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Pedophile Pride Day aka Alice Day -Is the same day as Parental Alienation Syndrome Awareness Day, April 25, 2011 WATCH YOUR CHILDREN!

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What a coincidence… or perhaps not—being that NAMBLA (batterers and Pedophiles) are the only supporters for Parental Alienation Syndrome– (as this shuts up the victims) see: Family Courts Helping Pedophiles and Batterers Get Custody, by Peter Jamison

Pedophile Pride Day is the same day as Parental Alienation Syndrome Awareness Day, coming up on April 25, 2011

Alice Day is April 25th, WATCH YOUR CHILDREN

A.K.A Pedophile Pride Day

By Linda Crystal

It’s called Alice Day, named after Alice Liddell and "Alice In Wonderland", originally Pedophile Pride Day. There is a whole story circulating the net that this holiday was named after the story that we all love so much.

Wow, show you what twisted minds will do. This holiday for pedophiles is this upcoming week. On this holiday the pedophiles celebrate, rape and molestation of little girls. It is okay to celebrate by "loving" a female child that day.

Ugh, how disgusting is this, that we live in a society that allows this sick animals to go around saying these things about our loved ones.

April is also Child Abuse Awareness Month according to this site as well. "April is Child Abuse Awareness month and coincidentally (or karmically), it is also the month in which child rapists/molesters/"lovers" reserve for their special "it’s okay to sexually assault children" day – "Alice Day." Alice Day is to sexual predators of children what Christmas is to Christians.

April 25th is Sunday. Please watch your children. This is the best defense against any predator out there. They are looking for latch key kids, kids neglected, kids from chemically abused parents, single parents, kids without rules.

Pink is NOT the color you want to dress your girls in either. Pink is their attraction, so do not dress your little girls in pink. Predators love colors that are sexual like pink, reds, oranges.

This is good news regarding pornography:
MICHAEL GORMLEY, Associated Press Writer 
ALBANY, N.Y. – Internet providers Verizon, Sprint and Time Warner Cable have agreed to block access to child pornography and eliminate the material from their servers, New York’s attorney general said Tuesday.
Pedophile Symbols and Codes. You need to see this.

  • A heart within a heart, or "GLogo" "GirlLover" is used by pedophiles attracted to girls. The heart in a heart, to them, represents a adult/ female child relationship.
  • A blue spiral-shaped triangle symbol, or "BLogo" "BoyLover", symbolizes a boy (small triangle) surrounded by an older male (larger triangle)- and is meant to show adult/male child relationships.
  • The butterfly CLogo a.k.a. "ChildLover" (commonly looks like four touching hearts) in pink/blue represents non-preferential gender pedophiles (girl or boy attracted, often both).
  • The yin-yang looking circle is CGlogo, used in reference to the website, Common Ground, which was created as a place for both girl and boy attracted pedophiles to meet and sympathize with each other.
  • The pink/blue triangles is "AmaroSymbol" is a variation of the CGLogo.

There are many ways pedophiles and sexual predators will celebrate today:

1. Find activities in their area involving children – such as parties, park outings, sporting events
– They will watch the children, photograph the children, and attempt to have a BM or GM, which stands for "Boy Moment" and "Girl Moment". This includes a conversation with the child, in which they could gain information to get to the child at a later date. However, this could also include just sitting back watching a particular child at play.

They appraise a child’s form as if it were that of a stripper in a club, and they write the moment down later for their friends – online and in real life – with added feelings of desire they had while exploring the child’s body with their eyes and filthy mind.

Please keep in mind that a child does not have to be nude or in a bathing suit to be visualized that way by these people. They are sick enough to imagine that for themselves.

2. Seek victims for themselves – either through the first option or by riding around looking for easy targets: children walking alone, children playing outside with no supervision, children wandering in a store with an inattentive parent… I don’t have to tell you the rest as "victim" says it all.

3. Seek victims for others – through option 1 as well as option 2. The information they attain through their Boy or Girl moment is not always kept to themselves, especially on Alice Day. They get that information and share it to their pedophilia ring friends so that others will have a chance at acquiring a victim at a later date. The children they snare also often become shared sexual toys for themselves as well as others in their group.Al this information came from The Ultimate Evil Website. Everyone needs to read this website and know and understand what child abuse is all about. It is located at the link above, pedophile symbols and codes.

A lot of times, the person acquiring this information isn’t even a pedophile, themselves. They are just in it for the money from the sales of the photos and information that a pedophile and child predator can use to get their target.

Also remember that men are not the only perpetrators. Women make up a small percentage of sexual predators and abusers, but they DO exist. Even so far as to pimp out their own children for drugs or other selfish reasons.

