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Domestic Violence (DV) by Proxy: Why Terrorist Tactics Employed by Batterers Are Not "PAS"

Posted in Amy Castillo, Maryland legislatures Kill Domestic Violence Bill,, Angry fathers, Battered Mothers Custody Conference, Breaking The Silence; Children's Stories, Child Custody, Child found, Childrens Rights, Collin Lee Momany, Collin Momany, corrupt bastards, Curtis S. Anderson (D-Baltimore), Benjamin S. Barnes (D-Prince George's), Jill P. Carter (D-Baltimore), Frank M. Conaway Jr. (D-Baltimore), Donald H. Dwyer Jr. (R-Anne Arundel), William J. Frank, Custody Hell, Darcey Freeman's, domestic law, Domestic Violence on the rise in shawnee county, Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence,, don hoffman jill dykes judge david debenham Dr. rodeheffer, family court corruption, Fathers & Families, Glenn Sacks, ACFC, RADAR, ANCPR, fathers murdering, Fathers Rights, Getting screwed by the Family Courts, Getting screwed by the politicians, Jessica Gonzales- Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, JUDGE KEVIN CRONIN, Karin Huffer"Legal Abuse Syndrome" FAMILY LAW JUDGE SENTENCES DISABLED MOTHER TO 21 DAYS IN JAIL, Maria's ex-husband broke her back during a rage of anger. Maria Mel, Judge Richard Anderson Shawnee County Courts Topeka Kansas, Judge Robert Lemkau Katie Tagle Wyatt Garcia Stephen Garcia Victorville CA., Kansas Joint Committee on Children’s Issues on Nov 30, 2009 in Topeka, Kansas Legislature, Covenant Marriages, Domestic Violence, BULLSHIT LAWS, Katie Tagle, Dr. Phill, Steven Garcia, Pinnion Hills, CA,, Maryland Legislature Frank Conway Jr, BATTERER Democrat, District 40, Baltimore City, Message to My Child . ., Motherhood, Mothers Rights, Murder-Suicide, Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS), Speak Out by abatteredmother on April 1, 2010

Parental Alienation (PAS)

September 16, 2009

As more and more abused women lose custody to batterers in family courts, they are wrongly embracing the very ideas that enabled their abusers to gain custody in the first place. False accusations of “parental alienation" are often used by batterers to gain custody and to defend against accusations of abuse.

Some unfortunate women after years of enduring domestic violence have lost custody to the batterers who abused them. In these cases, batterers have made good on their threat to attack their ex-partner in the place she is the most vulnerable—by taking her children away from her. After separation, these batterers continue to wage their campaign of manipulation and abuse by attempting to convince involved children that their mothers never loved them. Looking for a way to describe their batterers’ behavior, some mothers have called what their batterer is doing "parental alienation syndrome."

In reality, what these women are describing from their ex-partners is better termed Domestic Violence by Proxy (DV by Proxy), a term first used by Alina Patterson, author of Health and Healing. DV by Proxy refers to a pattern of behavior which is a parent with a history of using domestic violence or intimidation, uses a child as a substitute when he no longer has access to his former partner. Calling this behavior “parental alienation” is not strong enough to convey the criminal pattern of terroristic behaviors employed by batterers.

When his victim leaves him, batterers often recognize that the most expedient way to continue to hurt his partner is to assert his legal rights to control her access to their children. By gaining control of the children, an abusive male now has a powerful tool which allows him to continue to stalk, harass and batter an ex-partner even when he has no direct access to her. Moreover, by emotionally torturing the child and severing the bond between children and their mother, he is able to hurt his intended victim — the mother — in a way she cannot resist.

DV by Proxy includes tactics such as: threats of harm to children if they display a positive bond to the mother, destroying favored possessions given by the mother, and emotional torture (for example, telling the child the mother hates them, wanted an abortion, and is not coming to get them because they are unloved).

DV by Proxy may also include coaching the child to make false allegations regarding their mother’s behavior and harming or punishing the child for not complying. DV by Proxy perpetrators may also create fraudulent documents to defraud the court in order to prevent the mother from gaining custody. Whether or not the child is biologically related to them is irrelevant to perpetrators of DV by Proxy. The perpetrator’s main motivation is to hurt his ex; whether or not his own child is harmed in the process is irrelevant to him.

