money.

    This article quotes several key fatherhood people/organizations; we didn’t know about it, I guess… were busy elsewhere… No one telling the story about who this hurts mothers and kids was in on that conversation, called “Is promoting responsible fatherhood really the best way to lift families out of poverty?”

    But if we had been, the answer would’ve been read: Just refer to FVPF’s
    National Institute on Fathering and Domestic Violence

    Funded by the same people making more and more cases like Claudine’s, Tammy’s and others. Solution to this: More of the same, such as:

    Public and Private Partnerships:

    The NIFDV has been supported by public and private partners including the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, the Ms. Foundation for Women, the Office on Violence Against Women, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Family Violence Prevention & Services Program, Administration on Children and Families.
    U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

    This project is being developed in partnership with other national organizations, such as the Center for Family Policy and Practice [CFFPP], the Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community [IDVAAC], the National Latino Alliance to Eliminate Domestic Violence, Mending the Sacred Hoop, the Domestic Violence Resource Network, and the Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse.
    The National Institute has three core elements:

    1. Training and Technical Assistance Leadership Academy
    2. Program Practice and Development Center
    3. Information Clearinghouse

    Fatherhood has proven to be a powerful tool to reach men in understanding the effects of family violence

    Thankfully, we were “heard” recently, resulting in (yet another) initiative, grant going to the same FVPF that has sucked up the conversation and excluded the custody-switch, batterers getting custody talk.

    Here is from the KS Governor’s site, soliciting grant applications for the 2011 year, I guess, SAVP — “State Access Visitation Programs.”

    This is what they do:

    To provide supervised child exchange or supervised child visitation to children and families at risk because of circumstances relating to neglect; substance abuse; emotional, physical, or sexual abuse; domestic or family violence; etc.

    Eligible Applicants
    Funds are available to units of state or local government, for profit organizations and private nonprofit organizations. A 10% non-federal cash match is required.

    Funding Source
    The Federal State Access & Visitation grant program is a formula grant program to states and participation is voluntary. The federal administrative agency is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

    For 2010, the recipients were:

    County Organization Name Grant Award
    Allen Hope Unlimited $7,338
    Cloud 12th Judicial District $7,042
    Crawford Crisis Resource Center of Southeast Kansas $8,780
    Douglas The Farm Inc. $10,872
    Leavenworth First Judicial District CASA Association $10,990
    Lyon SOS $1,888
    Lyon SOS $9,442
    Reno Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Center $11,932
    Riley Sunflower CASA Project, Inc. $7,224
    Sedgwick Wichita Children’s Home $9,522
    Shawnee YMCA of Topeka $2,324
    Shawnee YMCA of Topeka $14,729

    Conveniently, former-governor Kathleen Sebelius is at HHS watching over these things, I guess…However on 06-17-2010 (wasn’t that JUST ABOUT on Father’s Day, or right before it?) as governor, she, or she & current governor, established — through Executive Order — an Early Childhood Council. After all, Rikki is about to age out, and where will the new fatherhood customers come from (Fatherhood funding has long also been in Head Start initiatives, FYI).

    Oh, and here’s a 2009 AFCC site, catching up on the most recent alienation etc. strategies:

    As a strategy to help Claudine, and people like her, I think we should ignore these things.

    Advanced Parenting Coordination Training

    AFCC, in collaboration with the AFCC Missouri Chapter and the University of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law, will be offering Attachment, Alienation and Access: Advanced Interventions for Parenting Coordinators on September 30-October 1, 2009. Arnold Shienvold, Ph.D. will focus on how to work effectively with the most challenging clients and issues, including those with personality disorders and attachment problems.

    Denver Call for Presenters
    AFCC’s 47th Annual Conference, Traversing the Trail of Alienation: Rocky Relationships, Mountains of Emotion, Mile High Conflict, will take place June 2-5, 2010 at the Sheraton Denver. If you have an interesting workshop idea that you would like considered, please submit a proposal prior to October 5, 2009.
    Click here to view Call for Presenters…
    Click here to submit a workshop proposal…

    I wonder where the professionals are getting all those ideas about alienation from…..
    Gotta run. Pardon me, but I have a 17 yr old, a 19 yr old… Miss them …. Too bad someone didn’t tell me this stuff 5 years ago, I’d’ve known which trees to bark up and which not to bark up.




    Rikki Dombrowski, as shown on Guardian ad Litem M. Jill Dyke’s Facebook page.

    Rikki is often on my mind.  Granted, not as much as on her mother, Claudine Dombrowski’s, mind.  I was also a child victim of family courts, just as Rikki is.  Just as my children are now, although I don’t write about them at all (too traumatic).

    Rikki was taken to talk to the judge (alone, no witnesses), Judge David Debenham, a couple of weeks ago, while her mother Claudine was in the midst of another judicial smackdown.  Although she had been given the right to see her daughter after years of no or limited (supervised) contact in the January 2010 hearing that I attended as a court watcher, daddy Hal Richardson did everything in his power to not allow the visits to take place.  He had 83 violations of the court order up to a point this fall…read about the case here.

    Witnesses have told me that when daddy Hal Richardson brought Rikki to be interviewed by the judge, he was acting very sternly towards her, and she was crying just before going in. Knowing that the last time Rikki was “allowed” to call her mother this past spring to cancel her two hour Sunday visitation, daddy Hall Richardson was yelling at Rikki in the background and Rikki was uncontrollably crying while she was telling Claudine she couldn’t see her that day.  That was the last phone call to take place.