I’m sure you’re wondering what can be done to spot or stop these people. You can’t very well go accusing every person you see in a public venue of being a sexual predator, nor should you be paranoid. Just careful.

It’s always better safe than sorry, but there is always common sense.

For instance: if you see a lone person with no children sitting nearby staring at the children at play, it’s a pretty good chance he’s there for less than honorable reasons. Particularly if he/she has a camera and no credentials to any claim of being a reporter – which should also be questioned and dealt with as any parent would by calling the editor of his paper to check his story should he say this.

If you are quite certain you’ve spotted someone with ulterior, twisted motives for watching your child or others at play, call the police immediately. Confrontation with a group of concerned parents also works. No violence is necessary as these people fear being caught at their private game and will quickly vacate the area. You also send a strong message that your children are protected and NOT easy targets!

ALWAYS teach children not to talk to strangers.
ALWAYS teach children to never give personal information to a stranger.
ALWAYS teach children to never give the information of another child to a stranger.
ALWAYS teach children to scream, "NO!" and "STRANGER!" very loudly if they encounter someone asking questions or trying to get them to come with them.
ALWAYS teach children to use a secret or safe word or password and to NEVER tell ANYONE, not even their friends, what this word is.People that want tto take photos of your children are especially suspicious. Teach your childen to watch for these types of people. They prey on the innocence of a child.

I know from experience and studying these creeps that they do in fact ride around looking for prey. They are predators. The child that is alone at the park is in trouble. Have your children use the buddy system. My previous article on "What Sexual Predators Don’t Want You To Know"

Texting Codes Parents Should Know

Let’s face it the kids are out texting us. We need to know what they are saying. Here is a list from The Ultimate Evil website against child abuse, just in case predators text our children. We need to know what these guys and our kids are saying. This is not for modest people. This is 2010, the language is rough. Then there is sexting. Yes sexting. Kids are having sex on the phone these days. Below is a list of codes for all of us parents to know what is being said to our children, especially if they are predators. Predators are always at a child’s level and knows everything about children so they can communicate with them. There are many I have never seen before in my life. It reminds me of when we all learned pig latin. Now I am showing my age. However sexting is far more dangerous in the hands of kids. I know that I gave my grand children phones to be safe, but are they?

5 = High Five
121 = One to one 
143 = I love you
182 = I hate you
2moro = Tomorrow 
2nite = Tonight
411 = Information
420 = Marijuana
459 = I love you
4NR = Foreigner
4Q = Fuck you 
8 = oral sex
86 = Get rid of
9 = Parent is watching 
99 = Parent is no longer watching

A3 = Anyplace, anytime anywhere
AAF = As A Friend
ACORN = A Completely Obsessive Really Nutty Person
ADR = Address
AEAP = As Early As Possible 
AFAP = As Far As Possible
AIGHT = Allright
AITR = Adult In The Room 
AMAP = As Much As Possible 
AML = All My Love
AMRMTYFTS = All my roommates thank you for the show
A/S/L – age, sex, locationBJ = Blow job 
BOB = Battery Operated Boyfriend
BZ = Busy
BRB = Be right back
BTW = Back to work

CICYHW = Can I copy your homework
CM = Call me
C-P = Sleepy
C/S = Change subject
COS = Change of subject
CBJ = Covered blow job 
CD9 = Code 9, parents are around
CRB = Come right back
CRBT = Crying really big tears
CT = Can’t talk
CTC = Care to chat?
CU = See you
CUL8R = See you later
CUNS = See you in school
CUOL = See you online
CYE = Check your e-mail
CYO = See you online
CYT = See you tomorrowDF = Dear friend
DGA = Don’t go anywhere
DH = Dear husband 
DW = Dear wife 
DIKU = Do I know you? 
DL = Down Low (texts) Download (in context of attachments)
DLTM = Don’t lie to me 
DNBL8 = Do not be late
DOC = Drug of choice 
DOE = Depends on experience 
DP = Domestic partner 
DUM = Do you masturbate? 
DURS = Damn you are sexy

DUSL = Do you scream loud? 
DWB = Don’t write back 
DWPKOTL = Deep wet passionate kiss on the lips
DYHAB = Do you have a boyfriend 
DYHAG = Do you have a girlfriend

EMA = E-mail address
EML = E-mail me later
EMSG = E-mail message

F2F = Face to face 
FAB = Features Attributes Benefits
FB = Fuck buddy
FILF = Father I’d like to fuck
FMLTWIA = Fuck me like the whore I am
FMUTA = Fuck me up the ass
FOAF = Friend of a friend
FTF = Face to face 
FWB = Friends with benefits
FYF = From your friend