This is very different from "parental alienation syndrome" as described by the late Richard A. Gardner. Dr. Gardner described PAS as an internal process by which a child aligns themselves with a preferred parent to protect themselves from the divorce conflict. “PAS” is conceptualized as a psychological process of identification with a parent who, according to the theory, encourages this identification at the expense of the other parent.

PAS inducing parents, according to Gardner, are often unconscious of what they are doing to encourage the identification. In contrast, perpetrators of DV by Proxy are very conscious of what they are doing. Controlling, coercive, illegal acts often done by abusive and controlling people, usually men, are not subtle, and do not encourage an identification with a parent. Criminal, fraudulent, coercive acts are visible and obvious. These behaviors encourage compliance by threats and fear. Behaviors involved in DV by Proxy are deliberate and often illegal. These behaviors include: battery, destruction of property, locking children in rooms to prevent them from calling parents, falsifying documents, along with other similar overt behaviors.

The most dangerous aspect of Gardner’s PAS theory is that that the alienating parent’s behavior is theorized to be so subtle as to be unobservable. In other words, the behaviors that are supposed to cause the alienation are assumed to be happening without any proof that they have actually occured. As many women have discovered this makes a charge of "alienation" almost impossible to defend against.

While Gardner’s theories regarding PAS have been shown to be overly general and have not been supported by careful research, behaviors seen in DV by Proxy can be readily observed. Behaviors involved in DV by Proxy are deliberate and planned; many are illegal, and if the child is given the freedom to talk, will be described in great detail by the child.

If the child’s formerly favorable view of the victimized parent changes when exposed to tactics like this over time then it is more likely a form of "Stockholm Syndrome" or traumatic attachment to the abuser, rather than the alignment with one parent and negative reaction to the other that Gardner described as "alienation".

A recent and comprehensive article on PAS and its use in the court system, by Jennifer Hoult can be downloaded here.

For further information:

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Huntington Township man was arrested Sunday for allegedly killing his wife and son in their home.


Man kills wife, son

Richard Lehman allegedly admitted to police Sunday that he shot and killed his wife and son in this Huntington Township home, where the three lived.


Times Night Editor

Published: Monday, March 22, 2010 7:15 AM EDT

A Huntington Township man was arrested Sunday for allegedly killing his wife and son in their home.

Richard Lehman, 68, shot and killed his wife, 62-year-old Linda Lehman, and his 33-year-old son Travis shortly after midnight at their 6909 Old Harrisburg Road home, state police announced at press conference Sunday afternoon.

Richard Lehman, according to police, called 911 to report the crime and admit his part in it.

State police arrived within 15 minutes and told the desk officer who was still on the phone with Richard Lehman to instruct him to go outside, according to the affidavit of probable cause. He complied and when police asked if anyone else was inside he reportedly said “No, just two dead bodies,” and “kill me.”

When police entered the home, they found Linda Lehman’s body with a gunshot wound to the head. Wagner said she was several feet from a phone.

“It appears the wife observed the son being shot,” Wagner said.

“The defendant related that he shot his wife because she was screaming and hollering and said that she was going to call the cops,” the affidavit reads.

Travis Lehman was found in the kitchen, according to the affidavit, with a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Wagner said Richard Lehman appeared to be “coherent” and police do not believe drugs or alcohol were involved.

Wagner would not discuss any possible motive for the murders or if Richard Lehman had any prior criminal record.

Fire crews responded to the residence at 1 p.m., Saturday for what was originally described as a shed fire but classified by Adams County Control as a brush fire. Wagner would not comment as to whether the two incidences were at all related.

A search for Richard Lehman on Pennsylvania’s Unified Judicial System’s web portal, which contains criminal docket sheets dating back to 2000, did not yield any results.

He was charged with two counts of criminal homicide, according to Wagner. He is in Adams County Prison without bail and a preliminary hearing is tentatively scheduled for March 31.

