Crisis In The Family Courts


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GARY CLARK" …proof in itself why the rest of us NEED GUNS!

"We need them to KILL people who want to MOVE our money into the pockets of the criminals (like her) who want to take our money to foster her immoral ideas of how a society should be.

"Let’s make no mistake about why assholes like her want to see our guns taken away."

    Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 11:33:48 -0700 From: Gary Clark <> To: Fathers Manifesto <> Cc: liz <>, Fathers’ Manifesto <>, Mark Hall <> Subject: Re: SMH

Las Vegas, NV

STEVEN IMPARL'S men-law listserve". . . concerning the jailing of Christopher Robin, founder of the Purple Heart House in Hollywood, California. . . I have discovered the home address of the judge.  If you would, send a second copy of your letter to his home.  I want this man to know that we are paying attention to what he is doing, and that we intend to break through the barrier of anonymity that so many of these bureaucrats operate behind with impunity.

"We had originally planned to burn just our support orders.  But now, the first thing to burn will be a miniature effigy of Judge Schoenberg.  We hope he gets the message.  We’re watching, we’re paying attention, and we’re ready to fight back."

    Received: (qmail 25567 invoked by uid 505); 24 Oct 1998 02:36:28 -0000 Mailing-List: contact Precedence: list X-URL: X-Mailing-List: Delivered-To: Received: (qmail 7472 invoked by uid 7770); 24 Oct 1998 02:04:38 -0000 Received: from ( by with SMTP; 24 Oct 1998 02:04:38 -0000 Received: from by (IMOv16.10) id XVTCa29185 for <>; Fri, 23 Oct 1998 22:03:39 +2000 (EDT) From: Message-ID: <> Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 22:03:39 EDT To: Mime-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Mac sub 84 Subject: [men-law] Fwd: ancpr post, Chris Robin Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitX-UIDL: 60fb809fa1f64c64dcefb62d0ac5a594

kidnapper and founder of ANCPR
9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 267
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


RALPH UNDERWAGERThe Influence of Underwager

PAIDIKA: Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?

"Certainly it is responsible… Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a theologian, and as a theologian, I believe it is God’s will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: "This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I’ve made."

"Paedophiles are too defensive…. With boldness they can say, ‘I believe this is in fact part of God’s will.’

PAIDIKA: You are speaking mostly about paedophiles in the U.S. What tack should they take given the societal attitudes? What solutions do you envision for their lives?

"The solution I’m suggesting is that paedophiles become much more positive. They should directly attack the concept, the image, the picture of the paedophile as an evil, wicked, and reprehensible exploiter of children…

"I was in the courtroom for the case that Holly just cited and I actually heard the prosecutor say, ‘No man should ever be permitted to claim as an excuse that he was just being affectionate when a child says they were uncomfortable.’

"I don’t know; I don’t think, we can just label these attitudes ‘hysteria.’ Perhaps ‘madness’ is better, or ‘pathology.’ What we see going on in the United States is the most vitriolic and virulent anti-sexuality I know of in our history."

Read the whole interview in:
PAIDIKA: The Journal of Paedophilia
Vol. 3, No. 1, Issue 9, Winter 1993, Netherlands
MORE — from the courts of Minnesota…

KEN PANGBORN"Just how the shit would YOU know?  Were you raped as a child? … You are one clueless bimbo…

"BTW, are your panteis in a bunch about the "Seinfeld Case" in Milwaukee?  Bet you’ll walk bowllegged for a year on that one.  $26.6 MILLION Miller will have to pay out, and the broad another $1.5 MILLION for being a bitch! HA HA!  We FRstersd are coming to get you HA HA!

"… there are TWO lying broads to every one who tells the truth!  Just all in how you want to look at the stats.  I really lopve it whjen Femiwhackos like you MAKE UP statistics! I love craming them right up your ass!  The biggest nightmare you have is when I ACCEPT your fabricated stats!

"BULLSHIT!  You sure can turn a phrase Liz."

    Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 19:19:40 -0400 (EDT) From: To: Cc: Subject: Re: Questions About Divorce & Custody Nobody Asks

With DEAN TONG / "F.R.O.N.T." and "Abuse-Excuse"
NCFC vs ACFC and continuing FR in-fighting...

DEAN TONGMug shot of Dean Tong, former allegedly falsely accused "forensic consultant", and PAS (parental alienation excuse) and therapeutic jurisprudence promoter, who after being accused in his own divorce case, started a business to help defend men accused of child sex abuse, domestic violence, and other charges, including as a freelance assistant to their lawyers.
    Mr. Tong apparently was accused again of stuff (this time domestic violence and witness tampering) on January 28, 2008 per Hillsborough County, Florida sheriff’s website at

    Self-styled false abuse expert arrested
    The man is charged with domestic violence by the Sheriff’s Office after his wife calls 911.
    By S.I. ROSENBAUM, Times Staff Writer
    Published January 30, 2008

    TAMPA – A Riverview man who has built a career as an expert on "false child abuse accusations" has been charged with domestic violence and tampering with a witness to avoid prosecution.

    Dean Bryan Tong, 51, of 10246 Hunter’s Haven Blvd., was accused of grabbing his wife’s arm and slamming her foot in the bedroom door during an argument on Jan. 21, according to an arrest affidavit filed by sheriff’s deputies.

    He then allegedly took her telephone as she tried to call 911 and told her he would "ruin her" if she called police, the affidavit states…

    On his Web site,, Tong writes that he was accused of sexually abusing his then-preschool-age daughter during a contentious divorce; the charges were later dropped, he writes.

    "Having seen the seedy underbelly of divorce law, Dean Tong decided to work to reform the system that tore his life apart," the Web site says.

    LIZNOTE: Dean Tong was not originally included on the Pig Page when it first was published in 1998 because he managed consistently to comport himself politely in his emails and other communications with liz. However, this latest event, coupled with his performance in August 14, 2006, on Lisa Macci’s Justice Hour radio show has put him over the top. Congratulations, Dean — it took more than a decade but you’ve finally achieved your place on a shelf in the liz library..


JOHN KNIGHTliz on: Wade Horn on The Importance of Being Father[Wearing his Father’s Manifesto poloshirt.]

"Very eloquently and succinctly stated, Gary!  "There is no reason to dance around the issue. We are dealing with a slut who must be treated like and called a slut.  The word ‘slut’ has a very important meaning, and it was developed to describe people just like Liz."

    Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:04:34 +0600 From: Fathers Manifesto <> To: Gary Clark <> Cc: liz <>, Fathers’ Manifesto <>, Mark Hall <> Subject: SMH

"… it is the act of adultery which led to the psychological problems which brought the majority … of those criminals to death row in the first place… this would put about 10.5 million American wives on death row.  Everything is feminists‘ fault."

    Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 03:05:46 -0700 (PDT) From: Fathers’ Manifesto <> To: Asherah <> Cc:,, Subject: Re: common thread

"It is time to update our data base regarding the state of the 19th Amendment… the last survey… onwomen’s suffrage resulted in 80% of us advocating (in confidentiality) the repeal of this Amendment. This survey also will be held in confidence, so feel free to "vote your heart…"

"The Talmud played a key role in the destruction of America’s families."

"The appointment of Jewish judges contributed greatly to our current social pathologies."

Author of The Garbage Generation

WARREN FARRELL"family sex."

" The VAWA and VAWA II are blatant violations of the 14th Amendment…"
"We have forgotten that before we began calling this date rape… we called it exciting."

"…millions of people who are now refraining from touching, holding, andgenitally caressing their children, when that is really part of a caring, loving expression, are repressing the sexuality of a lot of children and themselves."

Author of The Liberated Man and Myth of Male Power
Ideological icon of AFC aka ACFC (Stu Miller et al. father’s rights lobbyists)
Against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

STUART MILLERLitany for Fathers"The New Jersey Supreme Court executed a father because he wanted to accept his parental responsibilities… Alan Gubernat shot himself and his three-year-old son…

"Feminist women have almost completely destroyed the family and all associated with it that is holy.

"The Bible clearly states that the fathers are to be the head of the household.

