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Abusers Get Kids- Radio Show with Ron Winckler (HI)

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Courtesy AngelGroup Abusers get Kids – Radio with Ron Winckler


radioListen to the March 14, 2011 interview on:

Maui Mud Flats Radio Show

Three brave survivors of Domestic and Family Violence, have come forward to share their stories of how they were re-victimized through Hawaii’s Family Courts. Hawaii – well known for honeymoons, weddings and "paradise" vacations -  is more aptly recognized as quite the opposite when trying to navigate the process of divorce and child custody, especially if one is fleeing an abusive relationship. 

In Hawaii, there are a few renegade judges who disregard statutory laws that FORBID children being given to perpetrators of abuse. 

The three whistleblower mothers featured on this radio show, have suffered at the hands of the very "officials" put in place to protect them.  Child Welfare Services and Dept. of Human Services have  – thus far – only contributed to the problems in these cases.  Please listen to the show.  If you are also a victim of Hawaii’s Family Courts and would like to share your story,  Contact AngelGroup.

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