GTG = Got to go
G2G = Got to go
GAP = Got a pic? (pic = picture)
GBH = Great Big Hug
GF = Girlfriend 
GLBT = Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender 
GLG = Good looking girl 
GLB = Good looking boy 
GNOC = Get naked on cam 
GOS = Gay or straight 
GUD = Geographically undesirable 
GYPO – get your pants off

H&K = Hugs and kisses
H4Y = Hot for you
HBIB = Hot but inappropriate boy

I&I = Intercourse and Inebriation 
IBTC = Itty bitty titty committee
IDK = I don’t know
IF/IB = In the front or in the back
IIT = Is it tight?
ILF/MD = I love female/male dominance
ILU = I love you
ILY = I love you
IRL = In real life 
IWSN – i want sex now 
ITS – intense text sex 
IWALU = I will always love you

J/O = Jacking off

KFU = kisses for you 
KFY = Kiss for you 
K4Y = Kiss for you
kitty = Vagina 
KK = Kiss kiss 
KOTC = Kiss on the cheek
KOTL = Kiss on the lips 
KPC – keep parents clueless 
KWSTA = Kiss with serious tongue action

L8R = Later
LB? = Like bondage?
LDR = Long distance relationship
LF = Let’s fuck (pedophile lingo would be Little Friend)
LHOS – Let’s have online sex 
LHSO = Let’s have sex online 
LKITR = Little kid in the room
LOL = Laugh out loud/lots of laughs/lots of love
LMAO = Laugh my ass off
LMFAO = Laugh my f*cking ass off
LMIRL – Let’s meet in real life 
LTTIC = Look the teacher is coming 
LUSM = Love you so much
LY = Love you
LY4E = Love you forever 
LYWAMH = Love you with all my heart

MA = Mature audience
MILF = Mother I’d like to fuck
MIRL = Meet in real life
MorF = Male or Female 
MOOS = Member of opposite sex 
MOSS = Member of same sex 
MOS = Mom over shoulder 
MPFB = My personal fuck buddy 
MSNUW = Mini-skirt no underwear 
MTLA = My true love always 
MUAH or MWAH = *it’s the sound of a kiss*
MUSM = Miss you so much

NP = Nosy parents
N/T = No text 
NIFOC = Nude in front of computer 
NRN = No reply necessary

OLL = Online love
OMG = Oh my god
OMFG = Oh my fucking god

P = Partner
P&C = Private and confidential 
POS = Parents over shoulder 
PIR = Parents in room 
P911 = Parent alert 
PA = Parent alert 
PAW = Parents are watching 
PAL = Parents are listening 
PBB = Parent behind back
PHAT = Pretty hot and tempting 
PLOS = Parent looking over shoulder 
POM = Parent over my shoulder 
PRON = Porn 
pr0n = Porn (with a number 0 for O)
PRW = Parents are watching

QT = Cutie Q2C = Quick to cum

RL = Real life 
RLF = Real life friend
RNN = Reply not necessary
ROFL = Roll on floor laughing
ROTFL = Roll on the floor laughing
ROFLMAO = Roll on floor laughing my ass off
RPG = Roll playing games
RU? = Are you? 
RU/18 = Are you over 18?

STFU = Shut the fuck up

TTYL = Talk to you later
TTFN = Tata for now
TAW = Teachers are watching
TDTM = Talk dirty to me
TM = Trust Me
TMI = Too much information
TT = Big tease
TYVM = Thank you very much

U = You
U UP? = Are you up?
UR = You are or Your

WTF = What the fuck
WYFM = Will you fuck me? 
WYRN = What’s your real name 
WYCM = Will you call me

XOX = Kiss Hug Kiss
XTC = Ecstacy

Y = Yes or Why?
YDKM = You don’t know me 
YIWGP = Yes, I will go private
YW = You’re welcome


"Age Sex Location" translates to: "I want to know if you fit my age of attraction, if you are the gender I want, and where you live so I can find you" when texted by a predator. It’s okay to tell the age and if you’re a female or male – this establishes evidence if a predator later claims not to know he/she was talking to a minor. But it is NO ONE’S business where you live. If you want to state the country, that’s fine, but not even naming a state is okay.

"Change subject/No text/No reply necessary" can be used to signal the other person that they are being watched.

"Come right back" or terms like "What took you so long?" or anything that makes the child feel rushed or obligated to respond is a warning sign of control, either by a predator or a peer. They should know they are under NO obligation to text/IM/E-mail anyone at any time, unless it is their parents. Anyone who makes them feel they have to report in should be left alone and exposed to parents or teachers immediately. This is a very unhealthy, controlling relationship. Even if it’s just a friend.

"Dear Friend" is not acceptable for an adult to tell a child. "Dear Wife/Husband" when said by a teen is a warning sign of a relationship that has gotten way out of hand, particularly if it is with an adult.