"This is not to mention the Magna Carte, upon which all of our constitutions and institutions are founded. But the government, with its judicial henchmen, have propagated upon society a system that is diametrically opposed to the Word of God…

"It is interesting to note, not only the outrageousness of the NJ decision, but the gradual "move forward" in the judiciary’s attitudes, whereby women are no longer disgraced by bearing children outside of wedlock, men are. Men are also vilified by the Pimp and the Vice-Pimp of the United States. No longer are men warned not to fall victim to the wiles of "loose women."…

"…did a penis just fall out of the sky and impregnate you…"

Ranting on F.R.E.E.’s bit-listserve after unwed noncustodial father, Alan Gubernat, murdered his 3 year old son for the reason that the New Jersey Supreme Court would not let him change the boy’s last name. More…

Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 20:18:51 -0400 From: Stuart Miller <> Newsgroups:

AFC (Father’s Rights groups lobbyist)
Signer (among other AFC members), THE "FATHER’S MANIFESTO" —
Men’s Rights Lobbyists ANTI- welfare, -child support, -VAWA, -mothers

"If you go to jail, we will kick their butt so hard that they will be sorry ever messed with you!!!  Our advice to you Stuart?  Please accept their "sentence" and go to jail!  You will immediately be considered a political prisoner, and we will file a claim with the United Nations on behalf of all fathers in America…

"Stu, you got our words that we will publicize the heck out of this. "

Brouhaha on F.R.E.E.’s bit-listserve after Stuart Miller wrote that the judge in his divorce case was threatening to throw him in jail for contempt of court. More…

Subject: Put Stu in Jail and We Kick Your Butt From: fgj@ELECTRICITI.COM Date: 1995/06/03 Message-Id: <> Sender: "Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange"

San Diego, CA

RICHARD BENNETT"Would you have the name of that judge handy?  And perhaps a residence?  Or a phone number?  A little education is in order.  RB"

    Subject: Re: Stu in Jail? From: (Richard Bennett) Date: 1995/06/11 Message-Id: <3rdj4u$> References:>

"Governor Wilson signed SB 509 into law late last night… The femaroids fought this measure tooth and nail, resorting to dirty tricks at every step of the process… But this year we drew the line on domestic violence legislation by killing a bill granting custody to victims automatically, we ended welfare as we used to know it, and we ended lifetime alimony… "

    Subj: The End of Idleness Date: Tue, Oct 1, 1996 4:31 PM EDT From: TALK-MAN@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU X-From: Richard@BENNETT.COM

Original Signer #147, THE FATHER’S MANIFESTO
Cupertino, CA

GARDNER'S THREAT THERAPY:  Did it Kill This Child?”What I am against is the excessively moralistic and punitive reaction that many members of our society have toward pedophiles … (going) far beyond what I consider to be the gravity of the crime.”

"…there is a bit of pedophilia in every one of us."

    Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem Witch Trials Revisited Creskill, NJ, Creative Therapeutics, 1991. p. 118.

a "diagnosis" generally applied to mothers who accuse fathers
Cresskill, NJ

"There is every reason for men to feel threatened… if only a few "top-quality" males… remain in the gene pool due to the reproductive choices of women, regular guys do not get to perpetuate themselves into the next generation….

"Advocacy of lesbian childrearing practices and single motherhood as a desirable life-style choice undermines fatherhood. …

"Government is usurping the role of fathers/husbands… providing low/no-income women a financial security blanket, while forcing men to pay for it without receiving the benefit of the a wife’s company and services in return, a necessary element in the traditional marriage contract…

"As to "lack of men to fill the role" this is also in part a function of mate-selection and family formation behavior on the part of women. This is virtually never mentioned in the literature and in the public debate.

"The loosening of constraints on the sexual and reproductive behavior of women is in part responsible for paternal "irresponsibility". Secondly, the rejection of monogamy by women combined with no-fault divorce…

"Specifically, husbands no longer enjoy an assurance of a monogomous sexual relationship with the wife… not even a right to be informed of an abortion, much less a veto…

"The husband’s claim on the wife’s love is no longer recognized at all. Worse, it has been criminalized and is now known as "marital rape".

"Even a mere effort to maintain the nonsexual aspects of consortium can now land a man in jail for violation of a restraining or protective order, on charges of harassment, or for committing the new crime de jour, stalking.

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 22:05:32 -0600 From: Wolfgang Hirczy <> Reply to: To: Multiple recipients of list <> Subject: If only things were different ….


"Feminists should be charged with nothing less than Crimes Against Humanity, sentenced, and summarily executed in public squares."

St. Louis, MO

" [if women could marry women] … six income sources … from the two mothers, two sets of government entitlements, and two banished fathers … would be economically far superior … We must fight lesbian rights …"

A Winning Strategy For Fathers, by David R. Usher

"On the marriage market, men trade their social needs and women trade their economic needs.  Every … child support order weakens the marriage market …"

The National Playboy Boycott Page – Will Republicans change? by David R. Usher

"Dear John … why not E-mail the whole thing to all Congressmen and Senators on the Net, with a foreward by you as the organizer.  I think they should get the buzz from people, not the entitled feminist organizations … just ask Stuart Miller or Hugh Harrington about this …

"If I do a good job creaming the feminists, and they can see it, maybe they will have the political guts to do something more than flush the toilet."

From usher@mo.netMon Sep 25 14:37:57 1995 Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 02:28:33 -0500 From: Dave Usher To: fathers Subject: Debate purpose


DEAN HUGHSON"What the radical Womens Rights (sometimes referred to as Mothers Rights but since the influx of lesbian leadership has been more likely to be referred to as Rights for Women, Women of Color, and Gay and Bi-Sexual Women) and the Radical mens groups (who sometimes also call themselves fathers groups) have in common is dislike of the idea of human rights."

    Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 13:33:34 -0600 From: Dean Hughson <> Reply-To: To: Multiple recipients of list <> Subject: Re: Observance of Herstory Month

"You know you are an insider in the fathers movement when… your closest online friends have been accused in a court battle of child abuse as a ploy by their ex’s to win custody."

    Subject: Top 10 Reasons You Know You are an insider in the Fathers Movement From: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM> Date: 1995/12/04 Message-Id: <> Sender: "Fathers’ Rights and Equality Exchange" <FREE-L@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU> X-Sender: Comments: To:, Newsgroups:

"My wife and I sat watching the TV and could only think……why do these people attack the legal system? When it puts men in jail for not paying child support or for false allegations, those same people cheer the actions of the court. The hatred towards men in general and fathers,such as OJ Simpson,specifically sickens me."

From owner-witchhnt@MITVMA.MIT.EDU Tue Oct 3 19:32 EDT 1995 Return-Path: <owner-witchhnt@MITVMA.MIT.EDU> Posted-Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 19:32:21 -0400 Received-Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 19:32:21 -0400 …From: Dean Hughson <> Subject: What I’ve Learned About Justice via OJ To: FREE <>, Multiple recipients of list WITCHHNT…

"Radical feminist… Liz… and her alleged husban Nick have posted pictures and quotes from some men,including Ralph Underwager and myself on her attack web site at "Thought that some of you might find it interesting to see the pictures. incidentally I stand by my post."

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 07:52:58 -0700 Reply-To: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM> Sender: Is there a child sex abuse witchhunt? <WITCHHNT@MITVMA.MIT.EDU> From: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM> Subject: pictures To: WITCHHNT@MITVMA.MIT.EDU X-UIDL: 81b7412e8726f1047ec191867a20b121

Self-proclaimed "Eggman" and "Internet Divorce Expert"
Author of’s "Ask the Divorced Guy"
BACKLASH! columnist (as is Stu Miller, John Knight, Armin Brott, Ken Pangborn…)
[as of 1998] "Director of Resource Management," Father’s Rights and Equality Exchange

GEORGE GILLILAND"And for the next two cents, per the below post, good Femnazi bitch Asyerass[Trish Wilson], I too say "ditto" and stay the hell out of where you’re NOT INVITED, NOR WELCOME!! … up yours BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

"…’fathers die at the hands of the Divorce Industry and the anti-christ/gender genocidal feminists… "KISS MY PURPLE BUTT" (OR KISS MY PURPLE ASHerah).’ "

    Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 18:32:45 -0500 From: To: Cc: Subject: agendas, etc., up yours!

"[Sex offenders] … could serve a USEFUL purpose to society also, by being ordered, and they would probably happily comply, to go out and rape and pillage all the damn man hating Feminaz’s!!!!!!!!!!"

    Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 01:42:24 -0600 From: To: Subject: [men-law] Re: Gulag in MINNESOTA

the "proadvocate"
"Men’s & Father’s Rights!!" DOMESTIC RIGHTS COALITION
St. Paul, MN

"Her world is her husband, her family, her children, and home.  We do not find it right when a women presses into the world of men.  Rather we find it natural when these two worlds remain separate … Woman and man represent two different types of being.  Reason is dominant in man."

Mein Kampf
Adolph Hitler

"Shut the hell up you tired old hag… your fellow females are killing their kids for the same reason you lie thru your teeth, YOUR WORTHLESS, YOUR SPOILED, YOUR DECADENT, YOUR LAZY, …YOUR.


"It’s no wonder women are the brutes and kid killers they are today, look where they came from, rotten, filthy, scumball feminists like you!

"Earl!!!!!! "

Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:44:45 -0500 (CDT) From: To:,,,,,, Cc: Subject: Re: Another intact home?


