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A man is in jail for beating his ex-girlfriend to death at an Albany motel. Her death marks the 3rd homicide in Albany


Posted: Mar 17, 2010 6:05 AM CDTUpdated: Mar 17, 2010 6:05 AM CDT

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Three people murdered in Albany in 2010




By Christian Jennings – bio | email
ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – A man is in jail charged with beating his ex-girlfriend to death at an Albany motel. Her death marks the 3rd homicide in Albany this year alone.

A Cuthbert man is charged in 51-year-old Beverly Jean Williams’ murder. She was found dead in room 114 at the Dollar Inn March 15th. In February, a 20-year-old was killed in Albany outside a busy nightclub. And a month before that, another man was killed in a home invasion. Here’s a recap of their murders and the latest on the investigations.

51-year-old Beverly Jean Williams’ body was placed on a stretcher Monday night. Police say her killer is 56-year-old Monty Caren Simpson of Cuthbert.

"Miss Williams and Simpson have had a history of domestic violence. Several months ago he was arrested for assault, and she was the victim," said Albany Police Detective Terrence Whitlock.

But this time investigators say Simpson beat her again this time his final blow. Williams died of blunt force trauma to her head.

"Simpson called 911," said Whitlock.

A month prior to her murder, 20-year-old LaSheldon Stanford was killed on Valentine’s Day morning in a shootout outside BrickHouse Productions. It remains unsolved. Although 20-year-old Henry Wallace and 17-year old Shacoby Seay are in jail for aggravated assault and gang participation no one is charged with Stanford’s murder.

And back on January 15th, 24-year-old Dominic Lamar King was gunned down inside his Meadow Drive home. Police say Lekeisha White, Eugene Bell Jr, Tavaress Jackson and Kendrick Sanders entered his home and shot King multiple times. They are all charged with murder and police believe there is a possible gang connection.

Three homicides in three months, forcing many people to question their safety in the "Good Life City’.

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