Crisis In The Family Courts

For the Children They March

Posted in Uncategorized by abatteredmother on June 26, 2009

For the Children They March

Dressed in bandages, slings and walking prams with broken dolls are the parents and grandparents of children abused during contact. Some are even victimized themselves. National Nine News merely touches the surface, when they state that it was during "unsupervised visitation". Some of the parents have had their time reduced because they dared to raise the concerns of their children’s or even their own safety.

National Council for Children Post-Separation (NCCPS) spokeswoman Barbara Biggs said,"We have a systemic failure when more than 15,000 Australian children are ordered into ongoing contact with parents the court itself has deemed violent and abusive,"

A growing mirror of Americas retaliatory killings, is a country that recently mourned together the devastating murder of Darcey Freeman who was tossed over the bridge after the father was granted shared parenting.

Darcey Freeman was not the only one, it was only because her death was so public that everybody began to learn how negligent the court really is. Then there are the arguments that "they are all making false allegations to be favored in custody proceedings". Actually, empirical research supports the fact that this is a very small percentage. In US studies it was proven that this small percentage consisted mostly of fathers who were abusive that were trying to divert the attention away from their actions.

Diverting the attention away from those who need the spotlight(researchers with facts) was part of the shared parenting campaign in the Howard era. They adopted the same strategies from their online helpers in UK and america. The law was made in such a way that it resulted in 70% of battered mothers losing custody to their children. The same set of techniques have been and are continuing to be used here in Australia.

For Domestic Violence and child advocates it was a living nightmare. The phenomena of what if the offenders banded together and used their coercion to bully government into handing over the victims became a reality. Right in front of us was a huge number of people claiming that they were falsely accused and we have a problem of fatherlessness.

Then there was Keith Shew who was publicly supported by the Lone Fathers Association as a man who was portrayed as a male victim of domestic violence and unfairly "cut off" from seeing his child. The Lone Fathers Association forgot to mention the lengthy criminal history of violence that was aired later.

They were on the list of the submissions for the shared parenting bill.

The Hillcrest murderer who killed seven members of the family before shooting himself was also supported by a mens rights group called, "The Mens Rights Agency".

They were on the list of submissions for the shared parenting bill.

Richard Hillman who claims that he was, "Cleared" of allegations of sexual abuse refers to a case where he was trying to sue a sexual abuse counsellor for the negligence towards his well being. The question that was raised in the high court was, "Does a child protection worker have a duty of care to the child or to the parent?" The Case was dismissed.

He was also on the list of submissions for the shared parenting bill.

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