"True gender equality will exist when, and only when the verbal and psychological abuse women often inflict upon their husbands is regarded as EQUALLY SERIOUS as the physical abuse men inflict upon their wives."

From: (Gary Clark) Newsgroups: alt.mens-rights,alt.feminism, Subject: Re: Men’s Movement Date: 28 Apr 1995 03:03:15 GMT

"If the slut feminists really want EQUALITY, I suggest DEATH IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR to be the very first area in which such equality is achieved.  Once we’ve done that, I might be willing to listen to another one of their idiotic "equality" arguments."

    Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 21:49:32 -0400 (EDT) From: Gary Clark <> To: liz <> Cc: Fathers Manifesto <> Subject: Re: SMH





Child Custody; joint custody; shared parenting; time-share – The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

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Joint Custody - The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions"When discussing joint custody, some recent commentators have elevated biology to the analytical equivalent of destiny — a tie that provides an absolute right with regard to children. The supremacy of the biological relationship has also led to attempts to reformulate the best interest test in gender-free terminology. Such attempts have devalued traditional ‘maternal’ characteristics such as ‘nurturing,’ in an effort not to give mothers (who are presumed to have such characteristics) an advantage in custody decisions…" — Fineman, Martha and Anne Opie, "The Uses of Social Science Data in Legal Policymaking: Custody Determinations at Divorce," Wisconsin Law Review, Vol. 1987, Number 1.

A child's perspective of joint custody: I will never forgive

The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

(More links and research listed below)

Child Custody; joint custody; shared parenting; time-share
Child custody issues are interconnected with issues of maternity and pregnancy, primary caregiving, parental alienation, child development (education and attachment issues), father’s rights, and other family law issues, as well as to issues involving forensic psychologists, guardians ad litem (GALs) and other mental health professionals in the family court system, so check related sections, including those on psychology for other relevant articles. NOTE: The LIZNOTES index page contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. ALSO SEE, on this issue, the MYTHS AND FACTS pages.

The Fathers’ Rights Movement – Busting the Fatherhood Myth

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Fathers' Rights

Fathers’ Rights Movement

In Re: The National Fatherhood Initiative: supporting a misogynistic agenda with "politically correct" jock straps. Also read this important article on the National Fatherhood agenda on the Silver Rights blogspot.

liz responds to Wade Horn’s
The Importance of Being Father.


Myths and Facts about Fatherhood and Families


  • Busting the Fatherhood Myth by Lily DeVilliers
  • Case for Father Custody, The email exchange between liz and FR Nick Szabo
  • Deconstructing Fatherhood Propaganda: liz versus Wade Horn editorial by liz
  • Deconstructing the Deconstructing: liz versus Silverstein and Auerbach editorial by liz
  • Disagreeing with Helen Alvare editorial by liz
  • Father’s Rights Joint Custody Propaganda from the AAML editorial notes by liz
  • Media Distortions by Fathers’ Rights Advocates editorial by liz
  • Myths and Facts about Fathers and Family Law CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
  • The National Fatherhood Initiative editorial criticism by liz
    with email comments by David Usher (FR lobbying 1995 welfare deform)
  • Politics of Fathers’ Rights Advocates by Mandy Dunn DOC CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
  • Response to "Be Thankful for Fathers" by Amy Ridenour editorial by liz
  • Stalking Through the Courts: the father’s rights movement by Janet Normalvanbreucher SCHOLAR
  • Index: "The Pig Page" – The Father’s Rights Movement In Their Own Words
  • "The Pig Page" – The Father’s Rights Movement In Their Own Words page 2
  • "The Pig Page" – The Father’s Rights Movement In Their Own Words page 3
  • About the Children’s Rights Council circa 1998 by liz
  • ANCPR readers defend Darren Mack, wife-murderer and judge shooter
  • Wolfgang Hirczy de Mino on Linda Elrod’s Washburn family law listserve
  • Dean Hughson (FR originator of web site sold to current owner of Divorce Source)
  • Anne P. Mitchell’s F.R.E.E. bit.listserve defending murderer
  • NCFC Dispute with ACFC (in-fighting)
  • Attorney Steven Imparl’s "men-law" listserve
  • More posts from the"men-law" listserve
  • And yet more posts from the"men-law" listserve
  • Ralph Underwager’s "Litany for Fathers" with Paedika pedophilia comments by liz
  • Ralph Underwager feeling misunderstood and falsely accused by liz
  • Response to Father’s Rightster "Pearle Harbour" by liz
  • Trish Wilson’s Articles and Materials
  • Warren Farrell materials index
  • Warren Farrell and "family sex" (Off Our Backs interview) annotated by liz
  • manuscript with editing notations of Farrell’s "Three Faces of Incest" article source unknown
  • Warren Farrell and "genitally caressing" (Penthouse interview) annotated by liz
  • complete html text of the 1977 Penthouse article "Incest: The Last Taboo"
  • jpg images of original magazine pages:    1  |   2  |   3  |   4  |   5  |   6
  • Farrell emails libeling liz, interspersed with comments by liz
  • More Farrell emails libeling liz, interspersed with responses by liz
  • Warren Farrell’s research distortions in "Myth of Male Power" by Cynthia Teague
  • Warren Farrell’s "Top Ten Holiday Suggestions" by liz
  • Warren Farrell Does a Custody Evaluation by liz
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome – Therapeutic Jurisprudence Trades in the Family Court – GAL’s, Supervised Visitation, therapists, custody evaluators and other ‘spawns’ that work for the Courts

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    Parental Alienation Syndrome; hostile-aggressive parenting; enmeshment

    NOTE: The LIZNOTES index page contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. Also see Section on PSYCHOLOGY, because the entertaining of alienation theory (by whatever name **) has become integral to the plying of the therapeutic jurisprudence trades in the family courts. It is a primary creator of the relationship engineering industries, and spawns work for "experts" opining pro and con, as well as GALs, supervised visitation centers, court-ordered therapists, custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, and all of their respective lawyers. [** hostile-aggressive parenting, enmeshment, intrusive parenting, intractable hostilities, high conflict, etc.]

    Complete Documentary Exposing how the legal System Helps Batterer and Pedophiles get Child Custody GOAL: Continue the Abuse and Control of the Mother

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    Dr. Sharon K. Araji Talks about Domestic Violence in Contested Child Custody Complete Documentary Exposing how the legal System and Batterer get child custody.



    Michigan Mothers Day March For Saving Children

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    Million Mothers March on facebook for events across the Nation



    Please join them on their FB page for updates:

    Also see 

    “Hearts Across America” — Million Mom March Mother’s Day 2011 a National weekend of events to bring the crisis in family Courts out of the darkness and into the light.



    Tuesday, May 10 · 9:00am – 6:00pm


    Michigan State Capitol

    Created By

    Kimberly Fast, Lynette Furneaux

    More Info


    It is well known that domestic violence is a terrible epidemic that affects millions of women regardless of social class, economic status, level of education, ethnicity or race. But what is not well known – and outrageous – is that on top of the abuse they have suffered at home, many of these women are also victimized by our family court system.

    Despite some new protections patched into family law for victims of violence against women, the family law and family court system remain a flawed and risky venue for victims of family violence. It’s especially risky for victims who present claims of violence and abuse in family court without any criminal case documents to back up those claims.

    The structure and powers of the family court system are radically different from the criminal system. By understanding these differences, victims and advocates can minimize the risks of family court, and get the best of each system to work for them.

    Why are our children being forced to go with known abusers? PARENTS Rights should NOT come before CHILDRENS Rights or the safety of a child! All we have to do is look at the news and there is a new tragedy that took place, a child murdered, often CPS and the Family Courts were involved. When will we as parents stand up and fight back to protect our children? We have to show the legislatures that Michigan’s Children are in grave danger, that the laws need to be looked at and changes made where needed.
    March with us at the Capital and together we can be the voices for our children on May 10th.

    Feel free to contact me for further details or any questions.


    Second Mothers Day Demonstration at the White House May 8, 2011

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    “Hearts Across America” — Million Mom March Mother’s Day 2011, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C.

    It has been suggested that everyone try to write to the President before Mothers Day Vigil.

    Here is a possible letter you can use, or write your own.

    President Barack Obama

    The White House

    Washington, DC 20500

    RE: Second Mothers Day demonstration at the White House

    Dear President Obama,

    In less than a month, mothers from all over the country will gather again in front of the White House to bring attention to the ongoing problem with the Family Court System.

    For several decades Family Court judges have been handing children over to physical and sexual abusers. Despite common knowledge and recognition that domestic violence and child abuse are against the law, we have found that Family Court ignores the law.

    When we ask for help, we are being told that nothing can be done. When mothers ask for help from Senators and Congressmen, we are told it is not a Federal problem.  These issues extend throughout all fifty states. Therefore, it clearly is a Federal issue..