"DL" Down low means keep it secret/private. Downloading is a dangerous thing to do with people someone doesn’t know or trust. Kids should always know the risks involved in downloading something from another person, particularly someone they only know online. These can contain viruses, Trojans, worms, or even unsolicited pornography. Any of this activity can be brought the attention of law enforcement, particularly if anyone sends your child or teen a nude photograph – wanted or not, which can be considered a felony (depending upon the circumstances and evidence, plea bargaining etc…) when it is from an adult to a minor. (See Sexting for more of my thoughts on teen – to – teen behavior.)

"Do you masturbate/scream loud?" and any other personal questions regarding sex are no one’s business! Teens should understand that no one has the right to inquire such things, and if they do, they are to be ignored immediately and reported to a parent, teacher, and ultimately the police, whether the sender is known or not. Such questions are geared toward having a sexual relationship, and should be viewed as a serious threat.

"Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?" when asked by a stranger online is intrusive and should be ignored. "I’m sorry but that’s really none of your business," would be the appropriate response. A teen may think it’s innocent curiosity, but they do not know who is asking that question. It is highly inappropriate for an adult to inquire that of a minor who they do not know, and if this is an online personality, there is no way the teen knows if this is an adult or an adult pretending to be a teen. The reason for an adult to ask this of a minor is because that adult wants to be that minor’s bf/gf. Even if the teen says yes, this will not dissuade the adult predator, only let him/her know the teen may be sexually active and they need only find a way to come between her/him and the real life bf/gf.

"Friend of a friend" translates to: I Am A Stranger!

"Friends with benefits," "Fuck buddy," and similar are exactly what they sound like.

"Face to face" means the person wants to meet offline.

"Got a pic" – kids/teens should NEVER share their photos with anyone they don’t know. They can never get them back and they never know who is doing the asking or for what purpose.

"In front" or "In back" refer to sexual positions.

"Is it tight" refers to a girl’s vagina/virginity.

"I love you" is never okay for a stranger to tell a teen/child, or vice versa.

"Parent/Mom/Teacher/Kid in room" is a sure sign there is something that NEEDS to be monitored. Adults have to remember THEY pay the bills and the child is THEIR responsibility. By "respecting a child’s privacy," you are hanging a sign around your child’s neck saying, "Do what you want – I will completely ignore your sexual advances and illegal behavior that will ruin my child’s life forever."

"Private" means that no one else can see the conversation, like if they were in a chat room. If it’s in an IM that is being monitored, this could also refer to private e-mails that no one else can read.

"Real life" refers to offline life, so if someone wants to meet IRL (in real life), they want to take their relationship from cyberspace into the real world for physical contact.

"Roll playing games" on the internet more often than not involve online sex, and are highly addictive and emotional since the characters get to act out their deepest fantasies. RPG’s almost always result in offline meetings when kids or teens are involved. It’s a grooming tactic, a way for predators to help their victim become comfortable with sex. Please don’t confuse this with real games out there that involve taking over castles or defeating enemy armies. Use your judgment when you see you child engaged in a RPG, but remember that games which allow interaction with other gamers are just as dangerous if not more than chatting with strangers. Gamers become close friends online, and this is a way for a predator to form a tight bond with the target.

"What’s your real name?" and other questions asking address, private contact information, phone number etc.. are red light questions that someone is trying to get personal information to use in a way neither you nor your child will want.

"XTC" is a drug.

"XOX" is as we all know the symbols for kisses (x) and hugs (o); however, this has no place in the conversation between an adult and a minor.

"Take off your clothes," and "Get naked on cam" etc… Sexually explicit dialogue is NEVER okay, not even teen-to-teen, and should be ignored immediately and reported to parents, teachers, and most importantly, police. What happens on text always has the potential of happening in real life, especially if the person is known to the teen. If the person is a predator, this could lead up to abduction and rape.

Code can be and is often used in sentences, as well: 
"W4nt 2 go 2 the m411 t0d4y?" translates to: "Want to go to the mall today?"

To some, this list and the translations may seem reaching or even as the old adage goes: Seek and ye shall find, meaning if you’re looking for something bad, you’ll see it even if it’s not there. This, simply, is not the case here. These codes and their meanings are quite popular and no secret at all. I, myself, have used some of these codes in adult conversations. Those of us who use them know quite well what we mean when we say them, and we know minors have no business using them and no adult has any right using them with a minor.

Makes me want to rally watch what letters I am typing while I text for sure, lol. 🙂

I cannot take the credit for all this information. I wanted to bring it to your attention because of Alice Day April 25th coming up. The website is Ultimate Evil and it is a Child Abuse Awareness Site. I have listed the web address above.

The website also talks about correct Wiccan rituals that are being altered and other rituals being used to molest even more children. Yes it happens in all religions so no one is exempt.


More resources
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