Crisis In The Family Courts

New Report Slams Kansas Foster Care System

Posted in domestic law by abatteredmother on March 27, 2010

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New Report Slams Kansas Foster Care System

Tess Koppelman

March 25, 2010

OVERLAND PARK, KAN – There are calls for change in the way the Kansas foster care system operates after a new report issued this week pointed out some major flaws in the system. But some people fear that because of the budget crisis griping the state, change to the system will never come.

The foster care system in Kansas has been privatized since 1996. But according to the report from the Joint Legislative Committee on Children’s Issues, the system is deeply flawed because private contractors are financially rewarded for keeping children in foster care and not for reuniting families.

FOX 4’s Tess Koppelman is Working for You with more on this story.

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Dyersburg, TN


The foster care system is severely flawed not only in Kansas but throughout the country. How many times does Child Protective Services need to be sued for our government to do something about this organization. How we allow child laundering in the United States is unfathomable to me but we all know it is about money. That’s all this country is.

Another Grandmother

Overland Park, KS

Thank you for bringing this to the public eye. Parents and grandparents who have children in the foster care system are bullied into keeping quiet. Are the places that profit from children really expected to ‘police’ themselves knowing returning children home causes them to lose money? This is insane that in this day and age companies are allowed to profit off of children in this manner. Yes, a judge ‘oversees’ the cases, but it is usually months before parents/grandparents have their actual ‘day in court’. Meanwhile, private companies make major profit off of keeping the children in foster care. This must be investigated!

Im weird too at work

Overland Park, KS

The same thing happen in cass county Mo. The family councilers are a part of the private foster care system and advise the DFS and courts about where the children should stay. It’s a racket and the kids lose. The cass county system is so brolen the judge has little power over the day to day stuff. the Attourney at lidem covers for the DFS incompateince and they judges orders are never followed.
very frustrating!!!!


Olathe, KS

Two thumbs up for Tess for having the guts to report something that has haunted families in Kansas for 13 years, but no one had the guts to report it. SRS and the private contractors have quotas. When they are finished wringing every last drop of blood money from these families they are currently persecuting, then they will have to go on to other innocent loving families who have never abused their children but just run onto hard times. It could be your direct family or a friend or a neighbor or your grandchildren next. Vote out these caree politicians who only vote where the money is and the deep pockets of the private contractors. If you do nothing to stop this now, you will have no reason to complain when they come after your children for the federal funds. They will drug your children to make them more manageable in foster care and also this makes them "special needs" childlren for even more federal funds. And these children never needed mood altering drugs when they were in their homes. Talk to the caseworkers who used to work for SRS and private contractors. They couldn’t watch the persecution of these children anymore and got out but are afraid to say anything. "Hitler would be proud". Tess, we are so proud of you!!! Keep going, for the children.

cps and corruption

Columbia, SC

cps is the most corruption enity in the country,,they kidnap children from good home and all for the money,,,selling them into child sex slavery,they get paid large amounts of money for taking the child and them even more for placing them into horrible foster care ,5-6000 for each child and 10,000 for adoption…..ect,,more than i can write,
cheryl Boyer .president and owner/

Broken System

Wichita, KS

|Last year the national goal of reunification of a child with a parent or primary custodian was 48%
The national average of reunification of a child with a parent WAS 52% which exceeded the goal
Kansas’ average of reunification was 25%
Sedgwick County’s average was 15%
The Privatization contractors and SRS did NOT meet the national goal – as a matter of fact Kansas brought down the national average with their low reunification numbers.
The failure to meet the national goal was at a tremendous cost to the children & families – emotionally and financially.
This failure was at a tremdous cost to the kansas tax payer who has to match the federal government title-iv funding from Social Security.
The federal government then pays a small percentage of the matching funds to the state of Kansas 
Less money paid for foster care equals less cost to the taxpayer – the small percentage paid to the state doesn’t cover the cost to the taxpayer and the destruction of Social Security.
State or Federal – it’s 100% cost to the taxpayer.…
This is the national percentage based off of what is sent to HHS by each state – this is the one that can’t be tweaked – due to the funding.
How many children are in custody of the state and how many were reunified with their parent?
The safety and reports of abuse in foster care are just reported numbers and can be added or deleted – not subj
ect to funding.…

Broken System

Wichita, KS

Statistics show that Children are more likely to be harmed in foster care: 
The American Civil Liberties Union’s Children’s Rights Project found that a child in the care of the state is ten times more likely to be abused than one in the care of the parents 
The National Foster Care Education Project found that foster children were 10 times more likely to be abused than children among the general population. 
An Associated Press investigation found that 80 percent of the adults in the correctional facilities "are graduates of the state; the juvenile justice, the child welfare, the mental health and the special education systems." 
Statistics show regarding Emotional Abuse of children IN foster care that their rate of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder was double the rate for Iraq War veterans. 
Kansas added privatization in 1997 – they’ve been formed for 13 years..
How many years is it going to take to get the foster care system right?
It’s time for a change – no more excuses
More children are NOT being reunified with the parent which SHOULD have been the goal of these agencies.
SRS holds the contract with these agencies – they are also to blame for allowing the abuse of the rights of children and parents to continue.