    With findings of corruption in California, and articles such as CA Family Courts Helping Pedophiles and Batterers Get Custody, it is apparent these problems are out of control.

    It is time to reconsider the validity in paying men to remain in the lives of their children, especially when we consider that much of these funds are being used by abusers to take children from their mothers.  Family Court is perpetuating the continuation of abuse.

    President Obama, we would like you to acknowledge us when we are in Washington. We would also like for you to acknowledge the seriousness of this issue.

    • We would also like for you to inform us on how your administration is going to start taking action and begin protecting women and children.
    • Finally, we would like for you to outline what specific steps you are going to take to end Family Court corruption.

    We realize the you inherited the issues with Family Court, but you became responsible for the existing problems that were carried over from previous administrations. Unfortunately, the past administration passed “the buck” to you. We need for you to address these issues and providing women and children with the hope that you consider us an important part of your constituents.

    We very much want to vote for you, and need you to respond to us.



    Worldwide Outrage Over Custody Tragedy: Daughter Dombrowski Needs Her Mother

    People are outraged everywhere.  The last time 15 year old Daughter called to cancel her two hour Sunday visit she is allowed each week with her mother, she was crying on the phone and said she couldn’t come.  Abuser WOS (waste of skin) Hal Richardson was yelling in the background, and Daughter cried more.  Dear Claudine told her daughter it was okay, that everything would be okay.  That was it.  After that, not even a phone call to cancel, Hal Richardson failed to produce Daughter at the Topeka Police Station as he was ordered to do.  Nothing.  And the court let him get away with all 67 violations of this court order on August 20th when they went to court.

    This girl is suffering, and being threatened with what to say, and she needs help immediately.  We may need to get ahold of the United Nations or NATO to seek help if we don’t get action soon from the Kansas Legislature.  I plan on calling Lynn Rosenthal, Obama’s White House Advisor on Domestic Violence, at the White House today and discuss this with her, as she and Department of Justice personnel have been looking at ways to stop abusers from getting custody.  Please call her too and let her know you are disgusted that an abusive criminal could keep a mother and daughter apart for ten years, thanks to money-hungry court personnel and lawyers.  Her phone number at the White House is 202-456-1414, and ask for Lynn Rosenthal.

    From Anne Caroline Drake’s Website:

    Injustice in Oz: Are Judge David Debenham and GAL M. Jill Dykes Acting in the Best Interest of the Child or Engaged in a Cover-up?

    Posted by Anne Caroline Drake on August 22, 2010 · 11 Comments


    Claudine Dombrowski and her daughter got caught up in a Kansas-style tornado of injustice and pretext on Friday.  There are so many abusive narcissistic wizards in this courtroom catastrophe that I felt like Dorothy in Oz when I heard what happened.

    You Decide:  Incompetence, Pretext, Cover-Up, or Best Interests of the Child?

    In the 14 years this case has been pending, Ms. Dombrowski has gotten just one day of justice back in January when she and Rights for Mothers‘ founder Nancy Carroll packed the courtroom.  Judge David Debenham allowed her the First Amendment right to shine a bright light on the injustice perpetrated by Hal Richardson and facilitated by GAL M. Jill Dykes.

    GAL is the legal term for guardian ad litem.  These attorneys are appointed by the court to protect the best interests of the child in custody battles.  They are supposed to remain neutral and protect and advocate for the child.  It’s a sweet gig for attorneys.

    Pretext is the legal term for blowing smoke up the court’s ass.  It’s a nice way of describing a courtroom that operates more like a mushroom farm.  As you may know, mushrooms thrive when they are covered in shit and kept in the dark.

    Sealed Records, Gag Orders, and Closed Court

    Judge David Debenham’s first order of business on Friday was to clear the courtroom of witnesses to the proceedings.  He claimed it was in the best interest of the child.  Then, he confiscated Ms. Dombrowski’s cell phone, ordered the records sealed, and issued a gag order.  This is from the court docket:

    Court finds that Dr. Rodeheffer’s report of May 18, 2010, has been published on the website of Respondent. Court suspends Respondent’s parenting time pending final hearing in this matter. Respondent’s counsel is to review Respondent’s cell phone to determine if there are images of report on Respondent’s cell phone – Respondent’s phone time with minor child to continue but to Petitioner’s home phone. Due to publication of report on the Internet, which deals with minor child, Court finds that there is a privacy interest of the minor child that is central to these proceedings and outweighs the public interest and orders that the files, records, and transcripts of the case be sealed until further order of the Court. J. Dykes to do order.

    Before I rip into the pretext and cover-up in this order, this is what Steven Brown, executive director of the Rhode Island affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had to say about a Rhode Island judge who issued a similar order:

    This court order is a blatant violation of the First Amendment.  If she believes she is being treated unfairly, or if she just wishes to make people aware of her case, she should be able to do so free of a court-ordered gag rule.

    Was Hal Richardson held in contempt of court for routinely denying visitation between his daugher and her mother?  Hell no!

    By the time he and GAL Dykes got done manipulating the judge, Ms. Dombrowski was the one in the hot seat. . .for shining a bright light on the truth. . .for exercising the very same First Amendment rights the judge guaranteed last January.

    Claudine after being raped and beaten in 2000

    Is GAL M. Jill Dykes Incompetent, Corrupt, or Clueless?

    Before the hearing on Friday, I sent GAL Dykes a professional courtesy e-mail message.  A part of me was hoping she might make better decisions if she was apprised of the dynamics of PAS (parental alienation syndrome), domestic violence, and manipulation of the legal system as an instrument of abuse.  I also addressed my very legitimate concerns about a minor child residing in a house with a child’s coffin as a coffee table and a gun on the wall with a convicted criminal as custodial parent.

    Her GAL-pal Rene M. Netherton sent me a threatening e-mail message in response.  I guess I was supposed to be intimidated into silence.  I wasn’t.

    Instead, I was dumbfounded that licensed professionals would engage in behavior more common for junior high kids.  The tone and tenor of her comments let me know I was dealing with an abusive narcissist.  They can’t handle criticism and project their own evil intent onto others.  It explains why they are unable to distinguish between perpetrator and victim.

    Ms. Netherton was GAL in this case before Ms. Dykes.  She didn’t respond to my concerns about Hal Richardson’s criminal record or choice of decor.

    Best Interests of the Child

    Yes, folks that’s a child’s coffin.  The photo doesn’t show the gun on the wall.  Y’all have sounded off with your concerns about the safety of a child residing in such a hostile environment.  GALs Netherton and Dykes don’t get it.  I’m not terribly surprised.  Ms. Netherton misses simple stuff like the fact that “privileged” is spelled incorrectly in her boilerplate.

    Richardson Has an Extensive Criminal Record

    According to Stop Family Violence, the abuse of Ms. Dombrowski and the minor child started when she was four months pregnant and discovered that Mr. Richardson had lied to her about being married.  He beat her.  As you can see, she was sporting a black eye when she gave birth to the child in 1994.

    On February 18, 1995, Mr. Richardson was arrested for domestic battery and damage to property.  A no contact order was issued on February 21 which he immediately violated.  His bond was revoked when he failed to appear.  Shawnee County (KS) Court Services Officer Mary Kelly sent a memo on March 14 to Judge James P. Buchele regarding sentencing and probation:

    Mr. Richardson has been placed on probation five times in the past 15 years.  I do not believe he is a good candidate for probation. . .I recommend. . .a psychological evaluation and follow all recommendations for treatment.  [emphasis added]

    Nevertheless, Judge Buchele let him off with a slap on the wrist in a plea deal.  The domestic battery charges were reduced to disorderly conduct and the damage to property charge was dismissed.  Although he was ordered to get a psychological evaluation, he never did.  He was released from probation on June 13, 1996 after getting expelled from a court-ordered batterers group:

    • 3/6/95:  Fred Eisland:. . .marriage that ended in divorce and there was some violence there and he and his current partner are fighting.

    • 5/29/96:  . . .rude and disrespectful to female cofacilitator as evidenced by his combative stance, his repeated interruptions, his sexist language, his monopolization of the group with his loud voice, and his refusal to accept responsibility for his own actions.  Appears to be inappropriate for group.  JSM

    • 6/5/96:  No show

    • 6/10/96:  . . .client very disruptive during group. . .constantly challenging the structure of the program.  Client attempted to use the group as a forum to discuss his negative views of the local judicial system.  Client refuses to see himself as anything but a victim.  Very inappropriate actions for a group setting.

    • 6/11/96:  Called PO and client to tell them that he had graduated as far as I was concerned.  He only has 17 sessions, but is causing too much trouble with his mouth.  Terminated, with cause.  Will not be accepted back.  JSM  [emphasis added]

    Please visit Anne Caroline Drake’s website for the rest of this excellent report.