Autopsies on the bodies of Travis and Linda Lehman are scheduled for Tuesday morning at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Chad Whittington, who is formerly of Biglerville and currently lives in Ozark, Montana, said Sunday he was Travis’ “best friend” as a child but he has not had contact with the family in 15 years. He vividly remembers Richard Lehman, but not in a good way.

“When we were kids he was very angry all the time, not much love in the house,” Whittington said. “I don’t recall him being very loving at all. I can remember him yelling at Mrs. Lehman to the point where we would be scared as kids.”

However, his memories of Mrs. Lehman are much more pleasant.

“Mrs. Lehman was an incredibly sweet lady,” he said.

Wagner said this is the first double homicide in Adams County since he took office in 2003.

Contact Alex at

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Custody war: Saudi men hold children for ransom

Don’t have to be in Saudi-

They hold our children Hostage here in the United States- Land of the free- (my ass) It’s time for Global Revolution!

Custody war: Saudi men hold children for ransom


Published: Mar 20, 2010 23:43 Updated: Mar 20, 2010 23:43

JEDDAH: Saudi women are increasingly speaking out about the excessive financial demands made by their ex-husbands after divorce.

Typically, in Islamic law, a mother, even if she is not a Muslim, can keep custody of her male children until the age of nine and of her female children until the age of seven after which custody goes to the father.

At nine, sons have the right to choose who they wish to stay with, while daughters normally go with their father.

A divorced mother can continue to have custody of her daughter beyond the age of seven depending on the father and what sort of relationship they have.

Nadia Nasr, a 32-year-old mother of one, said her ex-husband threatens to take her son if she marries and does not pay him money.

“I asked for divorce after I learned he was a drug addict and alcoholic,” she said.

“Once he took my son to Morocco and disappeared. I phoned his mother everyday and she was never helpful. She supported her drunkard son,” she added.

Nasr finally got a divorce and the judge presiding over her case ruled she should have custody of their son. She, however, continues to fear losing him as her ex-husband asks her for cash in return for allowing her to keep their child.

“I raised my child all alone while his father was out with his friends,” she said.

Nasr’s ex-husband calls her every so often and asks for a few thousand riyals, demands she finds difficult to refuse.

“He is crazy. He could take my son after school and no one would question him … Who will make sure nothing happens to my son? Why do I have to live under this threat to get my basic rights?” she added.

The case of Nathalie Morin, a Canadian married to a Saudi, is another example of how some men abuse the system. Reports have been surfacing in the media that Morin’s Saudi husband is holding her captive along with their children.

According to a Canadian Foreign Ministry representative, Morin’s Saudi husband, Saeed Al-Shahrani, told Canadian consular officials in Dammam on Sept. 22 last year that he was willing to divorce her and allow her and their three children to return to Canada for $300,000.

Child custody battles in Saudi society are more than parents confronting each other in court. In many cases money plays an important role.

Ehsan Abdullah is a 45-year-old mother of four. Following her divorce over 15 years ago, Abdullah’s ex-husband took her children and prevented her from seeing them.

“He was punishing me … He took the children, traveled somewhere and married another woman,” she said.

Abdullah said she saw her children for the first time 10 years later.

“I used to call his family on a daily basis to inquire about my children. I saw my kids 10 years later; they had all grown up not knowing me well,” she said, remembering the pain she has been through.

“I tried convincing him by offering him money. At one point, he said yes but ignored my calls later,” she added.

Custody cases used to be reviewed by several judges with each looking at the case from a particular angle.

For example, one judge would handle the visiting hours and another would look at the child support aspect.

In 2009, the Ministry of Justice made amendments, which, according to Makkah-based lawyer Ibraheem Al-Zamzami, means that only one judge will handle the entire case from beginning to end.

“The idea of custody is being misunderstood by many people. It does not mean that when a child becomes seven, the boy or girl has an option to choose or the father can take the child,” said Al-Zamzami.

“The more responsible parent and the one who is more capable of providing the child with a healthy atmosphere should be the one to be awarded custody,” he added.