Broken System

Wichita, KS

The August 29, 2009 Kansas Post Legislative Audit has proven that: 
58% of Sedgwick County Social workers are being pressured by the Sedgwick County DA to falsify documents. 50% of Sedgwick County Social workers state that the sedgwick County DA’s office removes facts beneficial to parents. 
Social workers are being bullied by the Sedgwick County DA’s office into removing children when it’s not in the best interests of the child.
Children & parents are being denied their constitutional rights to a due process hearing within 72 hours by the sedgwick County DA’s office.
Social workers have stated that outcomes are being pre-determined and decisons are being made by the sedgwick County DA’s office which are not in the best interest of the child
The Post Legislative Audit (PLA) Committee has been made aware of social workers being told to ignore Federal and State laws – they have been made aware of the falsification of documents by Secretary of SRS Don Jordan’s own words. He states at the beginning of the YouTube that he will deny it if ever asked – and he did.
This was recorded during a meeting with Secretary of SRS Don Jordan on March 18, 2008…
This was the result of the Post Legislative Audit completed August 28, 2009 due to the recording of Don Jordan…
This is the KSN 10pm story of the Audit results – It was on TV and was recorded there.… :80/news/2005/jul/22/audit_cit es_bad_morale_decisions_srs/
2005 Audit
The legislators focused on an anonymous survey of SRS employees, in which allegations were made that employees were told to disregard federal and state laws. 
(This concerns me – that’s against the law and I am concerned that there were Post Audit Committee legislators that were aware that laws were being violated and nothing was done about it – what did the audit committee do with that information?- they should have asked for an outside investigation & prosecution – since the AG works for the state)
And some noted they had been approached by SRS employees who feared if they went public with problems at the agency they would lose their jobs.(This sounds familiar)–(how about a recent interview by KSN of a social worker that said she wouldn’t have a job if she didn’t do what the DA’s office told her)
And lets not forget Secretary Don Jordan’s statements that there was falsification of affidavits by social workers to remove children by use of bullying by the DA’s office.…
• SRS employees often are told to disregard state and federal regulations.
We can go clear back to 2000 when Janet Schlansky was in charge.…
When Schalansky was Secretary of SRS in March 2000 the SRS was audited. 
Schlansky’s comments: "We have failed these kids", "thousands of Kansas children have been taken from their homes and communities and inappropriately placed in state custody and foster care over the years…"
AND "SRS Admits Too Many Children Taken From Families"
They are still taking too many chidren from families!!!!! Wrongfully on falsified documents – "no clear and convincing evidence" which is required by law and CAPTA to receive funding – This is FRAUD!!!!!

Worthless Legislators

Wichita, KS

These legislators are worthless. They have spent millions of tax payer dollars year after year after year through their "audits" to cover up the violations of law against children and their families.
It is sickening how all these people work together just to make money for the state and employ people at the expense of the most vulnerable of all Kansas citizens, the children.
Time to vote them out, one by one. These legislators are voted in by the people for the people, and obviously they need to be reminded.


Olathe, KS

I cannot believe the "BUDGET problems are OVERSHADOWING" the problems of these children and their families. As a Kansas taxpayer, that statement infuriates me! It will take years to make up for the devastation happening to this families. If the authorities know the "broken system" is causing these problems, inaction should be considered PREMEDITATED AND REPETITIVE ABUSE to these children and their families, and the justice system should not only return the children to their families, but they should also prosecute the administrators and contractors accordingly for these crimes against children and their families. Thank you Tess and Fox4 News for reporting this serious situation. We want to know the truth! Please continue to keep us updated.

Concerned Kansan

Wichita, KS

The legislators of Kansas refuse to do anything about the wrongful and illegal removal of children from parents that have done nothing wrong- many of these children are being phsyically, emotionally and sexually abused in foster care.
Instead they will have more Post legisaltive Audits and hearings at a cost to the kansas tax payer.
It’s time to take action

Bill Meyers

Overland Park, KS

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The Courts are fully aware of how much money is made when SRS or KVC remove a child from a home. Many a child have been pulled from a home without due process. This needs to be fully investigated. They hide behind a screen of privacy to prevent others from seeing their mistakes.


Topeka, KS


This is a mother who used to live in Johnson county, My 2 youngest
children were removed from me in 2006.. I had tried to expunge the unfit part off of me on the SRS registry after 3 years..
With NO LUCK..
I did nothing to my children, but the Srs and Cps said, I didn’t protect my children, from my ex. It was untruthful. I tried everything and did everything to get them back, but no matter what I did, my words got turned around, and twisted, and they used that against me, they even had the judge on their side.I even had gone
through 2 lawyers to fight to get them back.
The system is corrupt.. And now my children live in another state, upon where I only see my children a few times a year and that
goes for my oldest son… Parents love your children daily and tell
them so, because one day, they maybe taken from you, when you least
expect me.. I hope my comment will help others leave a message.
I still get emotional when I talk about it,and its been 4 years.
A SAD MOTHER IN KANSAS!!!!(using a fake name to protect me
from more pain I have already endured!!!)