    My point is Rikki is one of many children in a situation like this, threatened to follow the abuser’s script or face the consequences.  In Rikki’s case, there is a child’s coffin in Hal Richardson’s living room ready for use.  If the corrupt court officials in this case actually did their jobs, Richardson would be in prison and Rikki would be with her mother.  There is a movement now to disbar Rene NethertonM. Jill Dykes lunged at Claudine in the courthouse hallway, and had her husband call to threaten her…actions will be filed on this also.   Snorting Topeka attorney Jason P. Hoffman continues to lie in court about anything to help his abusive client Hal Richardson, including claiming Claudine Dombrowski is me when he knows she is not.   No, Rikki Dombrowski is a cash cow to them.

    Children like this are often a big source of income to people like this.  Snorting Jason L. Hoffman used the term “parental alienation” so much during the January 2010 hearing, I lost count.  This term, and syndromes/disorders associated with it, were invented by people (like Dr. William Bernet) who make lots of money from it, using it to sell books and sell their “testimony.”  It is well known by judge’s associations as a tool for abusers to get custody of children.  It certainly worked in this case…imbecile Judge Debenham fell for it (or maybe was paid off).

    When I think of Rikki getting threatened in the courthouse hallway and her crying, I get really mad.  This is what our children are going through.  When will it stop?  The White House addressed family court cases during it’s press conference somewhat due to this case (afterall they have beenreading about it here), but when is something actually going to be done?





    • papsutter says:

      NOVEMBER 8, 2010 AT 8:40 AM

      We need more courtwatchers to let these abusers, abusive attorneys, and abusive judges know that we are not going to take it any more. We need courtwatchers so that we can document this crime against children & moms. We need to keep writing, keep networking, keep protesting wherever we are, for this injustice will not continue.

    • lisa040970 says:

      NOVEMBER 8, 2010 AT 8:41 AM

      One would think that after the little to no contact that Claudine has had, the parental alienation would bte thrown out. What does this say about the judge. It’s time for the olaws to change and allow us to go after obviously corrupt or ignorant (ignorance is not an excuse) judges.

    • Anne Caroline Drake says:

      NOVEMBER 8, 2010 AT 11:08 AM

      Joe Biden, who is a steadfast champion for abused women and children, said that one of the greatest obstacles for women is access to competent legal representation. I have examined this case in-depth and believe that’s what’s going on here.

      Claudine has been accompanied to court by attorneys, but I don’t see much evidence of vigorous representation of her interests.

      The lights are on at the American Bar Association’s DV commission, but nobody’s home. As Joe Biden said, women need more help than somebody getting them a restraining order. The KS governor and first lady both claim to be champions for abused women and children. Why aren’t their buddies stepping up to the plate with some real pro bono representation of Claudine???

      My two cents,
      Anne Caroline Drake

    • Mama Liberty says:

      NOVEMBER 8, 2010 AT 4:40 PM

      These Kansas oHfficials are so backwards assed they would rather pick on an abused woman than DEFEND her! Someday and somewhere over that rainbow skies are blue…and a mother and child will NEVER have to deal with such wickedness!


    • Abused mom & son says:

      NOVEMBER 13, 2010 AT 7:28 PM

      My abusive X would not give my son back to me in the custody battle and went and disowned him and placed him in foster care. Now foster care is abusing him and placing him into this program called Intercept where he does not belong My son is not fighting back and has learned helplessness how do they think this is helping my splitting the family up so I can not drive for 3 hours to visit my son in Richmond and they know that! They are locking my son away because it is the easy thing for them to do.

      The Trial is this monday the 15th at 11 in JDC in Fairfax county third floor for Folse if you can come out and provide your support please

    • Rajab says:

      NOVEMBER 14, 2010 AT 5:42 AM

      I guess Oklahoma (home of the Good Ole Boys) is bad too. Sounds just like California. Do they collect C.A.F.T.A. funds form the feds in their courts too?
      Here is a post about an Algerian daughter of a 30yr. now retired, Algerian Senator. She had her child taken away and given to her HIV pos husband when she divorced him.
      She divorced him for marrying her without disclosing that he was HIV positive, for not telling her he had been arrested for sex crimes, etc. During the separation the daughter had visits at the husband’s home. After the visits to daddy’s house she started telling mommy stories about daddy making movies with her, licking her legs like a dog, putting his finger in her, eating her poop….and then there was the Children’s Hospital report of a torn hymen and a vaginal infection wherein the daughter told the doctor that daddy gave her a big boo boo in her vagina. Guess what??? The court awarded sole custody to the father. We have the videotaped discussion of the girl with her mommy. In it, she is describing things only a child being molested would know. She was three years old then. A very articulate, warm girl. Her mother is a doctor of veterinary and totally sane. She had no criminal record and owed no taxes.

    • Nancy Carroll says:

      NOVEMBER 14, 2010 AT 6:05 AM

      @ Rajab: Oh wow! This is happening FAR TOO MUCH! It is to the point I almost look at disgust if I see a father alone with children. This is the fault of all the courts giving so many children to abusers and rapists, it is almost guaranteed they will get custody. Please never stop trying to do something about this! Everyday people and the media is finally starting to take notice of this. The White House and the U.S. Department of Justice has been on these posts a few times lately, especially looking at these posts. I’m sure they will read your comment.


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