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    Comment Pages

    There are 22 Comments to "Worldwide Outrage Over Custody Tragedy: Daughter Dombrowski Needs Her Mother"

    • Anita says:

      August 23, 2010 at 9:58 am

      Please be sure to tell Lynn Rosenthal (though she knows full well) that to stop the court ordered child abuse across the US requires the Obama Admin stop funding the highly discriminatory -anti-constitutional Fatherhood aka Father Supremacist progams and their hidden agendas!!

    • Ingrid Blank says:

      August 23, 2010 at 10:53 am

      Total anarchy in the US family court system and nobody is holding them accountable. These are no longer mere family court matter but the vilest violations of human, civil and constitutional rights, including all UN treaties to which the US is signatoree. Given the fact that graveyards are filling up with abused women and children,subjected to secondary abuse and legal battery by ethically corrupt family court megalomaniacs, this is premeditated genocide against abused women and children and warrants the biggest human rights complaint ever brought before the UN and the International Criminal Court under the Rome Statute

      Nancy, does anyone have an email address of Lynn Rosenthal and the Attorney General in California?

    • Nancy Carroll says:

      August 23, 2010 at 11:05 am

      I just actually sent it to Elena a couple minutes ago Ingrid. It is:

    • Lisa Hunt-Nocero says:

      August 23, 2010 at 11:11 am

      this needs to be a grass roots effort, there needs to be a revolution on civil rights movement, this is getting real old, too many children are being deprived. We need to stop focusing on the rights of the parents and only focus on the rights of the children. The courts use the excuse of the “he said she said”, or in “good Faith” we need to stop focusing on us mom’s being deprived of our children and make it all about our children. OMG, so many children are just ripped away, just like the evaluator in San BernardIno who shoot himself, wanted to send a 15 year old child to FIGI, so that the child and mother would be waters apart, COMPLETELY INSANE.

      In my case I just found a fake document submitted into my file by the opposing counsel (who pro-temps) and our former minor’s counsel, submitted a fake ALTERNATE SENTENCING PROGRAM (ASP) stating I was sentenced for DV, and this fake document made me look like I did not comply, since I knew nothing about it, so a new judge of 15 min’s on my case who I just met took my 7 years old daughter out of primary care, I was not married ever to this man, he has a criminal record, and I was allowed no contact except 5 Mins a week for 22 months, no reunification, and could not get back into court for 13 months, and then in chambers I was labeled mentally ill.

      so I lost another 2 years of having my daughter home, having to defend my mental state. Then I appealed one judge made a finding of misconduct by minor’s counsel and he was removed and I was able to bring my daughter home the next day for reunification, since all the 730′s stated I was the superior parent and more emotional stable, 3-730′s, 5- mediators, and my daughter’s therapist all stated not to remove the child from the mother. 3 1/2 years later, I still only get 2 days a month, since a new judge came in and took all the findings away from the previous judge, and i could not see or talk to my daughter from feb. 2009-sept.0f 2009, they filed a no contact, and because I filed to have a relationship with my daughter, this new judge now has labeled me vexatious.

      Now I have filed a petition for a writ of Habeas Corpus on a miscarriage of justice, filed for an investigation with the DA on this fake document, filed with the state bar with this fake document and missing files certified from the appeals court of these missing files, filed for an investigation with the presiding judge for the fake document and missing files.

      Remember Legislator’s only make laws, we have law’s in place we have to grassroot to get the courts to follow the law’s. The Courts are governing their own laws, and Minor’s counsel’s, CPS and social workers need to stop playing God with our children. we have to have a revolution here!!!!!!!!!!!!1

      I am currently working with Tom Rogers/Sen. Hollingsworth to expose here in Riverside all the corruption and children being ripped our of there homes, and would like to make this a grassroots effort, but until we all reunite together and not make this about parents and only our children, this is not going to stop. Laws keep getting put in place, “what does that mean” so a law gets passed to protect our children and still does not protect them. Oh I just can’t stand to hear about children like this little girl, or teenage girl can not be with her mother, it is IN-HUMAN, it is cruel, it is torture. I know a lot of parents are exhausted to fight this fight, but we need justice. Lisa

    • Anne Caroline Drake says:

      August 23, 2010 at 12:20 pm

      Lisa makes a good point. I think we’ve been doing this without realizing it. . .we need to focus on the children rather than the mothers. . .we’ll have WAY more credibility. . .protecting the human rights of children.

      Thanks for the e-mail address for Lynn Rosenthal. I’m going to copy her on my e-mail to KS’ First Lady.

      IMHO, Rikki has got to be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Her daddy’s been beating up on her mommy and getting away with it one way or another since before she was born. I think it was quite telling that her mother had a black eye when she was born.

      Hal’s still giving her black eyes ~ now he’s using the judges’ gavels.

      BTW, to lighten things up and encourage y’all to take action. . .if any of y’all are Sagitarius, our horoscope for today is spot on for us to kick some serious butt ~ despite the fact that Mercury is retrograde:

      Monday, Aug 23rd, 2010 — You usually get along well with others and make friends easily; your social charm comes even more naturally today. You are the life of a party and your easygoing attitude can be contagious. But this isn’t only about pleasure as you turn your inspirational attitude toward community issues or politics. Don’t hesitate to get involved for you have a lot to offer.

      Sending hugs,
      Anne Caroline

    • Yvonne Allen says:

      August 23, 2010 at 12:49 pm

      Please contact me. I’m trying to see if anyone is interested in working with me on our board to reunite mothers who lost custody of their children and an immunity program for the women underground.

      Yvonne Allen
      Foundation for Court Reform
      1600 Bopp Road, Des Peres, MO 63131

    • Injustice in Oz: Are Judge David Debenham and GAL M. Jill Dykes Acting in the Best Interest of the Child or Engaged in a Cover-up? « Anne Caroline Drake says:

      August 23, 2010 at 12:52 pm

      […] children from abuse.  You can e-mail Ms. Rosenthal at: Please visit Rights for Mothers to read about the worldwide outrage that manifested into an international grassroots campaign that […]

    • Free2Dream says:

      August 23, 2010 at 1:06 pm

      TY for the information– I hope you do not mind But I just sent my letter in coping your post to all those below–
      I found the Governor email and all the Secretary of State Email as I have heard that she is on the SaH ADDRESS Confidentiality program–

      I think they too need to know what happens with battered moms and their children– especially when the State of Kansas is trying to protect her OMFG what is wrong with this court– get a rope I say but next best thing I emailed below- Thx Rights For Mothers! ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; : ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Lance Kinzer ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;

    • Cold North Wind says:

      August 23, 2010 at 1:24 pm

      In MY opinion, all these court people are aiders and abettors- accessories to crimes. I consider all the cases across N.America, to be human rights abuses. Some in sociey wonder about the increasing malaise of young people. Well- if one is forced to live with an abuser and constantly told the other parent- especially a same sex mother- , is mental or dangerous or a bad mother or a loose woman or a drug addict or an alcoholic; you are training them to become- unstable, confused or twisted. The strongest survive- with trauma reactions-for life.I have heard and lived these sick stories for almost 25 years. We are destroying our own societies, from within.

    • Cold North Wind says:

      August 23, 2010 at 1:31 pm

      Cannot resist an analogy- or two. If you consistently stomp on a growing green plant- as it is developing to maturity; it will, if not die, grow to maturity -but stunted or somehow visibly maimed. It may not be able to flower or reproduce. HOWEVER, I also see plants push their green fingers through asphalt, and succeed in changing an asphalted area into a green jungle !

      This family law jazz- so many stompers busily trying to stomp the life out of humans- especially young, vulnerable developing humans.

    • Anne Caroline Drake says:

      August 23, 2010 at 6:03 pm

      Nancy, my e-mail to Lynn Rosenthal bounced back.

      The governor of KS has his e-mail spam filters set up to bounce messages from unknown recipients.

    • Nancy Carroll says:

      August 23, 2010 at 6:10 pm

      The email was what was passed to me for Lynn Rosenthal….I’ll have to look further. Why not fax the governor? I think I will. I send the email out to all the legislators, some had out of office replies. And of course I sent to the first lady of KS.

    • Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers says:

      August 23, 2010 at 7:21 pm

      […] Worldwide Outrage Over Custody Tragedy: Rikki Dombrowski Needs Her Mother […]

    • Anita says:

      August 23, 2010 at 11:33 pm

      Start looking into the fatherhood funding in the state …generally it’s the govenor who doles out funding to the counties & so on. It’s just amazing the stuff that can be found when you begin to follow the money trail !!