He said mothers are given custody before children reach seven, adding that most custody cases are filed by mothers and not fathers.

Some abusive men take advantage of women and exploit their love for their children to extort money. “This is unethical,” he added.

“If a man is blackmailing his ex-wife by threatening to take their children from her in return for money, then he has forgotten that he is the one who is supposed to provide his children with financial support from birth until adulthood,” he added.

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Ms Magazine: Maryland Slaps Domestic Victims in Face

Maryland Slaps Domestic Victims in Face

March 9, 2010 by Elizabeth Black · 14 Comments

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A bill that would have made it easier for domestic violence victims to obtain protective orders against their abusers has failed in the Maryland House Judiciary Committee. According to The Washington Post , “H.B. 700 would have brought Maryland into conformance with the practices of every other state in the country.”

The bill would have replaced the current Maryland standard that victims must offer “clear and convincing evidence” in order to gain a protective order, rather than a “preponderance of the evidence.” Maryland, the Post pointed out, is the only state using this higher standard.

The failure of the Maryland House to lower the standard–and thus better protect the abused, who are generally women–is a slap in the face to all who have suffered at the hands of partners and can’t get the help they need.

Protective orders can be lifesavers; the lack of them can be deadly. Take the case of Mark Anthony Castillo.  The Montgomery County, Maryland, man drowned his three children in a hotel bathroom after his wife was not given a protective order despite his threats against the children.

Want to let Maryland legislators know how you feel about their decision? Here’s a list of those who voted againstand for this important and necessary bill:

Against making it easier to obtain a protective order:

Curtis S. Anderson (D-Baltimore), Benjamin S. Barnes (D-Prince George’s), Jill P. Carter (D-Baltimore), Frank M. Conaway Jr. (D-Baltimore), Donald H. Dwyer Jr. (R-Anne Arundel), William J. Frank (R-Baltimore County), J.B. Jennings (R-Baltimore County), Kevin Kelly (D-Allegany), Gerron S. Levi (D-Prince George’s), Tony McConkey (R-Anne Arundel), Victor R. Ramirez (D-Prince George’s), Samuel I. Rosenberg (D-Baltimore), Todd L. Schuler (D-Baltimore County), Luiz R.S. Simmons (D-Montgomery) and Michael D. Smigiel Sr. (R-Cecil)


Kathleen M. Dumais (D-Montgomery), Benjamin F. Kramer (D-Montgomery), Susan C. Lee (D-Montgomery), Susan McComas (R-Harford), Kriselda Valderrama (D-Prince George’s) and Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher (D-Montgomery) / CC BY 2.0

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Dr. Phil & Action Alert! Kathleen Russel with Katie Tagle The Crisis in Family Courts

Lets hope dr fool dont f^&*  this one up-

CJE Web Header 600


CJE’s own Kathleen Russell has been invited to appear on the Dr. Phil Show!
She will be speaking about the growing crisis in our family courts, and will appear alongside Katie Tagle and others. Tagle’s 9-month-old child was killed by his father after three judges denied the boy protection, even after the dad threatened in writing to kill their son.
This is a great opportunity to make sure Dr. Phil takes the crisis in our family courts seriously!
We encourage anyone who can make it to LA this Wednesday to COME TO THE DR. PHIL SHOW TAPING & SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!
To RSVP and claim your FREE admission, call either: Elaine at 323-956-3334 or Jason at 323-956-8497 this Monday between 10AM – 4PM. Be sure to tell them that you heard about the taping from CJE!
DATE OF TAPING: Wednesday, March 24
LOCATION: Provided Upon RSVP (Hollywood)
TIME: Arrive at the studio no later than 8:00AM — taping will begin at 9:30AM and you will be free to leave by around 11:00AM.
Check the

CJE website for more information – we’ll keep you updated as we firm up the details.