Prairie Village, KS

We need to stop the contracts and give the judges more rights on placing children in family placements. SRS and Kaw Valley have to much power and ruin peoples lives and even foster parents who find out they have family in foster care and try to get them placed in their licensed foster care home. The foster care system leaves a bad taste in peoples lives.

Bill Medvecky

Cape Coral, FL

Every single day, another child is murdered, raped and abused within a system that is supposed to be "Protecting" them.
Last year, Florida received over 9 million dollars, and Texas recieved over 5 million dollars as a BONUS for adopting out children.
The foster and adoption system is a business.
It’s time we closed that business and kept children with their parents whenever possible.
BESIDES: It’s CHEAPER to keep these children with parents or relatives!

Broken System

Wichita, KS


Parents are "unsubstantiated" and the case STILL continues. How can a CINC (Child in need of care) case continue if the parent is "unsubstantiated"? How is the state of Kansas able to receive federal funding (fraud)? "Unsubstantiated" means there is NO "clear and convincing evidence" of abuse by the parent. It doesn’t matter if the parent is "unsubstantiated" at the beginning of the case or after the appeal hearing by the adminsitrative judge of law for the state of Kansas. CAPTA states that a parent has a right to question the "substantiation " and appeal it thru the state. NO "clear and convincing evidence" means that "the report is false" – "no services neeed" and "the case is CLOSED". When the judge of law for the state of Kansas submits that finding – why does the case continue?- there is no LEGAL finding for the case to continue. CAPTA doesn’t say anything about the registry and the removal of the name. The appeal finding by the judge of law for the state of Kansas doesn’t say anything about the name being removed from the SRS offender registry. Actually the finding by the Judge of law for the state of kansas says that it is a court order that is binding upon the court and SRS. NOTHING ABOUT REMOVING THE NAME FROM THE SRS REGISTRY.
WHY DOES THE CASE CONTINUE? Because of the DA and the Judge. Not a law – is it an SRS policy and procedure? We know they don’t follow the law – federal or state.
Legislators – it’s time for a change – you created the laws – you have allowed these individuals and agencies to violate those laws and it is time you held them accountable or or we will hold you accountable.

Watching in Texas

Arlington, TX

The privatazation of child care really amounts to being able to sell children in KANSAS and other places in the USA. When are we going to learn that a for profit business does not have the children’s BEST INTEREST at heart. The system is broken and corrupt. I am scared about this spreading across the country considering that Kathleen Sibelius is head of HHR.
IF Social workers would work with NON ABUSIVE PARENTS to TEACH them to be better parents it would cost less and be far better for the children. What ever happened to common sense? These parents and grandparents have a vested interest and a natural affection for the children. If the children are treated like a cash crop…they will continue to raid families and destroy lives.

Kids in Care

Prairie Village, KS

My kids are currently in care. It is a nightmare. I hope there is more awareness of the state LEGALY KIDNAPPING KIDS. Before they are removed, resources are to be exhausted and families should be given the help that they need. Only if there is CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE should kids ever be taken out of the home. Still after that, the court is supposed to give the families the opportunity to get their kids back. The minute SRS steps into a famili
es life, WATCH OUT! SRS is not there to help. SRS wants to tear families apart. They have their own agenda. To make money off of kids.
Our children are being held captive and crying for help. It happens to anyone. Doctors, Teachers, Police Officers, Loving Mothers and Caring Fathers. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, SRS will come take your children. Be prepared.

grandchildren are loved

Olathe, KS


2 hrs ago

Great job, Tess. Keep these stories coming! These families cannot speak out because they are controlled by the private contractors and SRS with fear and intimidation. Retalliation is a huge weapon used by these agencies. Tess, you can be the voice for these families. Wish more reporters and TV station and newspapers had as much guts to "tell it like it is". Thank God for Fox 4 News, my news station from now on.

Absolutely true

Medical Lake, WA

1 hr ago

One of our senators who was leading the charge to end corruption in child stealing has just been murdered, along with her husband. They were hero’s in the fight against back room deals, breakins, and the unlawful taking of children to fill foster homes. They will be deeply missed. Senator Nancy Schaefer and husband were devout Christians who believed that suicide was the greatest sin of all.

Absolutely true

Medical Lake, WA

1 hr ago

And politicians. As one myself who had her granddaughter stolen, I can tell you, it is true! DCF is no respector of persons.

Claudine Dombrowski

Topeka, KS


16 min ago

The greatest commodity is OUR children. The State of Kansas and it’s private Contractors, MHP’s Guardian ad litem’s et el, all profit highly from the blood of our children under the veil called ‘best interest of the child’.
A ‘hidden’ back door group of people of…"You line my pockets, I’ll line yours." mentality.
Blocks ‘access to any justice’ sought in juvenile and family Courts in the Kansas and throughout the Nation.
Until there is outrage and masses- the system will continue to abuse, continue to profit highly from the spilled blood of our children.
Thanks to this reporter for bravely reporting on this. Let’s hope that there is enough OUTRAGE that she will continue to.
We the People Demand; Accountability we demand Transparency and we DEMAND it now!

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