      Yelling at the very criminals in control will produce circular results & / or cover up. Isnt that obvious? The state senate holds public hearings & hears the main issues in the Dombrowski case yet months later is there any change?? Why ??

      We have an Americanized Taliban ….fueling the psychosis, thanks to the massive federal funding …..billions on fraud, abuse & waste !! Call your political reps to accountability .. who’s funding these officers of the courts fat salaries, to do exactly the opposite of what they claim in terms of creating programs to address DV, to reduce litigation time etc.

      The civil rights violations are so blatant that a blind man can easily see it, and the anarchy flourishes. As someone commented about the mushrooms …they thrive covered in shit and kept in the dark !!!

    • Ingrid Blank says:

      August 24, 2010 at 12:33 am

      Does the U.S. even recognize that children have rights? Don’t forget that the U.S. and Somalia were the only countries that did not ratify the UN Convention on the Right of the Child.

    • ricky says:

      August 24, 2010 at 2:19 pm

      nancy schaffer

    • LetsGetHonest says:

      August 25, 2010 at 2:42 pm

      Yeah, Rikki, remember Nancy Schaefer (the late) in Georgia, who spoke up about corruption in the DCFS case. I believe I blogged a link to that on another comment here.

      I agree with Anita — but Anita, people are going to listen, or not listen, their choice.

      Here’s Lorraine’s case in Octonto, Wisconsin (I narrated 36 people involved in it, she did jail time for contempt, two CPS workers in 2 counties supported abuse). At what point do we NOT have to take these people seriously?

      Jailing Moms for Protecting Kids” {not its actual title, but another case history. They follow a certain formula, with few variations}

      Here’s another site I’m working through, called “Who Rules America.” I mean, if there’s nothing but idiotic rulings coming from the Family Courts, and they aren’t exactly self-correcting! (See Anita’s 2nd Comment), then where IS that power base?

      You can’t understand how women lose in court unti you understand, for one, the role of the OCSE (Child support agency) and the concept of Kids-As-Cash-Magnets in how those Access/Visitation funds responsible for bringing in the GALs. I have rarely heard of a good GAL — anyone know of one? Maybe they exist, but their presence generally is going to exacerbate taking sides with one parent. MEDIATION: Mediation and DV are known to be bad medicine (toxic combo), and were fought real hard to keep in there, with just a hat-tip to mediation). Mediation is the poor-man’s custody evaluator. if there’s money somewhere, it goes to the custody evaluator. . . . .

      When a dept. of the Exec Branch literally sets a policy attempting to get a “Required Outcome” of a custody case in the COURTS (Judicial branch, right?) based on psycho-religious-sociological mumbo jumbo (all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. All animals are equal, but especially male animals….) and is serious about this, we no longer have “courts” in essence, but mental health dispensaries.

      This site has a sociologist (I just found it about 1 day ago, in writing a post) from Santa Cruz. I’m studying it.

      What Social Science Can Tell us about Social Change

      y G. William Domhoff
      March 2005

      What does the social science literature have to say about social change, especially for democratic countries like the United States? There are a handful of general findings, along with some specific ones that are spelled out in the additional documents listed in the box on the right.

      First, social-psychological studies of small groups show that “moral exemplars” — those who stand outside the general consensus and at first are labeled as “extremists” — can often be very effective, but with one important qualification: they can’t be too extreme or else they will be ignored. Thus, the trick for any social change agent is to be just extreme enough to be an “effective extremist.”

      Second, historical case studies of social change show that a very small number of highly organized and disciplined people, drawing great energy from their strong moral beliefs ANDsupreme confidence in their shared theoretical analysis, can have a big impact.

      Third, the change agents have to understand a key difference between themselves and other people. ** Most people are focused on the joys, pleasures, and necessities of their everyday lives, and will not leave these routines unless those routines are disrupted, whereas change agents sacrifice their everyday lives — family, schooling, career — to work on social change every waking minute. This means that change agents must be patient for unexpected social circumstances to create disruption, or else find effective ways to disrupt everyday life without alienating those they wish to become supporters of their cause.

      Fourth, for all the universality of the change agents’ moral vision, they have to take the social structure of the given society very seriously to have any chance at all, which means they have to pay attention to the country’s history, culture, and form of government. Put another way, this means they have to resist any temptation to copy the methods and plans of change agents in other countries, which was a mistake made by most American activists on the Left throughout the 20th century.

      {{Guess this guy is on the “Left” or maybe progressive.}}

      Fifth — and this one is my own personal conclusion from reading the literature — the next generation of change agents should take the findings of the social sciences seriously. Put another way, it is not philosophy or “Grand Theory” that will be helpful, but the application of systematic social science findings.

      This is why “fatherhood practitioners” or “domestic violence advocates” are successful — in what they are doing (mostly conferencing and talking about how concerned they are about the rest of us).

      ** I recognize a major difference (speaking for myself, at least, maybe others) between people who are working towards systemic changes and mothers (or fathers) who have minor children still living with abusive parent or in a dangerous situation. That differences is URGENCY and STRATEGY.

      Notice this author used a phrase “change agent.” One key to making change to start with is changing / introducing vocabulary. The corruptive influence in the courts (changing them from legal process to psychological assessment dispensaries — and that switches custody, which changes cash flow, basically) – – changing vocabulary is no accident.

      AFCC — is a primary organization in the court. They wish to change the paradigm AWAY from feminism, domestic violence issues (co-opting them into the “family unit” theory). Their members include:

      FCC is the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts – an interdisciplinary and international association of professionals dedicated to the resolution of family conflict.

      {{does it say anything above about civil and legal rights, due process??}}

      AFCC members are:
      Judges Lawyers
      Mediators Psychologists
      Researchers Academics
      Counselors Court Commissioners
      Custody Evaluators Parenting Coordinators
      Court Administrators Social Workers
      Parent Educators Financial Planners

      WOW — sounds like some of the problem personnel in Claudine’s (and Lorraine’s, and mine, and others’ cases). Think we might want to know what they’re talking about, and with whom?

      They have “Task Forces and Initiatives” Wouldn’t it be great to have a clue about what?

      Child Custody Consultant Task Force
      Child Custody Evaluation Standards Task Force
      Family Law Education Reform Project
      Parenting Coordination Standards Task Force
      Domestic Violence and Family Courts Project
      Child Welfare Collaborative Decision Making Network
      Brief Focused Assessment Task Force
      Court-Involved Therapist Task Force

      Family Law Education Reform: I clicked. It’s co-hosted with Hofstra Law (in NY, shares personnel with AFCC). I clicked on Faculty, and searched “Parental Alienation” (another place to find that topic is in most AFCC conferences — generally at least one a year dedicated to it, no matter what any scientists or District Attorney association says about it being junk science…).

      Came up with 19 references. WHen I put it in quotes, only 1, which was an issue of the Family Court Review, and apparently these authors brought it up:

      Family and Conciliation Courts Review
      Volume 37, Number 4 / October 1999

      Editorial Notes
      Response to Clare Dalton’s “When Paradigms Collide:
      Protecting Battered Parents and Their Children in
      The Family Court System”
      Mediation and the Process of Family Law Reform
      Family Courts: Assessing the Trade-Offs
      JAY FOLBERG 448
      Developing a Unified Family Court in Ontario
      Supervised Visitation: A Profile of Providers
      Supervised Access: A Long-Term Solution?
      Mediation and Parental Alienation Syndrome: Considerations for an Intervention Model
      ANITA VESTAL 487
      Brief Intervention Model for Access-Based Postseparation Disputes: Family and Court Outcomes RACHEL BIRNBAUM and HELEN RADOVANOVIC 504
      The Bookshelf
      Divorced Dads: Shattering the Myths,
      By Sanford L. Braver with Diane O’Connel
      M. DEE SAMUELS 514
      Legal and Mental Health Perspectives on Child Custody Law:
      A Deskbook for Judges, by West Group
      Index 519

      Those of us who don’t believe the main point is that our children have supervised visitation with a molester or a former battering parent (or who don’t want to continue being under threat of that being used to punish us, if it hasn’t been already) (Like happened to Claudine. First — briefly, I guess – Hal got it. It was only a matter of time that this was going to be switched). — should spend a little air time on the AFCC site and get to understand the language, and who’s conferencing on it. Of course there are member logins and non-member logins on some materials.

      Here’s the current AFCC Board of Directors (notice the areas of practice) They are in US, Canada (at least 2) New Zealand, and here’s a young lady from Maricopa County — seems to me I’ve heard of some pretty devastating custody cases out of that area, Phoenix (not including the Dawn Axsom case, which I guess is over, since Dad killed Mom, his mother in law, and himself after a family law judge ignored the mother’s pleas for permission to leave with her toddler, or was it baby…).(see “” for coverage of it).