Nearly 100 people gather to protest Judge Lemkau
– Victorville Daily Press 3/8/10
Rebellion in the California Court System
– ABC7 News 2/25/10
For more information, contact CJE at 415-256-9606, or at


Please plan to join us in Sacramento to support Whistleblower Protection in the California Courts.
Hearing Date TBD – likely early April
Assembly Judiciary Committee Hearing – AB 1749 (Whistleblower Protection)
Since 2001, court employees in the state of California have been exempt from Whistleblower Protection — meaning they could lose their jobs if they report wrongdoing. AB 1749 — authored by Assemblymembers Bonnie Lowenthal and Audra Strickland — proposes to expand Whistleblower Protection to judicial employees.

Remember to check CJE’s website often for updates about this hearing and other great opportunities to get involved!


California Protective Parents Association
and Incest Survivors Speakers’ Bureau invite you to the

16th Annual Northern California Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Conference

What Happens When Children Report Sex Abuse 

April 9-10, 2010

Friday, April 9th (Film Festival

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A hasty Marriage in Domestic Violence Court makes a Mockery of the Law (MD) – of course


Another Judge who must go.,0,6808039.story

Cupid on the bench

Our view: A hasty marriage in domestic violence court makes a mockery of the law

March 19, 2010

Judges are required to make all sorts of decisions from the bench, many of which have life-altering consequences for the parties before them. But rarely are judges tempted to play the role of Cupid in domestic disputes. That crosses a line where jurists should fear to tread.

Yet Baltimore County Judge G. Darrell Russell Jr. apparently felt no compunction about wading into matters of the heart where his court had no business. Confronted with a domestic violence case in which the alleged perpetrator sought to evade conviction by marrying his victim, the judge was only too happy to oblige. Not only did he briefly postpone the trial so the defendant could get a marriage license, he presided over the nuptials himself in chambers a few hours later.

You probably can guess what happened next. When the trial resumed, the bride – for reasons we may never know – invoked her spousal privilege and refused to testify against her husband. As a result, the charges were dropped and the groom left the courthouse a free man.

There’s a good reason the law in Maryland – as well as many other states – allows prosecutors to press charges in cases of suspected domestic abuse even when the apparent victim doesn’t want them to. Victims are often in no condition physically or emotionally to confront their abusers in court. They may fear retaliation, or they may continue to believe promises that the abuser will change, no matter how many times they’re broken.

We have no way of knowing the emotional state of the woman in this case, but it’s at least possible that she may have felt intimidated by the mere presence of her alleged abuser in court and fearful of what he might do if her testimony sent him to jail. It’s likely he had already pressured her not to testify. Judge Russell’s offer of a quick marriage to solve her dilemma may only have increased the pressure on her to remain silent.

How could the judge not realize such an extraordinary intervention from the bench was bound to color the victim’s perception of what kind of justice she could expect from the court, or that it flew in the face of the crucial protections the law was intended to provide? Judges may see themselves as possessed of the wisdom of Solomon, but it’s precisely in cases such as this that the law should act as a check on judicial overreaching.

Clearly that did not happen in this case. The defendant’s request for a postponement so he could obtain a marriage license should immediately have set off alarm bells for Judge Russell. But instead, he leapt to the defense of the alleged abuser and crudely joked afterward that he had "sentenced" him to "life married to her." In fact, she may be the one serving the sentence.

County Chief Judge Ben C. Clyburn was right to immediately reassign Judge Russell to paperwork duty on civil cases after learning of the incident, but the matter cannot be allowed to end there. Judge Russell showed appallingly poor judgment and insensitivity in this case, rendering it almost impossible to imagine him ever serving as a fair arbiter of justice in cases of domestic abuse. Advocates for battered women were right to question whether he has the temperament to be a judge at all. At the very least, the public needs to know he will never be presiding over domestic violence cases again.

Readers respond

Judge Russell shouldn’t have authority over any civil cases, on paper or not, after this incident.


Copyright © 2010, The Baltimore Sun

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    Bad judgment

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        Judge, Lawyer ’Surprised’ By Interest In Marriage Case|

        Judge Who Married Abuse Suspect, Victim Reassigned|

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        Baltimore Judge Marries Accused Abuser to Victim During Trial to Avoid Testimony






        Judge Marries Alleged Victim, Puts Her on Stand Minutes Later

        Wood and his betrothed were excused for the 25 minute drive to the Towson court to get a marriage license and were married back in Russell’s chambers a short time later.