      Annette T. Burns, JD, Phoenix, AZ

      Annette Burns was admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in 1984 and is certified as a Family Law Specialist. She served as a Judge pro tem in the Maricopa County Superior Court from 1992-2005. Ms. Burns was a member of the Executive Council of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona from 1994-2007, and was chairperson of the Family Law Section of the State Bar of Arizona in 1999-2000. She is a past president of the Arizona Chapter of AFCC. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). She served on the Arizona Supreme Court Committee that created the Family Law Rules in 2005, and is currently chairperson of the Family Law Practice and Procedure Committee of the State Bar of Arizona. She recently coauthored the Arizona Family Law Rules Handbook for Thomson West publications.

      Mediators, Judges, MSW’s psychologists, positioned on task forces, state bars, and helping write Law and Procedures.

      Here’s Dr. Marsha Kline Pruett – – I heard her husband on TV collaborating with the child support agency and a fatherhood group, I think IAADV or something. He didn’t talk much sense. Not surprisingly, HER bio has some Fatherhood involvement stuff in it, too. She’s from Smith (ivy league, in otherwords — I suppose):

      Marsha Kline Pruett, Ph.D., M.S.L., Northhampton, MA (that should show an image)

      Marsha Kline Pruett is a licensed clinical psychologist and the Maconda Brown O’Connor Professor at Smith College School for Social Work. She is researcher, mediator, and consultant to couples, attorneys, and judges. Dr. Kline Pruett has a national reputation for the development, implementation, and evaluation of preventive interventions in courts and family-focused community agencies. She has written extensively for academic and lay audiences, coauthoring Your Divorce Advisor (2001) and Partnership Parenting (2009). She is a member of the board of editors of the Family Court Review. She was awarded the AFCC Stanley Cohen Distinguished Research Award in 2004. The California Supporting Fatherhood Involvement (SFI) project is currently a major focus of her intervention and research efforts.

      “Fancy that” — – she got a major award, and is focusing on a Fatherhood project. When you go to court, (or, the Dad, into a child support agency if he’s in arrears) you might just end up instead getting an “intervention.” . . . . I’ve heard of “intervention” when people are on drugs, a suicide watch, or alcoholic. But — divorcing ??? Separating ???

      Theory is one thing, but Practice, entirely another. These are some (only) of the practitioners, and the structure is already set in place. LEGALLY, since 1939, if a divorcing or separating couple could not agree the Conciliation Courts got jurisdiction, like it or not. One of the two dudes who probably helped put this law on the books (Roger Alton Pfaff — I think was a legislator in 1941, later was a Judge) is prominent in AFCC. He was never married (an old 1959 article said) and was hard-nosed — not moderate– regarding, say traffic tickets as a judge (til he got caught). But he was all into “mediating” for the rest of us.

      This is what “change agents” will have to address, somehow. The forces opposing safety and accountability already have THEIR structures in place, and the word THEIR applies.

      Here’s an old 1998 piece: It’s a long quote: I hope that people read it, and consider how — Family Law encourages mediation. AFCC encourages mediation and conflict resolution — it is their paradigm. It places the responsibility for abuse (theoretically) INBETWEEN the couple. It’s “marriage counseling” not divorce court (with or without married partners). Being based almost exclusively on this concept, it is going to screen out, not handle, and not address violence, child rape, threats, stalking, any kind of abusee properly — because it sees them all as factors fo the family unit.

      In short, it’s a crock.

      “Mediation and Domestic Violence”:

      When we recognize that even strongly worded court orders fail to stop abusers from re-offending, and even killing victims it becomes readily apparent that any agreement or discussion by a mediator about any issue in their relationship can only aggravate an already very dangerous situation, at worst, or cover the efforts of an abuser to control and coerce at best.

      Justice And Accountability

      Domestic violence must be prosecuted in public, as the public offense that it is. To relegate any aspect of it to a private process like mediation is to silence the victim as seriously as has been done for generations prior to the current understandings, laws and interventions. Justice must be an overriding concern; the criminal legal system can mete out justice. Mediation cannot.

      Because most mediation programs are funded on an annually renewed basis and must prove effective to retain financial and court support there will be much temptation to judge interventions effective that are in fact damaging. This is exactly the opposite of justice. This is not representative of accountability to victims or fairness. This is one more way that safety is further compromised and danger is potentially escalated.


      Mediation can only work if a change in attitudes or perceptions can solve the issue, if the issue is truly a disagreement or conflict, if power is equal between the parties, if no punishment or legal consequence is needed, and if both parties are capable of carrying out the agreement.

      Relationships between abusers and victims are full of power imbalances. In general, men have economic power, physical power, and societal power. These facts further erode the ability for victims to negotiate on equal footing with their abusers.

      Mediation is not enforceable and engenders no follow-up. Mediation is private; domestic violence is a public issue requiring public prosecution by public officials.

      The mediation or dispute resolution program that cares about justice, fairness and safety will carefully avoid mediating any issue between parties where domestic violence has been perpetrated. Any remaining questions may be addressed to your state coalition against domestic violence; many have position papers and other materials available on this issue, and many train court administrators and dispute resolution administrators to identify and respond safely and appropriately to domestic violence.

      © March 1998

      FOOTNOTE: This paper is not one individual’s thoughts or philosophy, but is based upon knowledge gleaned by the battered women’s movement over a course of twenty five years.Barbara Hart in particular has been at the “cutting edge” of issues like mediation, and has helped to articulate these concerns for all of us. I wish to acknowledge her influence on the development of my understanding. I wish also to acknowledge the leadership and influence of Susan Schechter, Beth Richie, Ellen Pence and other foremothers of the movement on the process of learning and furthering understanding of battered women’s realities.

      Author Rose Garrity has been a domestic violence advocate and trainer for over twenty years. She is the Executive Director of a domestic violence and rape crisis center in a rural county of New York State. She is also an experienced mediator, having worked closely for many years with a court-system- sponsored dispute resolution center. She has written widely on the issues of domestic violence and sexual assault, and is a trainer and activist around issues of violence, oppression and cultural diversity.

      A little more from this same, commonsense (and ignored) piece:
      The power and control desires of the abuser drive all of his behavior choices. He coerces, manipulates and invalidates the victim to continue his access to the benefits of the relationship for him. Only interventions that hold him accountable and give him clear consequences for his behavior can address his belief in his right to control and own his partner.

      Should We Mediate Domestic Violence?

      Is mediation ever appropriate to resolve any of the issues between persons where domestic violence has been perpetrated? There are many who believe that mediation is a viable and reasonable tool for resolving disputes, and who include domestic violence cases as “disputes” which can and should be addressed with mediation. Many practitioners believe that while they cannot mediate the violence that they can mediate other issues, such as custody, visitation and property settlement. Proponents of using mediation say that mediation is “one tool among many” that may be used, that mediation encourages cooperation instead of litigation, community building instead of adversarial proceedings, empowerment instead of being made spectators in a court process…. in short that it is “restorative justice”, instead of “retribution justice”.

      All well trained mediators know that we cannot mediate violence. Do we accept the idea that domestic violence is “escalation of conflicts”? Not all of us choose to use violence to address conflict; much violence occurs with no stimulus. The use of violence is always separate from the issue of conflict resolution.

      But in addition it important to understand that mediating any situation between partners where abuse has been perpetrated is mediating violence, because any negotiation between the partners for any reason is a subject of the abuser’s terrorism.

      Perhaps it would be helpful to think about mediation in other situations. Would we mediate an issue between a rapist and his 14 year old victim? Between a father and the 10 year old child he sexually abused for several years? Between a terrorist and a hostage?

      There are more “dots” to be connected. For example, this old 1998 piece (whose wisdom has basically been ignored by the courts) is on the website of a spanking new (far as I can tell) nonprofit up in Michigan pushing Batterers Intervention. The nonprofits are getting money to post information that they neither wrote, and which probably was on the web somewhere already. This particular one goes back a long time:

      The The ADA Program was founded in 1986 by David J. H. Garvin MSW, LMSW, in Toledo Ohio, at Family Services of Northwest Ohio. In 1987 we brought the ADA Program to Ann Arbor, Michigan at Catholic Social Services of Washtenaw County.

      In the early 1990′s the ADA Program established its own curriculum and model of a 52+ weekly session program.

      Here’s a 1998 conference:
      “April 1998 we hosted our THIRD annual Statewide Conference at the McGuire’s Resort in Cadillac, Michigan Featuring: Donald Dutton, Ph.D. and Creel Froman, Ph.D.

      (Creel Froman sounds interesting, he’s: “Creel Froman, Ph.D. Northwestern University, Professor Emeritus of Political Science” (at UC-Irvine)(Donald shows he’s “rethinking domestic violence” these days….)