        Once the trial reconvened, his new bride was immediately put on the witness stand.

        "She invokes her marital privilege so there’s no evidence in the case. And the judge finds him not guilty," Ryan said.

        Whether anyone files a complaint against Russell remains to be seen. A spokesman for the Maryland Commission on Judicial Disabilities said complaints against any judge are confidential until that judge is publicly charged.

        There are no public actions on record for Russell.

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        Maryland NEWS FLASH – Two dead in Carroll County murder-suicide

        NEWS FLASH –

        Wednesday, 17 March 2010 02:39

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        By Kevin Dayhoff

        (Hampstead, MD)  – Maryland State Police were called to the scene of an apparent murder-suicide in the late-morning hours of Tuesday just outside Hampstead in northern Carroll County that left two men dead.

        A 911 call came in to the Carroll County Emergency Operations Center shortly after 11 a.m. “from a woman in the 1200 block of Allview Drive," according to police. "She told the dispatcher that her ex-husband had just come into her home and shot her fiancé before shooting himself.”

        When police arrived they found two deceased males in a first-floor family room at the rear of the house, according to Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley. 

        A subsequent investigation indicates that one of the males, identified as Michael L. Swift III, 45, of the 3600 block of Benson Avenue in Halethorpe, is alleged to have used a shotgun to shoot his way through a sliding glass door in the back of the house.

        At that point, police believe that Swift shot Zaidan S. “Steve” Asid, 51, and then turned the gun on himself.  A .12-gauge shotgun was still in Swift’s possession when police arrived. 

        The police investigation revealed that the woman who had made the 911 call is apparently Swift’s former wife — and was engaged to Asid. (Investigative Voice will not identify her because she is the victim of domestic violence.)

        Police indicate that she was in her residence at the time of the shooting, although no one else besides Asid was there. She was taken for a medical examination but found to be apparently unharmed physically. 

        The deceased were transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for autopsies as the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit spent the rest of the afternoon investigating the scene.

        Police said the investigation is ongoing. Check back with Investigative Voice for more details as they develop.

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        A man is in jail for beating his ex-girlfriend to death at an Albany motel. Her death marks the 3rd homicide in Albany


        Posted: Mar 17, 2010 6:05 AM CDTUpdated: Mar 17, 2010 6:05 AM CDT

        Video Gallery

        Three people murdered in Albany in 2010




        By Christian Jennings – bio | email
        ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – A man is in jail charged with beating his ex-girlfriend to death at an Albany motel. Her death marks the 3rd homicide in Albany this year alone.

        A Cuthbert man is charged in 51-year-old Beverly Jean Williams’ murder. She was found dead in room 114 at the Dollar Inn March 15th. In February, a 20-year-old was killed in Albany outside a busy nightclub. And a month before that, another man was killed in a home invasion. Here’s a recap of their murders and the latest on the investigations.

        51-year-old Beverly Jean Williams’ body was placed on a stretcher Monday night. Police say her killer is 56-year-old Monty Caren Simpson of Cuthbert.

        "Miss Williams and Simpson have had a history of domestic violence. Several months ago he was arrested for assault, and she was the victim," said Albany Police Detective Terrence Whitlock.

        But this time investigators say Simpson beat her again this time his final blow. Williams died of blunt force trauma to her head.

        "Simpson called 911," said Whitlock.

        A month prior to her murder, 20-year-old LaSheldon Stanford was killed on Valentine’s Day morning in a shootout outside BrickHouse Productions. It remains unsolved. Although 20-year-old Henry Wallace and 17-year old Shacoby Seay are in jail for aggravated assault and gang participation no one is charged with Stanford’s murder.

        And back on January 15th, 24-year-old Dominic Lamar King was gunned down inside his Meadow Drive home. Police say Lekeisha White, Eugene Bell Jr, Tavaress Jackson and Kendrick Sanders entered his home and shot King multiple times. They are all charged with murder and police believe there is a possible gang connection.

        Three homicides in three months, forcing many people to question their safety in the "Good Life City’.

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