      NONE of these people are likely to tell us about the origins of AFCC, of the real purpose behind the extra court professionals — in how they’re used to get more noncustodial parent time, and how supervised visitation was inappropriately applied to feminist/battered women’s situation, and about of course the grants funding, which you can look up yourself at, or by simply googling the access visitation funding.

      None of these either, are likely to let you know the truth — much of this came simply out of welfare reform. To heck with the civil rights of certain people, it’s more important to handle poverty & welfare through tinkering with child support and custody. At least so the narratives go.

      While, that’s it for THIS narrative today, and thanks RFM for putting up. You know me, I like to put the information out there, whoever wants to can follow up. I am overwhelmed with personal situation (always changing) and help the commentor from MO gets some help.

    • Rights for Mothers | Resources and Support for Noncustodial and Custodially-Challenged Mothers says:

      August 25, 2010 at 7:53 pm

      […] are coming to know the injustice that happened on August 20th in a court room in Topeka, Kansas. Welcome to the U.S. House of Representatives.   […]

    • Alicia Elkhart says:

      August 25, 2010 at 8:52 pm

      President Obama needs to act now and bring justice to this mother and child, this is abuse of worst kind, ongoing mental torture and control, but Claudine has survived so far, and has made big headlines here in Australia, Oh great countr yof America..what are you doing to this woman and her duaghter..the only answer is to sack the Judge and hold each one accountable for this inhumane attack on motherhood and the child’s development…Obama must act and this should become one of the greatest re-election issues…USA needs to sign the UNHRC on protecting women and children from violence and abuse of so many mums and kids, and scrutinise the abusers, namely the money hungry lawyers, evaluators and corrupt court systems. Claudine should be compensated fully. We are supporting you Claudine and Nancy for all your hard work to be informing of this gross human injustice in the USa..Alicia from Australia.

    • Why Not Common Sense? says:

      August 31, 2010 at 12:37 am

      Perhaps the next generation of smart women will opt to go to sperm banks instead of taking a chance on matrimony. Oh my god – would that mean the custody assessors, judges and lawyers wouldn’t be able to afford their country club golf memberships anymore? That shared custody only for the gain of pariahs would cease? That children would feel safe and loved at home with their mamas giggling in their dreams instead of waking up crying and afraid? That wrong would become right? That notions like “best interest of children” would no longer be a load of smoke and mirrors crap? What a fairytale! Wait – wouldn’t all this be God’s plan… we could let that happen!!!

    • I called Lynn Rosenthal today says:

      October 6, 2010 at 1:08 pm

      I have been following this story for years now. I am outraged over the abuse and injustice that Claudine has been served. I called Lynn Rosenthal today and left my real name. I explained that I am a civil rights activist here in Los Angeles and I urged her to get involved in Claudine’s case. My prayers are with her. Please keep us posted on her case and tell her to hang tough.

    • jackie says:

      November 8, 2010 at 3:22 pm

      I have contacted the local ACLU since I don’t trust the Bar Association or it’s political offiliates. This story is the catapult to have Mothers Cilvil Liberties and how the law discriminates with Fathers Initiatives and the elections. Guess who are most of the candidates? Guess who has most the voting power? Men. After almost a year of lies, pay offs, and games, someone at ACLU is gaffing. I applaud Claudine, Nancy Carroll, Rita Anita LInger, and Anne Drake for making public statements in a society where “shut up or else” is the only answer.
      My daughter no longer feels comfortable talking to me. And another season of celebrations has pushed me into isolation with WOS like my ex husband and his OJ Dream Team.
      -Spyware is used on every computer they send you an email to and you respond. If you don’t. You are considered none responsive. Most libraries have a 2 or 3 hour waiting list.
      -Your cell phone
      -Computer spyware is able to prevent messages from comimg through
      -People will email me saying they need help and ask you about your case and actually work for the opposition. By their law it’s allowed.
      It is sick. When I made the comment to my ex and his attorney where is the right for my daughter, the scoffed. “Thats what I thought” I said.
      Keep going. Becky Beaver is a childs worst nightmare and a rich parents dream to destroy.
      SHe is not the only one.
      Judge Covington. – Court WHore.
      NO children are considered just who recieved the most money.

    Claudine Dombrowski: Will She and Her Daughter Finally Get Justice?

    Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on April 24, 2011

    I’m not saying good luck.  Luck shouldn’t be a part of judges following the law and battered mothers receiving justice.  I was in court with Claudine Dombrowski in Kansas this past January when Judge David Debenham looked her abuser, Hal Richardson, in the eyes and warned that he was to follow the court’s orders and allow Claudine phone calls and two hours a week visitation with her daughter, a first in six years.  Guardian ad Litem Jill Dykes, staunch supporter of Abuser Hal, rolled her eyes and snorted frequently throughout the hearing like a bratty toddler, as she tried to stop what came to be finally justice for Claudine and her daughter.

    Claudine at the hospital after one of many beatings from Hal Richardson

    Well, Hal has done everything he could not to follow the courts orders and has had 67 violations of not following those orders.  Jill Dykes has done everything in her power to drag out the hearing until they get their favorite judge back on the case.  Nobody has thought about the daughter who has been tortured over finally having a little sweet contact with her mother finally, just to have it snatched away against the court orders.

    So here’s to Claudine as she goes into court at 9 a.m. this morning with other supporters.  Sweetie, we all have your back.  Come out of that courtroom with a change in custody.  Only then will justice finally be served.

    Want To Be A Good Dad? Support Mom And Avoid Father’s Rights Groups

    Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on April 19, 2011

    Want To Be A Good Dad? Support Mom And Avoid Father’s Rights Groups

    Written by Trish Wilson

    Over the past decade, fatherhood has been all the rage and dads are naturally the talk of pundits on Father’s Day. So let’s say you’re a divorcing dad and you’re having trouble coping. You look for help on the internet and discover the father’s rights movement.

    Be warned – avoid father’s rights groups like the plague. According to the pro-feminist men’s group The National Organization For Men Against Sexism (NOMAS), “male supremacist groups (“Father’s Rights”) have caused unspeakable harm to our country and to our children by encouraging abusive fathers, often with little past involvement with their children, to seek custody as a tactic to pressure a mother to return or to punish her for leaving. “Shared parenting”, “friendly parent”, involvement of both parents and other concepts that seem fair and benevolent have instead been used to manipulate courts and legislatures to help abusive fathers.

    For instance, women are routinely denied custody of their children after being classified as “unfriendly” for asserting that the husband has abused them or their children.” Father’s rights groups prey on confused men angry and sad over the break-up of their relationships by stoking their rage and insecurities. In addition, father’s rights groups encourage men to fight for custody of their children by using harmful tactics that further erode their relationships with their ex’s – and by extension their children.

    How can a dad – unemployed or working outside the home – be a good father? Not by fighting for custody or demanding “shared parenting” after divorce or breakup. The best way a dad can be a good father is by providing support to the mother of his children, including both financial and emotional support. According to Florida attorney Elizabeth Kates, “a father’s most important role, and the one common “father factor” in all research that indicates any correlation between father involvement or presence and positive effect on child well-being is: a father who emotionally cares for, financially supports, respects, is involved with, takes some of the work load off of, and generally makes life easier, happier and less stressful for. . . his children’s mother.”

    If dad wants to make sure his children thrive he must do whatever he can to ensure that their mother is thriving. Stop fighting for “shared parenting” or sole custody if you are in court. Don’t badmouth their mother. Stop hiring paid mouthpieces that tout the latest psychological theory to show that the children are best off with a dad who had never acted as their primary caregiver. I know this will piss off lots of men but it is the truth.

    Don’t believe me? How about the research?

    A seven-year study by Dallas’s Timberlawn Psychiatric Institute found the one factor that was the most important in helping children become healthy, happy adults, was the quality of the relationship between their parents. This one factor was more important than giving kids hugs, providing good discipline, building their self esteem, or any other aspect of what is traditionally considered ‘good parenting’.” Other studies found that “the strongest single factor associated with resiliency in early years is social attachment to a primary caregiver. There is considerable evidence linking secure attachment to social and academic competence and positive developmental outcomes, such as improved communication, problem-solving, social relationships and grades” and “the single most important determinant of child well-being after divorce is living in a household with adequate income.”

    Even the National Fatherhood Initiative agreed with the mother-needs-support assessment when it found that “the best thing a dad can do for his children is love their mother.” Researcher Michael Lamb, known for his studies of fatherhood, noted that “…the warmer, the richer, the more supportive the relationship he has with the mother, the better he is able to be a supportive and loving father for the child.”

    So dads, the message is clear. If you want your children to grow up to be happy and healthy adults, the best thing you can do for them is to make sure that their mother is comfortable, healthy, and happy. When primary caregiving moms thrive, children thrive. And happy children enjoy their fathers more.